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R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour "Checking Out" Episode Information - With Matthew Knight

The episode information (via Nick and More) on the upcoming episode "Checking Out" of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (on The Hub), in which Matthew Knight guest stars in this episode. He guest starred as Greg in a prior episode, "Alien Candy".

A promo can be seen here. An image is below of Matthew with Allison Hossack.

"R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series" – Hub TV Network Original Series
(New episode: 6-6:30 p.m. ET - Saturday, January 19, 2013)
"Checking Out" – No amount of complaining will get Jeremy (Matthew Knight) & Chelsea (Matreya Scarrwener) out of a family vacation with mom (Allison Hossack) & dad (Barclay Hope). When the family stumbles upon a creepy hotel where parents mysteriously forget that they have kids, Jeremy & Chelsea have to fight to keep their family together. Rating: TV-PG.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Jockenstein" Recap & Review

"Jockenstein" was a bit of a weird episode to me truthfully, it was pretty good, but pretty weird and eerie. I’m late (about two-three months late) with this recap/review because this episode isn't on YouTube, or a site where it can be streamed in different/higher quality (I won't post with low/crappy quality screen caps). Full episode in HD posted at Dailymotion.

Ethan and Benny join the hockey team as they learn one of their teammate’s – who is the team’s best hockey player – has a secret behind his mask. Meanwhile Sarah is accused by the vampire council of stealing from the deceased and spreading disease amongst the vampire community.

I have to be honest, I've seen this episode a couple times on TV and now on the internet at least three and I must say the storyline involving Ethan, Benny, evil Coach, and "Boltz" interested me more than the one about Sarah drinking blood from the dead, although it brings Sarah into that plot in the end, so no complaints there; besides Ethan gets to get her back in a way, usually she tells him to do things himself, now the vice versa has occurred, although Sarah might have been killed, had this turned out differently.

One thing I’m glad to have seen in this episode, Rory and Sarah hanging out, usually it’s just Ethan, Sarah, Benny, Erica and/or Rory kudos to the writer for this – I hope to see them hanging more if/when the series is renewed a third season!

Also by the middle of this episode Scott Yaphe just made ROFL (Roll on floor laughing), his character hid his lunacy really well around Stern and the other players; Stern seeming oddly obsessed about the hockey team being the best. But at one point I was really worried about Ethan and his safety.

I’m sure this was an error (which likely went unnoticed during final editing) but at about 17-18 minutes in when Boltz was lowering his mask, you could see an actual person’s normal face – meaning it wasn't like a "lizard was stapled to his face" as Erica said; and Boltz was credited as portrayed by Duncan McLeod.

After seeing this episode on the internet to do this recap (months after the season finale in the U.S.), I have to admit, I just wanted to scream my head off about Vice Principal Stern, I won't spoil yet because some have yet to see the two-part season finale, "The Date to End All Dates", but Stern is not who he is supposed to be, let me put it that way.

My only complaint really is there are a lot of unanswered questions what was Coach Steiner and Stern’s motives for Boltz/the hockey team? Another is, how did the homeless grave robber know about the Eye of Zartak? Also, he didn't really question Sarah about herself or the vampire council in general; did he know the supernatural history of Whitechapel? And in the end, where did Coach Steiner go? And this is just the start of questions for this episode; some of them were answered in the season finale ("The Date to End All Dates"), where Stern’s involvement is concerned.

Another great episode, and it fits in with a Halloween theme, but then again, all the episodes do in some way or another. And I'm sure at this point Boltz would be moaning and groaning in excitement!

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory Keaner
Kate Todd – Erica

Guest stars:
Scott Yaphe – Coach Steiner
Addison Holley – Anastasia
Duncan McLeod – Boltz
Boyd Banks – Iggy
Richard Waugh – Mr. Stern

Written by: Miles Smith
Directed by: Laurie Lynd

The episode starts with hockey practice at Whitechapel High, Benny and Ethan in hockey gear, watching the other players practice, Benny cheering on Boltz. Standing to the side were Vice Principal Stern and Coach Steiner, Stern saying the team played for one reason, to win; adding that to make the cut they had to sweat and bleed hockey, Steiner added to also have fun. Stern then said to have fun on their own time, no fun on his ice; that only the best of the best would make the team.

Ethan asked Benny fearfully was he sure they should be there, that they weren't even the best of the worst. Benny told him there were two ways to get popular fast, form a band, or join a team. Ethan said he was getting close, Benny told him since his oboe lesson’s didn't play out, hockey was all they had, saying Ethan was great at hockey. Ethan corrected that he was good at watching hockey, closest he got to playing was a video game, “Super Puckzoid 4”.

Benny then pointed to Boltz, commenting as long as he was on the team, who cared how bad they were. Boltz then slamming a guy into the wall, then knocking down another guy skating towards him; Boltz staring at Ethan and Benny before taking off. Stern commented it was more room on the ice, asking who was next. Some of the guys took off, leaving Ethan and Benny. Stern said if they were still there and hadn't sustained major injuries, they made the team. Benny made a meek “yay”.

It was night and Rory and Sarah were out, Sarah commenting that was the last time she’ll take flying tips from Rory, saying he flew into a bird on purpose. Rory said with a mouth full of feathers that he was hungry. Sarah then asked him where they were, Rory told her it looked like the old cemetery. Sarah asked him then did he smell something, Rory saying all he smelled was pigeon, before he sneezed.

Sarah grossed, said the smell was coming from a different direction, Rory then agreed with her. Just then an eerie figure came out of the shadows, Sarah stating it was a whole new kind of awkward. Rory asked should he wet himself or vomit. Sarah said or he could give her some more flying tips after all; the two flying away.

The next day at school during lunch, Benny said that he got the puck and “ollied” a goal. Ethan told him that he hadn't touched the ice yet and he was sure “Ollie” was a skateboarding term. Benny told him who cared, for them to milk the jock thing while they could, like Boltz; both he and Ethan looked at him sitting at a table. Benny saying that they should hang out with him, Ethan asked him what would they talk about, how they would wedgie them later.

Benny pointed out to Ethan that they made the team, and the ones sitting with Boltz didn't  the boys sitting with him were staring fearfully because Boltz was moaning and groaning. Benny then told Ethan to watch and learn, going over to the table, asking the guys how come they weren't at practice, then shaking his jersey, reminding them that they weren't on the team, telling them to “shooch” because the table was for players only. They both got up and left, Ethan shocked commenting that it just happened.

Benny and Ethan sat down in front of Boltz, Benny said to him that he was killer on the rink, Ethan was about to agree when he saw Boltz’s hands, which one looked different from the other. Ethan quickly saying one of his slap shots was awesome, Boltz groaning. Sarah then came and sat at the table, telling them they wouldn't believe what happened last night, Boltz groaned again. Sarah then asked who he was, Ethan told her he was Boltz, Benny adding because he’s faster than lighting.”

Sarah then asked them why they were wearing hockey uniforms, quipping that it wasn't Halloween yet. Ethan told her that they made the hockey team. Sarah was happy they did, saying it was great, asking them were they water boys. Ethan corrected her that they were players, Benny emphasizing that she was sitting at the “player’s table”, saying unless she was one of the hockey groupies, Sarah got up from table, saying she wasn't on that team. Ethan and Benny then turned back to Boltz, Benny asking him whats up.

Boltz was at his locker as Erica walked down the hall by him, running a hand through her flowing hair. Erica then handed Sarah a letter from the vampire council, Sarah asked her was it about “proper fang hygine” or “werewolf dating tips”. Erica then asked Sarah who was the new hunk, Sarah told her he was Boltz, with a “B” as in “B.O.”, saying he was on the hockey team with Ethan and Benny. Erica then asked her did her dorks turn into jocks, Sarah then upset with her letter from the vampire council, Erica assuming it was about Ethan and Benny’s new status.

Sarah said that her letter said she was wanted for grave robbing, asking why would she do that; Erica answered it was bad nutritional choices. Sarah told Erica that she didn’t even feed on the living, that she stuck to organic plasma, Erica saying it wouldn’t help her case then asking Sarah was she going to introduce her to Boltz. Boltz struggling to open his locker, hitting it in frustration, which Erica liked.

Sarah is later seen at her hearing with the vampire council, Anastasia told Sarah she was accused of necrogluto, asking her how did she plead. Sarah didn’t understand what it mean, saying she thought she was accused of draining dead people. Anastasia told her that’s what it meant, asking her didn’t she learn Latin. Regardless, Sarah stressed that she didn’t do it, saying “first of all ‘gross’, and second of all ‘eww’”. Anastasia said they were valid points, but they knew Sarah was in the grave yard because they had her hairclip.

Sarah then said she was there, but didn’t do anything, and to ask Rory because he was there too. Anastasia said that they did, Rory telling them that he was on a “date” with Sarah, Sarah shocked by that. Anastasia said that they didn’t believe him, which is why she stands accused. Anastasia explained to Sarah that it was a serious crime and feeding on the dead could spread sickness around the vampire community, Sarah told her she wasn’t “neco-gluing”, but she said she thinks she knows who was.

Anastasia told Sarah she had 48 hours to catch the grave robber and prove her innocence, Sarah then asked what if she failed; Anastasia saying they would have to kill the virus inside her before it spreads. Sarah asked her with antibiotics, Anastasia beared her fangs and said by “something much more permanent”. Sarah just stared at her, in fear.

The next day at school, Sarah was telling Ethan and Benny she needed to catch the guy or the vampire council would terminate her, asking for their help. Ethan told her they’d love to, but the team needs them too. Sarah upset asked him why, that he said himself that they barely set foot on the ice. Benny told her that bench warming was a noble tradition, then saying “what’s up” and high-fiving Boltz, who was passing by, Benny’s hand hurting afterwards. Benny then adding it was harder than it looked.

Ethan told Sarah he’d like to help, but they had the team to think about. Sarah irritated said that she would do it herself; but said to Ethan that the next time a monster was in his closet, for him to call someone else. Sarah then stormed out a back door into a guy holding a duffel bag and a shovel, who told her to watch her step. Sarah groaned and asked did all hockey players smell like b.o.?

Then Rory appeared next to Sarah, almost scaring her. Sarah asked him could she help him, Rory initially said no, until Rory followed her next step, Sarah then asked him why he was following her. Rory told her he was there because the vampire council wanted to make sure she didn’t “sink her fangs into anymore dead dudes”. Sarah told him that he she didn’t do it because he was there. Rory said it was because the council hated it when he argued, or talked. Rory adding plus they had to spend two days together.

Sarah groaned and said to stake her, Rory then added Erica was supposed to babysit her too, saying Erica was somewhere. Erica was in the hallway, talking to Boltz. Erica then pushed him onto the wall asking him in a seductive tone had they met before, or was it just in her dreams. Boltz groaned, Erica saying he was so witty, adding she bet he was ruggedly handsome too, attempting to take off Boltz’s hockey mask. Erica assumed he was shy, but strong, saying she liked that. Erica peeked under Boltz’s hockey mask and said it looked like someone ran over a lizard and stapled it to his face.

Rory and Sarah found Erica in the halls with Boltz, Rory saying she was supposed be watching Sarah so she wouldn't “dig dig, munch munch, yum yum”. Erica agreed and said she literally never wanted to see his face again. Sarah and Rory looked at each other, confused.

During practice, Stern asked the coach what was wrong with Boltz, coach said that he scored four points, Stern added three was in his own net. Coach said that Boltz had skills, Stern added that he needed brain. Ethan approached Steiner saying he had the opposite problem, he knew what to do, but had problems doing it. Steiner then said he’d love to hear ideas for Boltz. Ethan then explained he’d get farther from the net, that the goalie was too good at blocking up close.

Steiner and Stern whistled for Boltz to come over, and Boltz ran Ethan’s play perfectly. Ethan then suggested that Boltz try going behind the net and rebounding it off of player number seven’s helmet. They whistled for Boltz and he scored after doing that. Ethan then suggested for Boltz to pass it to number eight and body chunk him into the net. After that, Steiner pointed out they were in the lead, thanking Ethan.

Ethan said that he couldn’t take all the credit; that Boltz helped a little. Ethan patted Boltz on the shoulder, triggering a vision for him; Ethan saw photos of hockey players with circles around parts of their body, followed by Boltz’s hockey mask. Ethan was in a trance after his vision, Mr. Stern waving his hand and snapping his fingers in Ethan’s face. Stern told him he looked a little worn out, and to “ride the pine”.

Ethan sat next to Benny and said something was going on with Boltz, Benny asked him what he meant, saying Boltz was playing better than ever. Ethan told him that he didn’t think Boltz was a natural, earning a look from Benny.

Later Boltz was groaning, trying to shove his drink through his helmet to drink it, upset he can’t. Benny commented that he looked like a normal jock to him. Ethan said it had something to do with the gem on his mask, Ethan saying he doesn’t know what it does. Benny then suggested that he stumbled onto some kind of magical steroids and then cheated his way into becoming the greatest player ever. Ethan asked how was Benny sure, Benny responded it’s exactly what he’d do.

Ethan said it was something more to it, and that they should look up the gem. Coach Steiner came over to them and said “great game”. Benny said he always gives “111%” Steiner shrugging what Benny said more interested in Ethan, and his ideas he had. Coach asked Ethan did he mind staying, he’d love to pick Ethan’s brain.

Ethan awkwardly tried to decline, saying they had homework. Benny asked what homework, Ethan telling him chemistry homework. Benny then said he could do it for the both of them, Steiner happy to hear that, told them to stay put while he stowed away the gear. Ethan asked Benny why he did that, Benny told him Steiner might know something about Boltz; Ethan then agreed.

Benny then said that meanwhile he’ll find out what Boltz’s mojo is duplicate it, and the next time Ethan see’s him, he’d be just like Boltz. Coach Steiner was wiping off Boltz’s mask, Boltz made a mess, trying to drink his drink. Benny then said, “not exactly like him,” walking off saying Ethan got the idea.

Later that night Erica questioned that Sarah was accused of grave robbing and yet she wanted to hang out in a graveyard. Sarah snapped at Erica that she didn’t drain dead people; the three then saw an old man digging with a shovel, Rory asking did Sarah think he was the guy. The old man yelled at them to go away, telling them if they wanted to rob a grave, to go dig their own. Sarah hissed at him before charging at him and kicking him. Rory and Erica meekly congratulating her for taking down the elderly disabled man.

The man yelled about his arthritis, Sarah saying he was a grave robber; he defended it and said he only wanted spare parts since the dead weren’t using them. Sarah asked him why, he simply answered “for hockey.” Erica saying the sport is weirder than she thought.

Meanwhile Benny was at home looking up spells about “athletic ability”, getting a call from Sarah, he informing her there was a spell for curing athlete’s foot; Sarah said annoyed it was fascinating, then asking him did he know his “buddy” Boltz wasn’t an average jock. Benny said he was trying to figure out Boltz’s tricks so he can do it himself, Sarah told Benny that if he wasn’t a pile of body parts, it wouldn’t help.

Sarah said the “old weirdo” said that the stone on Boltz’s mask was the “Eye of Zartak”, it resurrects dead limbs into what ever shape you put them in, telling Benny that Boltz was made up of dozens of dead hockey players, Benny asking her shocked did she know what that meant, Sarah answered it meant they had a crazy hockey monster on the loose. Benny said upset that it meant he’d never be good at hockey.

The elderly man said that Boltz wasn't crazy, just slow, saying good brains were hard to find – too many worms getting in, making it like Swiss cheese. Sarah told him that his “build-it-yourself hockey days” were over. The old guy said he was just a grave robber, saying the new coach was the grave robber, that he wanted a thick skull for the new geek brain that he found. Benny heard this over the phone, knowing it meant Ethan.

At the school Steiner asked Ethan was he ready to be a part of something bigger than him, Ethan questioned anything for the team. Steiner said he and Boltz made a great team, saying between his brains and Boltz’s skill saying they could go all the way, meaning the NHL (National Hockey League). Steiner then asked Ethan was he committed, ready to take it to the next level. Ethan said he was but asked Steiner about Boltz, asking how well did he know him.

Steiner told Ethan that he made Boltz into the player he was, showing Ethan the wall in which he literally made Boltz saying it was the finest parts of the greatest hockey players in town that died; saying it was only one part missing, looking at Ethan. Ethan began backing away, nervously telling Steiner good luck and he didn't want to be cut out for it. Steiner crazily said to Ethan that there was no “I” in “team”, backing Ethan into a corner.

Ethan then said to him there was a “u” (you) in “lunatic”, Ethan ran into Boltz who knocked him down. Steiner congratulated Boltz for knocking him down, saying it was technically cross-checking, but he’ll pretend he didn't see it.

Ethan woke up to find himself strapped down into a tub of ice, Stiener said to Ethan whether you've sprained an ankle or ripped out an organ, it’s always good to put ice on it. Steiner then going over to Boltz and hooking him up to some electrical charges; saying to Boltz that he might feel a slight jolt, Steiner flipping a power switch, shocking Boltz. Ethan watched in shock and horror.

The gem in Boltz’s helmet lit as Boltz started moving, Steiner yelling happily “it’s alive!” He rushed over to Boltz and asked for a high-five. Steiner then grabbed two instruments that would cut off Ethan’s head, Ethan was struggling to break free, asking Steiner was he going to kill him just to get Whitechapel to the playoffs. Steiner saying Ethan would be fine, that his brain was just going into Boltz’s body.

Steiner was about to start, when he was interrupted by some beeping, alerting him to some intruders. Steiner told Ethan he had to attend to something, grabbing Boltz, meanwhile Ethan struggled to break free.

Sarah, Rory, Benny, and Erica were walking on the ice, Sarah calling out for Ethan. Erica said that it was huge and said next time for them to join a Ping-Pong team. Rory advised against it saying “pongers” were animals. Steiner got on the microphone yelling that they were trespassing. Sarah told him to can it, calling him “Franken-coach” saying they were there for Ethan, Benny emphasized “all of Ethan”.

Steiner then yelled “defense” to Boltz. Boltz took off his helmet and started drinking, Sarah asked was his head even a head, Rory asked how was he drinking. Erica said he was hotter with his mask on. Boltz dropped his helmet back and Sarah said she was through playing games, hissed at Boltz, and charged at him with vampire speed, but crashing into the wall instead. Rory warning her a second too late, saying vampire speed plus ice equaled wipeout every time.

Sarah breathlessly said it was good to know, Benny irately told her to find Ethan. Erica said she would take care of “Mr. Mumbles”, Rory following. Steiner was drawing an outline on Ethan’s forehead, Ethan hoping it was for a helmet fitting. Steiner told him once his noodle was out, he would have no choice but to put it in Boltz. Ethan shivered that he would never get away with it. Steiner powered up his tools just as Sarah shouted for Ethan, Ethan yelling out where he was.

Out on the ice, Boltz flung Rory across the ice and under a goal, and the horn blasted, Rory dazed asking did they win. Boltz then looked to Benny, who reminded him that they were on the same team, Benny then rushing to grab a hockey stick. Erica appeared behind Boltz, whispering that she couldn’t believe she liked him and bit him, Benny creeped out at what he saw. Erica stopped, complaining he tasted like moldy sewer water.

Sarah found Ethan but he as he warned her that Steiner was behind her, he placed a helmet of electricity on her head, which shocked her. Steiner asking Ethan where they were.

Boltz broke his hockey stick in half, about to stake a sick Erica until Benny stopped him, asking to go one-on-one, Benny saying he had the puck, that it had to go top shelf, and that it was do or die, he nervously added "literally". Benny shot the puck at him and it knocked the Eye of Zartak out of the helmet, knocking Boltz off of his feet, and stopping him. Benny happy at his victory, Erica and Rory were asking what happened, Benny upset they didn’t see his shot.

Steiner was about to cut Ethan’s head open, saying there was no “I” in scream either until Sarah put the helmet on Steiner’s head, shocking him. Sarah then quipped that he wouldn’t be making the cut. Sarah released Ethan, asking was he okay, Ethan said he was done with hockey, that he had enough ice time to last him forever.

Later at the vampire council, Sarah, with the elderly man, told them the grave robbing would be over, until next hockey season. Anastasia didn’t believe Sarah, asking her how did they know she didn’t just pay the old and homeless man to lie for her; he was upset because he was standing right there. Sarah said that she thought about that, and the man placed a duffel bag full of stolen stuff on their table; Sarah adding if they thought she was draining the dead, they should check for fang marks.

Anastasia was disgusted and said it could take hours, Sarah told her not to get sick.

Benny was upset Vice Principal Stern folded the team after Steiner and Boltz vanished, Ethan said he was lucky they didn’t have to play. Benny agreed, Ethan saying he missed the status though, Benny was about to say they would still have the status until the two students he dissed shoved him into a door.

Ethan then held Boltz’s mask on his shoulders, saying they’d remember how popular they were with it until Vice Principal Stern came out of a room and took it from them, the boys objecting, Stern said it was school property, Stern was saying he was storing all of the equipment and the mask was his last item. Ethan asked Stern was he sure he wanted it, because it was ancient; Stern said all of the equipment was.

Benny said if Boltz was there he knows what Boltz would say, Ethan agreed as they both groaned and moaned like Boltz did as the episode jumps to black.

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