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Executive Producer Tim Burns on My Babysitter’s a Vampire Cliffhanger

Happy New Year!

I’m a little late on this but My Babysitter’s a Vampire show runner/executive producer Tim Burns replied to a fan in November on the Facebook group about the S2 cliffhanger and our S3/movie that we won’t be getting. Consider this my late Christmas gift to spread to the rest of the [still very active after 3 years] fandom.

And I think this reply from Tim is very nice and it shows us that the producers wanted the show to go on, or attempt to make a second film to give us ‘closure’. I don’t know how Canadian TV goes but typically in the U.S., the showrunners/producers move on after a certain length of time of the show being canned. The MBV producers & Fresh TV have been active in social media with the fans since the last episodes aired in both the U.S. and Canada back in 2012-early 2013 and I’m sure we all thank them for it. I know I do! And I just think it’s astonishing that here we are 2015-16 and people are still abuzz about ‘Vampire’.

And unfortunately, this may be my last post. Unless someone (YTV, Teletoon, some network in Canada) decides to do something regarding the show/a movie. I’ll still be on Twitter (@AllThingsMBAV) from time to time though, but mostly retweeting and remembering. Below is what Tim said:

“Hey Lara. I like your post, and I feel your pain! As one of the executive producers, and the head-writer “show runner” of the series, all I can sai is that we tried very hard to make a season 3, or a second movie, happen. The ‘Lucifractor’ storyline was my idea in the first place, and I DID have some solutions in mind for how we would continue the story… I even created a few different scenarios for the second movie. But we hit nothing put problems with broadcasters, budgets, and some difficulties keeping the cast together. It’s not surprising that such talented young actors want to move on to other things… All I can say is that it was just as sad for us as it was for you to see the series cut short at the season 2 cliffhanger. I haven’t completely given up hope that the story will continue some day -- even if it means doing so with a ‘next generation’ of characters. It’s out of my power – I’m just a writer. But the entire team of writers, actors, and producers who created the show are proud of the series, and it means a great that loyal fans like you still keep the flame alive. I wish I had better news. But all I can say is ‘thanks’ for your support, and ‘sorry’ that we left everyone hanging. If we ever find a way to raise MBV from the grave, I hope you and the other loyal fans aren’t too old to still enjoy iy. Thanks for being a fan! (PS. Your English is fine. AND I know where the Lucifractor is now… it’s on my desk!”

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2 Years Off-Air: The Fate of My Babysitter's a Vampire, Still Unsure

(C) Fresh TV, 2012. Click image to enlarge. (left to right) Matthew Knight (Ethan), Vanessa Morgan (Sarah), Cameron Kennedy (Rory), Atticus Mitchell (Benny), and Kate Todd (Erica).
2 Years Off-Air: The Fate of My Babysitter's a Vampire, Still Unsure

The title says it all, as of today (October 5, 2014) it's been two years to the day since the season 2/series finale of My Babysitter's a Vampire aired in the United States on Disney Channel.

But since that day two years ago, Fresh TV has yet to stop searching for a home for our beloved Canadian-based series. TELETOON aired S2 episodes and for the longest fans were anxiously awaiting renewal news (or any news of some sort); thus the creation of the hashtag #MBAVSeason3 was born. September 2013 Fresh TV formally announced TELETOON had canceled the show and also continued to express via Twitter and Facebook at the group; that the show needed funding by a Canadian broadcaster or network, for the series to be picked up again for the funding.

In February 2014 things began to look up as Fresh TV announced 'new developments,' at the time they were in talks with YTV on getting the show picked up a third season. YTV added MBAV (both the movie & series) to their line-up - airing the episodes Mondays-Thursdays at 8PM/ET & again at 11PM/ET staring with the first season on April. Both Fresh TV & YTV were very active in promoting the show through social media. The show's official website even changed to from TELETOON to YTV's layout as well.

But by the Summer of 2014, things fell quiet; YTV stopped posting about MBAV and for a while Fresh TV stopped posting altogether. Eventually YTV ripped the show off of the schedule. A few weeks ago Julie Giles still expressed on the Facebook group that they still needed a broadcaster; although they (Fresh TV) were focusing on a 2nd movie angle for the time being, instead of primarily a third season. Although many have voiced on leaning on Netflix to pick up the show. For that to possibly occur, fans have to go to the site and continually watch the episodes so the viewership is up on the site (Netflix watches their viewership numbers guys!) In the meantime however, whatever plans Fresh had with YTV likely are moot at this point. Unfortunately the show has yet to gather a decent audience and popularity in Canada (where the show is produced), as it has in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries internationally.

So here we are two years later, still awaiting SOME KIND of continuation of our beloved show. Although some fans have moved on, the MBAV fandom still remains very active; fans and viewers tweeting daily about the show and how it used to air on Disney and that they miss it, want more episodes, and more importantly, the cliffhanger we were left with, resolved. The show ended with the fates of Ethan (Matthew Knight), Sarah (Vanessa Morgan), and Benny (Atticus Mitchell) unknown.

Two years off the air and the majority of the fandom globally is still passionate about My Babysitter's a Vampire, myself included. But I suppose this is the way it is with all great shows that get cut down in their prime, for whatever reason. Whether Fresh TV and whatever network/broadcaster gets the show picked up for a third season or not or gets a second movie produced; I just want to thank the cast, the writers, the producers, the crew and anyone who had anything to do with the movie/show for bringing us an awesome movie and 26 amazing episodes of what I feel is a brilliant, cute, funny, at times dramatic and action-packed 22-24 minute show; it will always be one of the best in my books, despite how short-lived it was!

I'd also like to thank the fandom as well, fans who I have corresponded with over the past 2 years. Even if this show is done, I hope we'll all still talk and reminisce about My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Not trying to make this post sound like a 'goodbye' or, it's all done. I'm still in favor the show continuing by whatever means possible, but it is what it is.

Thank you.


Also, throughout the month of October, you can watch My Babysitter's a Vampire every night at 11PM/ET & 11:30PM/ET on Disney Channel as a part of Disney Channel's, MONSTOBER!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

YTV to Air Reruns of My Babysitter's a Vampire - Could Lead to 2nd Movie/3rd Season

Well this could be the break that the fans of the My Babysitter's a Vampire fandom have been waiting for, for so long (since October 2012 and here it is April 2014). In the coming days, the pilot film and seasons 1 and 2 are about to air on the Canadian network, YTV.

Fresh TV made the announcement this past Monday, urging fans everywhere to get behind the 'premiere' of these episodes on YTV because, if the re-run episodes ratings are great on the network, it could lead to YTV choosing to produce a 2nd film and/or renew MBAV for a well deserved third season!

Fresh said in their post, "Talk to your Canadian counterparts and encourage them to tune-in to YTV with their friends, family, and younger brothers or sisters. The more support we can show, and the better the numbers are for the premiere, the better the chances you’ll see more MBAV in the future."

My Babysitter’s a Vampire: The Movie airs on YTV Friday, April 11, 2014 at 6 pm (ET/PT), and repeats again on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 8 pm (ET/PT).

Episodes from the first season launch Monday, April 14, 2014 and run Monday to Thursday at 8 pm (ET/PT) to May 5, 2014.

Second season episodes follow starting Tuesday, May 6, 2014 and run Monday to Thursday at 8 pm (ET/PT) to June 27, 2014.

(Also be sure to follow YTV's social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)

Everybody reading this post, we have to support this in order to get anything new from MBAV; Canadians, the future of the show rests in your hands!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fresh TV Announces Newest Live-Action Film, Bunks

Bunks is a new live-action film from Fresh TV (which also produced My Babysitter's a Vampire, both film and TV series, still awaiting season 3 confirmation) which will air on Disney XD Canada, Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 8PM ET. Atticus Mitchell has a role in the movie as Wookie, the camp counselor. Below is a press release, posted by Fresh TV; photos are below, courtesy of Fresh TV.

True to Fresh TV form, BUNKS is not your average coming-of-age story. Nor is it your typical teen TV show. BUNKS is what happens when two trouble-making brothers finally meet their match and accidentally unleash a curse on their summer camp that brings every campfire story to life. And did someone just tell a story about a zombie apocalypse?!

Ever since they were in diapers, seventeen-year-old Dane has been convincing his younger brother Dylan to help him pull off epic pranks. Their biggest prank ever earns them a summer at military camp, but with a few taps on his tablet, Dylan reroutes them to Camp Bushwhack. The plan: to fake their way through being camp counsellors in Ontario’s beautiful wilderness.

Once those zombies start showing up, the brothers are going to have to step up if they want to save their rag tag cabin of eleven-year-olds from the undead menace they unwittingly set in motion!

Combining the heart and hilarity of classic summer camp movies with the thrills and chills of a zombie horror flick, BUNKS is everything that is awesome and awful about spending the entire summer in the woods with your bro.

BUNKS was shot this summer in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Kenora, Ontario. It stars Dylan Schmid (Once Upon A Time, The Haunting Hour) as Dylan O’Reilly and Aidan Shipley (Rookie Blue, What’s Up Warthogs and Flashpoint) as Dane O’Reilly. Featured performers include: Atticus Mitchell (My Babysitter’s a Vampire) as Wookie, the Camp Counselor and Christian Potenza (Total Drama, 6TEEN) as Crawl, the Camp Director.

BUNKS was created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch and developed by Fresh TV. Produced by Fresh TV and Inferno Pictures in association with Disney XD Canada and FremantleMedia.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Good Witch's Destiny Promotional Photos - With Matthew Knight & Kate Todd

I know this is old news, but I felt I had to post this here on my blog; promotional photos of Matthew Knight with the cast of The Good Witch's Destiny, and yes, that is Kate Todd in the second photo (she never told anyone, nor was it announced). Thanks for finding those Tumblr user germaican. The movie will air October 26th on Hallmark Channel.

Click on images to enlarge.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vanessa Morgan and Sister on The Amazing Race Canada - Press Release

I know I'm a little (or a lot) late with posting this press release for The Amazing Race Canada (which premiered July 15), but better late than never right?! There is a picture of Vanessa and her sister, Celina at the bottom of the page.

*** Edited from Canada Newswire, click here to view more.

TORONTO, June 27, 2013 /CNW/ - The introductions are over, it's time to race! CTV announced today the final pairing of competitors for the first-ever season of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, this summer's most-anticipated television series. Hosted by Olympic Champion Jon Montgomery (@jrmonty12), the final teams announced to embark in the riveting, all-Canadian race around the country are actress Vanessa Morgan (MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE, DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION) and her bikini-model sister Celina, a pair of feisty siblings from Ottawa, ON. Joining them are Tim Senior, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years ago and his son Tim Junior from Winnipeg, MB. The two teams round out the cast of nine pairings in the race for the historic half-a-million dollar grand prize. Previously announced teams include dating couple Kristen and Darren, brothers Jody and Cory, twins Treena and Tennille, two sets of best friends - Jet and Dave, and Jamie and Pierre, fitness icons Hal and Joanne and doctors Holly and Brett. Set to anchor CTV's Summer 2013 schedule, THE AMAZING RACE CANADA airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning July 15 on CTV and live on CTV Mobile (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times).

**Media Note** Download artwork for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA at BellMediaPR.ca 

VANESSA and CELINA - Sisters

Name: Vanessa Morgan
Age: 21
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Current occupation: Actress
Twitter: @VanessaMorgan, #vanessaandcelina

Name: Celina Mziray
Age: 30
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Current occupation: Bikini Model
Twitter: @CelinaBallerina, #vanessaandcelina

Motto: "We are mini but mighty."

How will they plan to win the Race: "We may come across as naive or clueless, and we will use this to our advantage as we are not. Also we have lots of experience travelling and in airports."

Thousands of teams have entered, but only one team will run away with the historic grand prize for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA. Valued at more than half a million dollars including $250,000 in cash, the prize also features the opportunity to fly free for a year for two anywhere Air Canada flies worldwide (175 destinations) in Executive First Class (based on 10 trips for two), and two 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays. In total, the prize is equal to 167,224 hockey pucks, 178,572 cans of beer, and 33,356 half-liter jars of pure Canadian maple syrup.

With the knowledge that most Canadians have not travelled beyond their own province, THE AMAZING RACE CANADA gives Canadians the opportunity to race around Canada and discover the country they love in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Teams will race to the finish line, criss-crossing up to 23,000 kilometres. A stunning depiction of the Canadian fabric, the teams will travel through both the country's urban centres as well as the most remote outposts in the land, all while exploring its broad cultural and ethnic diversity, wildlife, and iconic landmarks. Fans are encouraged to follow @AmazingRaceCDA and stay tuned to the CTV Facebook page for updates.

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will also air TSN on Tuesdays at 12 a.m. ET/PT beginning July 16, on RDS2 Wednesdays at 6 p.m. ET beginning July 17, and TSN2 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning July 17, as well as on demand across CTV's digital platforms: including CTV.ca, the CTV App, the CTV Mobile channel on Bell Mobile TV, and through video on demand partners such as Bell Fibe TV following the broadcast.

The four top-tier sponsors for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA are Air Canada, BlackBerry®, INTERAC®, and Chevrolet Canada.

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is based on THE AMAZING RACE, the nine-time, Emmy® award-winning, hit program created by Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri that premiered in 2001 in the United States. van Munster, Doganieri, and Mark Vertullo are executive producers for Worldrace Productions, a division of Profiles Television. Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman are executive producers for Jerry Bruckheimer Television. The program is produced in association with ABC Studios. The U.S. version of THE AMAZING RACE was a Top 3 series last fall on CTV and is this season's #1 reality program in Canada with an average audience of 2.7 million viewers.

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will be the 12th international version to launch outside of the United States, joining Asia, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Israel, Latin America, Norway, Philippines, Ukraine and Vietnam as territories with an original THE AMAZING RACE production.

THE AMAZING RACE CANADA will be produced by Insight Productions in association with CTV and with the support of Profiles Television. Executive Producers for Insight Productions are John Brunton and Barbara Bowlby, and Supervising Producer is Mark Lysakowski. Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri are executive producers for Profiles Television. Robin Johnston is the CTV Production Executive. Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production, Bell Media. Mike Cosentino is Senior Vice-President, Programming, CTV Networks. Phil King is President, CTV Programming and Sports.




About Bell Media Independent Production
Bell Media has commissioned and co-produced some of Canada's most-watched and most-acclaimed original programming, while working with the best Canadian independent producers in the country. Hit CTV series include ratings success stories SAVING HOPE, THE LISTENER, and MOTIVE, the #1 new Canadian series of the 2012/13 season. Premiering this summer are relationship comedy SATISFACTION and THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, a Canadian-produced, complementary version of the hit international series. To premiere later in the 2013/14 season are the drama series PLAYED, multi-cam office comedy SPUN OUT, and hit international format MASTERCHEF CANADA. Among the scripted series on Bell Media specialty channels are the two-time Emmy®-nominated hit DEGRASSI, the recently renewed ORPHAN BLACK, and upcoming dramas BITTEN and 19-2. Bell Media specialty channels are also home to reality series PANIC BUTTON and BRAVE NEW GIRL, game shows MATCH GAME and POP QUIZ, and factual series HIGHWAY THRU HELL, and LAST CAR STANDING. In total, Bell Media ordered 27 new original Canadian series in 2012, and put 35 scripted projects into development.

About CTV
CTV is Canada's #1 private broadcaster. Featuring a wide range of quality news, sports, information, and entertainment programming, CTV has been Canada's most-watched television network for the past 12 years in a row. CTV is a division of Bell Media, Canada's premier multimedia company with leading assets in television, radio and digital. Bell Media is owned by BCE Inc. (TSX, NYSE: BCE), Canada's largest communications company. More information about CTV can be found on the network's website at CTV.ca

About Insight Production Company Ltd.
Insight Production Company Ltd., headed by John Brunton & Barbara Bowlby has become an industry leader in the creative development, financing and production of highly rated television programs and cutting edge multiplatform content for the global market in every genre. Since 1979, it has been recognized for its reputation for outstanding quality as the recipient of numerous International awards, including multiple Gemini's. The company has created thousands of hours of groundbreaking television that continues to be broadcast over major networks worldwide. For more information visit www.insighttv.com.

- CTV -

Image with caption: "L - R: Vanessa and Celina (CNW Group/CTV)". Image available at: http://photos.newswire.ca/images/download/20130627_C3719_PHOTO_EN_28563.jpg


For further information: Jacqui VanSickle, CTV, 416.384.5091 or Jacqueline.vansickle@bellmedia.ca
Jim Quan, CTV, 416.384.5311 or jim.quan@bellmedia.ca
Cary Mignault, Unit Publicity Manager, Insight Productions, 416-435-9295, cmignault@insighttv.com

CTV. Vanessa Morgan & her sister, Celina Mziray. Click photo to enlarge.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where is Season 3 of My Babysitter's a Vampire?

ATTENTION: My Babysitter's a Vampire NOT Renewed a 3rd Season

It's been a year since season two of My Babysitter's a Vampire premiered on Disney Channel in the United States (June 29, 2012). Last fall we were left seeing a supernatural explosion in Whitechapel, and pondering the fates of Ethan (Matthew Knight), Sarah (Vanessa Morgan), Benny (Atticus Mitchell), Jesse (Joe Dinicol) [and evil Vice Principal Stern (Richard Waugh)].

We're all now asking the question(s), where is MBAV's season 3 and/or has it been renewed? To keep a very long story short, via Julie Giles (Twitter, Tumblr) from Fresh TV (Twitter, Tumblr) and the official MBAV Facebook group; Teletoon has chosen not to renew the show for a 3rd season (despite the fact Freemantle Media's website said MBAV was Teletoon's #2 show). I don't know for sure why they chose not to, finances would be my guest. It's expensive to do TV show's you know!

Julie however has said Fresh TV is seeking to find another [Canadian] broadcaster (or network) to air the series. "What about Disney Channel?!" Well for one, MBAV is a show Disney Channel already acquired (I don't think they'd want to make the effort to make the series an original). And secondly, if MBAV became Disney Channel's it'd become one of their typical, stereotypical, mediocre, and overly laugh-track filled comedy series (Dog With a Blog, Good Luck Charlie (season 3-present), Shake It Up, Austin & Ally are the worst in my opinion). MBAV to me is a show that could be fit in with some "classic" Disney Channel shows (i.e. That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana (seasons 1-3), Wizards of Waverly Place, Kim Possible... Disney shows prior to 2010.)

But that is what the year-long 'wait' for MBAV to return is, just Fresh TV searching for another home for the series. The show is not canceled, but it's not renewed [yet] either. I know fans don't want to hear this word/like it, but we still have to patiently wait and for now, find other shows that keep our minds preoccupied from MBAV (or watch the reruns if they air or watch the DVDs if you have them).

Other than financing - because MBAV is Teletoon's only live-action TV series - I can't really think of reasons why Teletoon let the series go. Please pass this post around to anyone who is wondering about the status of the series. And be sure to not only follow me (links to the right of the blog), but follow Fresh TV/Julie Giles (links above) for updates. Thank you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Addison Holley Ties Young Artist Award Win

Addison Holley who portrayed Anastasia, the head of the vampire council in season 2 of My Babysitter's a Vampire, won a Young Artist Award for her portrayal of Anastasia (she was in 4 episodes in season 2).

Holley was nominated for an award for Best Performance in a TV Series in the category Recurring Young Actress. She tied the win with Kiernan Shipka of AMC's Mad Men.

Congratulations for your tied win Addison!

VIDEO: Hard Rock Medical Trailer - With Atticus Mitchell

Trailer below for the upcoming Canadian medical drama, Hard Rock Medical, which premieres June 9th on TVOntario (or TVO).

Atticus Mitchell can be seen briefly 1 min and 25 seconds in. So far, IMDb has listed Atticus to guest star as Caleb in the episodes "Love, Labour, Loss", and "Down Under".

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Atticus Mitchell Chatting About The Colony

Video of Atticus Mitchell (below) chatting with theartsscene.ca about his role in The Colony (in theaters April 26th, Canada/August 23rd, U.S.) at the Toronto premiere on April 3, 2013.

Also the trailer for The Colony: