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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Flushed" Recap & Review

If I had to use one word for “Flushed”, I’d say “Crickey!”

A family of alligators is loose over town and is causing problems, it’s up to Ethan and the gang to figure out where they came from and how to get rid of them, they later learn that Rory and Benny are the cause of it.

This episode kinda falls into normalcy after last week’s “Fanged and Furious”, or as normal as MBAV can be! I didn’t really have any complaints about the episode, other than Sarah’s plot… kind of weird, but comical, as the whole episode was. And they even had Benny mention Erica’s geeky past, which she obviously doesn’t like to or want to talk about! I’m sure I’m not the only Benny/Erica shipper screaming, “Bennica”!

I must say this episode is the first one of the second season that didn’t end in a weird way, I especially liked the boy’s alligator swag. I still have this feeling that MBAV needs to be extended to one hour, it’s that good! Because I’m wondering what’s going on about the few people who were killed, seems like the town would be buzzing out that.

Only issue I have is that Disney right now has pushed the show out of the prime time hours (8PM to 11PM ET), which has an effect on the audience, and for “Flushed” a lot of fans were either expecting it to be on Friday or at 8:30PM or both. I really don’t want to put the word’s “Disney”, “conspiracy”, and “My Babysitter’s a Vampire” in the same sentence… I really don’t want to do that!

But as for “Flushed”, A+, it makes up for over-joking in “Fanged and Furious”!

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory
Kate Todd – Erica

Guest stars:
Richard Waugh – Mr. Stern
Marshall Williams – Tad McGillis
Megan Anderson – Heather
Cassandra Croppo – Kate
Normal Dell’Agnese – Mrs. Oppenheimer
Darryl Hinds – Vance Munce

Written by: Jennifer Pertsch
Directed by: Tibor Takacs

The episode starts at a small pool party at a student’s home, they inside, watching sharks on the nature channel, shocked and amazed. One of the girls, Heather, thought it was gross and disgusted and reminded them that it was a pool party, she asked Tad, who said he was going to make nachos, he still stuck to the TV.

Heather went outside and jumped into the pool, she assumed Tad had jumped in with her, trying to scare her, making her think a shark was in the water. Meanwhile Tad was inside with a large plate of nachos and dip, saying he’d like to see a shark eat them, Tad telling her she had to get in on the nachos. But outside, the only thing left in the pool is Heather’s necklace.

The next morning Ethan is in the shower, singing, when all of a sudden the water stops. Ethan sticks his soapy head out of the door, calling for his dad. Later Ethan and Benny show up to school with wet hair, other students laughing at them, Benny commented that this wouldn’t help their reputations, even Rory was laughing at them. Ethan told him their water cut off before they could rinse and that their whole street lost water pressure.

Rory asked him, were they both in the shower at the same time. Ethan snapped back at him they were in different showers, reiterating different. Benny adds that he was in the middle of a deep conditioning treatment, earning looks from Ethan and Rory. Benny defends and says people aren’t born with hair that thick and shiny. Benny then acknowledged a pretty girl walking towards them; she shook her head and walked on, ignoring him. Ethan flatly said that no one at this school had worse luck than them.

Meanwhile the freshmen students were dressed as babies. Erica taunting them called them “baby freshmen” and said it was nap time, they all falling on the floor. Erica yelled at them that that was pathetic, and to wake up. Sarah said to Erica that she had a nice jacket; Erica yelled “naptime” to the freshmen again before replying to Sarah that she picked it up last night at dinner. Sarah gave her a shocked look, Erica told her to relax, that she didn’t drain her, and she told Sarah she was a square. One of the freshmen called Erica “your highness” and asked to go to the bathroom, Erica told her that’s what the diaper was for.

They all then stood up, Erica calling them “derf nerders” and asked them did she say they could get up, Erica then commanded them to do 100 jumping jacks, Sarah told her of course she could go to the bathroom, and she ran off. Sarah told Erica she could be just a little easier on them, Erica yelled to them “arms higher”, and she explained to Sarah that the seniors did it to them and one day the little “noobs” would abuse their freshmen and that it was the circle of life.

Sarah was about to tell Erica she could be a little nicer when she was interrupted by an embarrassing fart sound. Erica asked her, Sarah told her she was volunteering at a blood bank and that it was like an all you can eat buffet. Erica asked her how much she drank, Sarah told her six pints.

Erica began to tell her than anything more than a pint every few day can make her nauseous; Erica was interrupted when there was a louder fart sound. Erica commented that that one had some bass in it, Sarah told her that it was so humiliating. The other students holding their noses and commenting on the smell, Sarah stormed out of the class room. Erica yelled to them “nap time” and the freshmen laid down on the floor. Erica quipped “good babies” and started taking pictures with her cell phone.

Meanwhile in Home Ec. class, a teacher was saying to them noodles were cheap and easy. She continued that learning to boil noodles was good, because some of them would be living alone for a long time, she said that walking around the classroom to Benny, hinting that at him. Benny had noodle strings in his hand and he broke them, complaining to Ethan that it looked impossible, and that Home Ec. was a bad idea. Ethan told Benny to calm himself, that they just needed water. Ethan turned on the water, but none came out of the faucet. Benny said to him that they were going to fail noodles.

Meanwhile Sarah ran to the bathroom, running into a stall and grabbing her stomach in pain, while she was, she heard this unearthly noise coming from the next stall. Sarah asked the girl named Kate was she okay, Sarah heard her screaming help, and Sarah said she’d try to find a nurse. In Home Ec. Benny was playing with the pasta strings while Ethan looked at the piping under the sink, Benny then getting a text about J.J. Abrams. Ethan told Benny if he was so worried about failing noodles, he’d help him. Benny ignoring Ethan, reading his text.

Ethan jumped when he saw something moving in the broken pipes, Benny told him it was Home Ec. class and that food gets spilled all the time, Benny deliberately knocking some pasta strings over the table over Ethan. Benny told him it was probably just a rat, looking under the sink with him. They both jumped back and yelled when they saw something slither down the pipes.

The teacher told them not to make her come over there, and that she was not as sweet as she used to be. Benny asked Ethan what the heck it was and they both looked under the counter at the pipes again, Ethan commenting that they were wrecked. Benny joked that the school system would have better plumbing, Benny then looked beside him and shrieked, their teacher had sneaked up and stood behind them. Both Ethan and Benny looked at her scared, she commented that she wept for the future of the human race, and then the bell rang.

Ethan asked Benny what was under the sink; Benny asked him why their teacher won’t shave off the one hair on her chin. Ethan ignored Benny and said whatever it was it wasn't friendly; Benny still talking about the teacher’s hair said it pointed right at you. Ethan said they needed to find Sarah. Sarah had found a nurse to check on Kate, Sarah told her she didn’t sound good. The nurse knocked on the stall door, Sarah calling Kate’s name, but getting no answer. Sarah walked into the next stall and stood on the toilet, peeking over the wall to see the toilet itself looking ransacked and one of Kate’s shoes in front of it.

Sarah stopped the nurse from trying to get into the stall, telling her Kate must have went home, and that it was the nurses problem. Sarah grabbed something off of Kate’s shoe and got out her cell phone and she walked out of the bathroom and right into Ethan, who scared her. Sarah told him they needed to talk, Benny corrected no they needed to talk, and Ethan told him they were the same “we”. Sarah told him something happened to Kate in the bathroom; Ethan finished her sentence that something looked like it came up through the pipes. Ethan continued that whatever it was, it came to the Home Ec. room looking for dessert, the bell then rang again.

Sarah showed them she found a tooth, instead of Kate. Ethan told them they need to go where the pipes go. They walked downstairs to the basement and Benny told them that maybe there was a reason the basement was off limits. They then heard a loud thud but proceeded downstairs, until the lights flickered off. Ethan and Benny took out flashlights, Ethan saying they must have hit a power line. Sarah commented that she didn't like it.

Benny meekly said dying young could be fun, Ethan told him Sarah would just take a look, Benny told him frantically that that’s what they say in scary movies before they get eaten alive. They turned a corner and heard another thud sound; Benny commented that whatever it was, was nature’s greatest klutz. Out of nowhere Rory appeared, scaring them and vice versa. Benny asked him what he was doing down there, Rory asked him looking for a snack.

Ethan pointed, telling him they thought he was the mutant animal behind the door. Rory looked to see what it was, scared as well.

Ethan asked how that was an alligator. Rory then asked them did they remember the locker search a few months back. Benny had a jock potion that he poured in the toilet; Rory complained to Benny that he had to go, Benny got out to let Rory in, who was dumping baby reptiles out of his pocket, telling them he’d come back to get them as soon as the raid was over. Rory squirmed out of there; Benny said to him that he had to flush it, Benny flushing the toilet.

Sarah asked him did he flush live alligators, Rory said he didn’t mean to, he said that they obviously survived. Benny asked him where he got them, Rory told him Florida, he thought they were iguanas and when they called the locker raid, he panicked. Rory said he thought they’d be safe there, Ethan quipped, that nothing says home like a school toilet.

She continued to search until it led them upstairs; Sarah told them it went that way. Ethan asked her how she knew; she told him vampires have a strong sense of smell. Rory agreed that it did and stepped in something, Ethan said it was normal for an alligator. Sarah commented it grew a lot in four months, adding it was no normal alligator. Benny said the potion must have mutated them, Ethan asked him what potion.

Benny told him he poured a jock star, combined with the athletic mojo of Sidney Crosby, Kobe Bryant, and a circus dolphin. Ethan and Sarah were looking at him, Ethan asked about the dolphin. Benny commented that chicks dig dolphins; Sarah grumbled that she needed new friends. They cautiously turned a corner in the school, Sarah then said to Benny she couldn’t believe he was going to take something like that, and that she was telling his grandmother, Benny begged her not to, Sarah said that she was telling.

They then saw the alligator going around a corner, Benny told them not to surprise it, and they don’t like to be surprised. They stood in front of some lockers and Ethan said he had a bad feeling about it. Ethan said they had it cornered and they slowly moved, Rory took off in the other direction. The closer they got, it charged towards them. Rory came around behind the alligator with a large tarp, throwing it on it. Ethan asked Rory what was he doing, Benny told Ethan to let him, otherwise they would have to.

Rory said in an Australian accent, that he saw it on “The Crocodile Hunter”, and for them to help him “burrito” the alligator. Ethan and Sarah helped Rory, while Benny just shined the flashlight over the alligator. They managed to get the alligator locked into the supply closet. Sarah told them it was the alligator that attacked Kate, and asked the boys how did it get through the pipes. Ethan told her grown mice could flatten themselves to get under doorways, he said the alligator must have evolved. Rory hugged the closet and said “daddy’s so proud”.

Meanwhile at Ethan’s house, they were watching the news were they were reporting about the sighting of a large scaly creature. Then Erica burst into Ethan’s home, looking a mess. Ethan asked what happened to her; she told them that they were the ones with the finger on everything weird that happens around there, for them to tell her. Erica continued and told them that she drove the freshmen through a car wash in the back of her dad’s pickup, Sarah interrupted her, upset hearing that she drove the freshmen through a car wash.

Ethan added someone had to hose them off after she made them roll around in manure, Erica agreed with Ethan and told them something huge and scaly jumped out of the pipes and attacked her. Benny asked her was that a dig on Sheila Botner, saying that she was a really nice girl with a skin condition.

Erica shrugging what Benny said told him no, Erica told them it was a mutant alligator thing and it came out biting. Erica told them now she knows how her food feels and she didn’t like it. Sarah asked her about the freshmen girls, Erica told her they were fine, but her new leather jacket was trashed. Ethan saw that a news report was on, that someone found Thor’s buddy.

The news reporter, Vance Munce said, that the 250 pound gator was captured at a local pool, after a close encounter with a mother and her toddler, he continued the reptile was sedated and sent to the local zoo for testing, and that all city pools were safe, and gator free.

Rory happily said that those were his little guys, and that it was all over, asking who wanted pretzels. Benny raised his hand, he and Rory then high fiving. Erica told him that wasn’t the one who attacked her; the one she saw was bigger than that one. Benny said that meant Thor didn’t have a buddy, that he had a special lady, Benny added that if Erica was right, they were breeding, and them babies weren’t pretty. Rory gleefully said he was a matchmaker.

Ethan told them they were talking about an entirely different species; one capable of incredible strength, of growing to who knows what size, and the possibilities were endless. Sarah irately added that thanks to the “dork squad”, they were loose in the city’s sewer system. Sarah’s phone then rang, and she saw it was Erica calling, Sarah asked was she calling her, Erica told her it must be the swamp thing, it taking her phone after it tried bite her. Erica upset because she just got the phone, Ethan asked her, did she get it trying to bit off someone else’s arm. Erica told him it was a 6G.

Sarah told Erica she needed to stop stealing from her dinner guests, that she might draw too much attention to herself. Erica defended that they were just souvenirs. Then there was a loud farting sound, Ethan asking did they all hear that. Sarah frantically told them nobody heard anything. Ethan’s phone then bleeped, Erica asking was the gator’s stomach now calling him, Ethan told her texting actually. Ethan then said he had an idea.

Ethan was typing on his computer, he said as long as the Erica’s phone was still in the alligator’s stomach, Benny interrupted that they should call anyone who got eaten and see where they were. Rory told them the reception in an alligator would be one bar, max. Ethan told them it’d be just enough to track the phone’s GPS signal, hack into the satellite, and pinpoint the exact location of the alligator. Ethan typed until he had a fix on the phone, Ethan upset he got no reaction, that what he done was a lot harder than it looks.

Sarah read where the alligator was heading to Hunter Hills Mansion Country. Erica commented, it was very high class with lots of hot tubs. Ethan complained it was a 126-bit encryption that he had just hacked through, Benny thought it was awesome, Ethan glad someone thought it was. Sarah asked where was Heather last seen, Benny answered her with at Tad McGillis’s mansion. Ethan asked them where else would a tropical, sewer dwelling lizard make it through the winter, under a hot tub, which is where the nest is.

Erica asked wasn’t Tad having another party. Ethan said the baby was heading right back to Tad’s and they had to warn them. Benny happily said “hot girls in danger here we come!”

Later they all walked to the party at Tad’s, Benny, Rory, and Ethan dressed in costumes to Sarah’s dislike. Benny told them they needed to be prepared for when they got down and dirty with the croc. Erica grumbled that she refused to go to a senior party with the boys dressed the way they were. Party goers stared at the boys as Sarah and Erica were invited in, boys at the party stopped Ethan, Benny, and Rory from going in; they explaining they were with the girls. Benny then suggested they go around back.

Erica commented to Sarah that there were so many dining choices, soon after Sarah let out a large fart sound. The boys grumbling at the smell, Benny commenting that it smelled like a burning tire. Sarah told them she was going to the bathroom while Erica explained to them Sarah was gassy, it being an overeating thing. Erica told them she was going to find a snack, she looked over to see a group talking, she then said she was in the mood for a blonde.

As Erica walked off Benny said “TMI” (too much information). Ethan told them to give the seniors JEI, they not knowing the acronyms. Ethan told them, just enough information. They just stared, Rory stared and dancing; Ethan continued, to save themselves, from the alligators. Benny irritated told him to go do it. Ethan walked over to the DJ’s station using the microphone to warn them a man eating alligator was heading towards the house, they all laughed and ignored Ethan, the DJ ticked Ethan took the microphone for that.

Rory suggested Ethan run and call the police, Ethan told him they’d wait until the alligator showed itself and they’d give it some wicked indigestion. Erica came around a corner, commenting about the great snacks at the party and she then asked if any of them had any SPF 1000. Rory told her he was out; Erica then threw her empty bottle over her shoulder and asked what the dork squad was up to now. Ethan explained that the alligator would come up right under their hot tub; all they had to get it to do was come up through the grate, and open-wide. Benny adding and then goes the liquid ka-boom.

Erica said it was pathetic how good the guys are with this stuff, but Erica told them their proportions were off, that they needed more soda. Rory asked her how she knew that. Benny told him it was because before she was a smokin’ hot vampire, she was a mega nerd. Erica hissed at Benny, telling him if he reminded anyone of that again, that he was toast. Benny quickly told her he got it.

Ethan saw on the GPS on his phone that the alligator was close, he asked who would be the bait. Benny fell quiet, and Rory was pointing from Benny to Erica. The boys then did “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”, when they were done, Rory yelled out victoriously. Rory then began to explain it to Erica who told him that she didn’t care.

Benny is later changed into swim trunks, sitting in the pool saying to some girls sitting in it, “hello my fellow tubbies.” They then got out of the pool, angry at Benny. Benny corrected that he meant they both liked hot tubs, Benny too late. Ethan then jumped in with Benny, happy he got rid of them, saying the less bodies, the better. Erica rushed over and told Ethan and Benny it was right under them. Benny nervously told them maybe they were doing it wrong and the cell phone was drifting underneath, but then the water started splashing and they heard growling.

Benny yelled at Ethan to do it now, but he wasn’t ready. Ethan told Rory to grab the hot tub cover. Rory jumped onto the hot tub cover and Rory told Ethan he didn’t like the plan. Ethan tried to give it to the alligator, but Ethan said he forgot about the biting. Erica took it from him and told it to eat science. Soon after they all tried to clear away from the pool as it blew up.

Benny asked hiding behind a chair did they win, Ethan grossed out said they were alive. Erica was happy that she got her phone back. Ethan saw that a foot from the alligator was still moving. Ethan quipped that they wouldn’t be seeing that alligator later. Ethan awkwardly said that he “pee’ed” his swimsuit and asked Benny and Rory could they tell. Benny told him it was cool and to just go with it.

Tad came over to them and said they all took a vote and said the nerds can stay. He told Ethan that he should tell his girlfriend to stop polluting the bathroom, that it smelled like a dead skunk. Ethan happily said that he thinks Sarah was his girlfriend. The boys awkwardly did a high-five, wiping their hands afterwards.

At school the next day Erica asked Sarah did she fix her problem. Sarah told Erica, problem solved, that she was eating a lot less now and no more blood buffets. Sarah then saw the boys turning a corner in the school, dressed coolly and wearing sunglasses. Sarah said that she couldn’t unsee that.

Ethan asked that his boots were pretty sweet, Benny added he had alligator socks, Rory saying he had alligator underwear. Sarah told them that she normally had problems with wearing animal skin, but since it was an evil mutant “toilet-gator” she guessed it was okay. Erica angry that Sarah let them steal things from their victims, Erica saying it was a double standard, stormed off.

Sarah called them fashionistas and asked about the alligator in the supply closet. The boys exchanged and look and Benny said they had to go, the boys rushing off. Sarah making a light giggle at them. The episode jumps to black.

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RE:Fresh Blog Interview With Executive Producer Tim Burns

The first part of an interview with My Babysitter's a Vampire executive producer Tim Burns, with Brendan at the RE:Fresh Blog:

Hey gang!

Almost a whole year ago, while the second season of My Babysitter’s a Vampire was in production, I got the chance to sit down with Tim Burns, the screenwriter of the MBV movie and the lead writer and co-producer of the series! We talked about how the story and characters changed during the writing process, what inspirations he draws on in his writing and even some of the rules for magic and monsters in the Whitechapel universe… and then I had to stay quiet about it to avoid spoiling any surprises!

Now that new episodes of MBV are airing on Disney Chanel we’re finally opening the vault doors and letting all of you in on a very special behind the scenes look at the hit show!

Brendan: The fans know a lot about the actors on the show but not nearly as much about the other people who make it happen. In your own words, what do you do?

Tim: What do I do? I ask myself that on a daily basis! I was involved in this project starting shortly after ‘ground zero’. Tom [McGillis] and Jen [Pertsch] had had the original idea for Babysitter; I think they’d come up with that with Brian [Irving] and George [Elliot]. But it was quite different when it first started. They already had this fantastic three page pitch about the fundamentals of what the series is, all the core ideas for the story. I came in about early 2009 when Fresh TV wanted to do the movie. I looked at what they had and I had some ideas of my own that involved adding some characters and changing some characters.

Brendan: How did the characters change from that initial story idea?

Tim: If I think back to the original, original pitch, I think Ethan was a bit more of an average, skateboard-crazy, everyman kid. I’m more of a geek; I ate at the nerd table in the cafeteria and I had my nerdy friends and we were always on the outside so I pitched a version that was a little more about these outsiders. I think the central idea for me was that they could be getting chased by vampires, they could be about to be killed, but if one of those vampires was a good looking girl they’d be just as excited about that as seeing a vampire. I think that’s a tough decision when you’re young! That was where I started, drawing from my own background. I brought that into the movie when I wrote it.

Brendan: What were the biggest changes to the concept itself?

Tim: Ideas like the Benny’s grandmother being a wiccan earth priestess started to spin into it because I mistakenly thought the vampire craze would have played itself out two years from then. I thought that Twilight was so huge that two years from then people would be so sick to death of vampires so I said it shouldn’t be just a vampire show, it should be a world that combines the best of all those mythological creatures so we could do a werewolf episode, so we could do trolls or pixies and vampires are just part of that ‘family’. That’s why I liked the idea of Benny as the spellmaster and Ethan with his seer abilities and expanding the world so every week it wouldn’t just be, “Oh no, you’re a vampire!”

We’ll be bringing you more of my interview with Tim in weeks to come. In the meantime, you can catch another new episode of My Babysitter’s a Vampire tonight at 7:30 PM on Disney Chanel and a marathon of the first four episodes of Season 2 this Saturday, July 28th, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM!

Stay fresh,

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Mirror/rorriM" Promo

Here’s the promo for My Babysitter's a Vampire "Mirror/rorriM" which will air on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 7:30PM ET on Disney Channel.

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Fanged and Furious" Full Episode

The My Babysitter's a Vampire season 2 episode, "Fanged and Furious" has been posted to YouTube.

Notice: the episode's life on YouTube may not last long, it's possible on down the road, the episode will be blocked or pulled off of YouTube, so enjoy it (and/or download it) while you can.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Fanged and Furious" Recap & Review

Image from Re:Fresh Blog

I have to say that "Fanged and Furious" (originally called “Evil Car”) is one episode that has really left me in a neutral position.

After Ethan gets his learner’s permit, he buys a vampire possessed car from a classmate at a yard sale; the possessed car is literally out for blood, the gang has to figure out why before innocent people get hurt. I’m going to be honest with you; I read the leaked script posted by the episode’s writer, Ethan Banville. I don’t know if that’s why I feel different about “Fanged and Furious”, or was it just the episode itself.

A few irks for this episode, namely the numerous jokes from Benny and Rory (Cameron), mostly Benny (Atticus). Don’t get me wrong, I love when the characters joke, but it just seemed too repetitive in “Fanged and Furious”.

In the script, Benny said he replaced “God” with his name in a spell… Disney cut that part out of the episode. Parents might take it harshly and might say it’s blasphemous even, I get why Disney cut it, because this series is criticized enough (mostly by parents with blind spots and teen haters) as it is. But me personally, I feel that leaving it in the episode would have been fine; it wasn’t that bad of a joke. But one less joke in this particular episode is good.

And just one more thing, Erica seems to be reverting to her season 1 self in each progressing episode. Doing her usual antics, she initially wanted to steal the “blood car” from Ethan, for the blood, not to help Ethan who was getting blamed from trying to run over other students. I wonder why the writers seem to be taking a step back with Erica; she was so nice to the guys in the season premiere, guess some things never change.

The episode ended weird really, I don’t want to go into that because I have the past two episodes. I feel this show really needs to be a one hour show; too much is going on to fit 30 simple minutes. Besides, I want to know what’s going to happen to Ethan with the car being destroyed, oh well. Also I thought Ethan had a fear of needles, he took blood from one of his classmates and Benny, and apparently he took a nursing course over the summer, guess he got over that phobia quickly eh?

The episode in itself to me was okay, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't one to jump up and down about like "Say You’ll Be Maztak" was. I will say this, “Fanged and Furious” had its moments though, especially its Ethan/Sarah moments, and I think that’s what most fans enjoyed out of this episode, I know I did!

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory
Kate Todd – Erica
Also: Joan Gregson – Grandma Weir

Guest stars:
Scott Beaudin – Malcolm Bruner
Brodie Sanderson – Derek Malvern
Trevor Coll – Richard Bruner
Tim Masterson – Ghostly Mechanic

Written by: Ethan Banville
Directed by: Tibor Takacs

The episode starts at the Morgan home and Ethan interrupted Benny who was about to conjure up an invisible sandwich to show him that he had his learner’s permit, Benny said it was way more important that his “Invisi-BLT”. Ethan said he was now legal to drive, as long as he had a licensed driver in the car with him, Benny joked that did he need a babysitter for the car too and said “lame”. Benny then realized that his babysitter was a “hot Sarah,” with a driver’s license and saying that was less lame. Ethan told him awesome people don’t like to brag, but added awesome people like him. Benny then asked him did he have a car, Ethan realizing that he didn’t. Benny told him to leave it to him and snapped his finger, but nothing happened. Benny then said plan B, and walked out of Ethan’s room.

Ethan and Benny then went to a classmate’s yard sale and Ethan saw a car that was a piece of junk, Benny noting it was in his price range, “zero to zilch-o”. Their classmate Malcolm comes over and tells Ethan that the car was his for $75. Malcolm tells them that his grandfather left him all of his favorite things in his will; he said to them happily that he was selling them.

Ethan picked up a picture of Malcolm's grandfather out from under the windshield wiper, Malcolm asked was he going to buy the photo and he would throw in a cat saltshaker. Benny said family heirlooms and told him he’d totally buy something from Malcolm that he thinks is worthless and resell it for more; Malcolm stared at Benny who then quickly told Malcolm that he was sorry for his loss. Ethan awkwardly said sorry, putting the picture back, and said he was more interested in the car, asking Malcolm did it run.

Malcolm told him maybe, if he got the squirrel’s nest out of the engine, Malcolm told him to think about it while he tried to sell some grandpa pants. Benny then looked over and saw an antique mini bullhorn, telling Ethan he bets its worth thousands, Benny began to blow on it. Ethan corrected him, telling him it was a hearing aid. Benny made a gagging sound and said it was waxy, asking Ethan to buy the car and to drive him to the nearest bucket of mouthwash.

Ethan got in the car and touched the steering wheel, as soon as he did it triggered a vision; which consisted of a building and a family crest, afterwards Ethan saw in the rear-view mirror where a vampire evilly said “revenge” and cackled manically. Ethan looked around frantically as Benny happily said the car runs. Ethan frantically rushed out of the car and took off running, telling Benny that he runs too. Benny confused at what Ethan was doing. The car was smoking and growling with red headlights.

Walking in the house Ethan told Benny there was no way he was buying the car, that when he touched it, he had a vision and there was a ghost in the back seat. Benny mocked eerily, backseat driver from beyond the grave and said it was a bonus. Ethan said it wasn't and was adamant that he wasn’t buying the car. Benny bet that the ghoul in the car probably isn't evil, Ethan snapped back like it was one of those happy ghouls that would stick it’s head out the window like a ghost dog, Benny happily asking him did they have those.

Just then the doorbell rang and it was Sarah, Ethan told Benny he’s still going to ask Sarah would she go driving with him. Benny asked him in what, his imaginary car, Ethan then gave Benny an evil stare, and Benny noticed asking him what he was doing. Ethan told him he was shooting imaginary laser eye beams into his head. Benny told him not to.

Ethan opened the door telling Sarah she was the girl he needed to help him get his license, if time “permits”, while pulling out his learner’s permit. Sarah said congrats, wondering who’s clunker was parked by the curb, it was the evil car. Ethan nervously told her that it wasn't his car, she told him not to be embarrassed because it was a little beat up. He told her that he wasn't embarrassed and that it wasn't his car.

Sarah still thinking it was Ethan’s car asked him would he take her for a ride, Ethan chuckled nervously and Sarah tugged him towards the car. Sarah told him not to be nervous, that the car wouldn't bite. Ethan replied fearfully that she shouldn't be so sure, he got in the car and gripped the steering wheel, expecting a vision to be triggered. Ethan then realized he didn't have the keys, Sarah told him he probably left them in the ignition, rookie mistake.

Ethan was driving on the street, the car smoking, and other cars blowing at him and passing him. Ethan yelled to the passer that he was trying; Sarah told him it was okay, she got honked at when she flies, mostly by geese, she told him the trick is not to go too fast, he told her that that wasn't the problem. The car began growling and headlights turned red when Malcolm ran in the street that Ethan stole the car. Sarah shocked asked Ethan did he steal it, he frantically told her no, that it followed him home.

Malcolm was bargaining to take twenty dollars off the price if Ethan stopped the car. Sarah screamed at Ethan to hit the brakes, he tried but as he pushed it, the accelerator pushed harder, the car steering in Malcolm’s direction, Malcolm falling to the ground but quickly getting up and running into his house. The car finally stopped when it ran into a clothes rack, Ethan yelled to him sorry, Sarah told him he really did need practice.

Ethan defended that it wasn't him, Sarah captivated asked Ethan what a smell was, and Ethan told her again it wasn't him. Sarah told him that it was blood and that Malcolm must have hurt himself when he fell, she told him that she needed to go and showed her fangs. Ethan agreed nervously and said the car ride was a bad idea. She told him there was nowhere to go, Ethan told her jail. Sarah assured him he’d be fine and that Malcolm would be fine.

They both got out of the car and Ethan stressed to Malcolm, who was hiding in his house, that he was sorry and that he’d leave the car. Ethan nervously ran behind Sarah.

The next day at school, Ethan asked Benny did he think anyone would blame him for what happened to Malcolm. Students in the hallway got out of Ethan’s way, Benny told him could be. They found Erica and Sarah in the hall, Erica told Ethan that was another reason for girls to avoid him. Ethan apologized to Sarah about what had happened yesterday. Sarah told him to relax, that everyone has accidents, and that’s why there’s insurance.

Ethan stressed that it wasn't him that it was the car, that it was possessed. Erica said mocking eerily, that it was a ghost car and making an eerie “vroooooom” sound. Erica walked off and Rory walked over telling Ethan not to worry, when he first started flying he rear-ended a 747, and then making a joke about hating airline food. Students still trying to get away from Ethan, Benny told him it’ll blow over, he betting it already had.

Then Malcolm came in on crutches and covered in bandages, telling Ethan he tried to run him over. Malcolm told him he better have the car back by the end of the day or he’d call the police and have his permit revoked. Rory sniffed the air and said to Malcolm goofily that his bandages were leaking, Benny and Ethan giving Rory a look, Malcolm was going away, Rory in right behind him.

Benny told Ethan to just give him the car, Ethan told Benny he didn't have it and the last time he saw it was on Malcolm’s front lawn, growling. Benny stressed they needed to find it, telling Ethan that no permit meant no practice driving with Sarah, and Benny then added by the way jail time. Benny told him they’d find it and make it talk.

One of the students was walking, talking on his cell phone, repeatedly telling someone he was their “sugar bear”. He then noticed the evil car and lifted the hood, noticing the engine looked weird, he stuck his head in and the hood slammed down the car sucking him in.

Benny found Ethan in a lounging area at the school, telling him he missed class. Ethan looked up the cars registration number and learned the car was designed to be a racer. Benny said his tricycle could beat that clunker. Ethan told him his tricycle had rocket boosters, Benny laughed and said it was a sweet ride. Ethan read that Malcolm’s grandfather was Manfred Bruner, Benny asked him as in “Bruner’s Automobile’s” Ethan tells Benny that the car has been in all kinds of suspicious accidents, all involving members of his family and then it just disappeared.

Benny told Ethan to remind him to never be related to Malcolm Burner. Ethan’s sure this shows that there is something up with the car, Benny asking him how, Ethan bet the car was possessed back then too. Ethan said it was his get-out-of-jail-free-card and that they needed to spread the word. The two were about to go until Ethan got a phone call from Rory, Rory wanting to know if he did the math homework yet and if Ethan savagely chewed Derrick Melvern with his car. Ethan told him no, Rory answered that it’s what everyone thinks.

Rory held his phone out for Ethan to hear Derrick screaming Ethan Morgan did it to him and to revoke his permit. Ethan ended the call, stating at least they know where the car is. Benny saw in the paper where The Beetles were coming to town and that they had to go.

The boys saw that the car was in the school’s parking lot, looking close to new. Benny commented “creepy car makeover”. Ethan told them he had been in two accidents since he had it and the car looked better than ever. Benny joked one more and the car might have heated seats. Sarah and Erica walked up, Sarah commented the car looked good, Erica adding it smelled good too. Rory then said he smelled blood, and said “dibs”.

Rory opened the hood and found himself a lucky squirrel’s tail. Ethan remembered Malcolm told him there was a squirrel’s nest in there. Benny took the dipstick out for the oil and it was covered in blood, Benny saying he didn't see that coming. Ethan asked squirrel blood, Sarah told him it was human, Rory added with a hint of squirrel. Ethan was shocked it was a car running on blood; he was about to pull the plug on it when a vision triggered.

Ethan saw the car, looking like new, and the evil ghost vampire he saw before driving it. He was pulled out of his vision when the car shocked him, they all jumping back from the car, Ethan slamming down the hood.
Ethan tells them the car is possessed by a vampire and it bit him. Rory asked that car was it hungry, called it jalopy face and said he’d give it a knuckle sandwich, harshly hitting the hood, leaving a huge dent. Sarah strongly noted it feeds like a vampire and regenerated like one.

Benny said to tell everyone it was a vampire car and Ethan wouldn't be blamed for anything, by reason of insanity. Ethan said he wasn't worried about himself anymore that they needed to stop the car before it hurt someone else. Just then the bell rang and Benny told Ethan he didn't need to go to prison and detention.

In class Ethan was telling Benny the car was quiet for years, why was it “road ragey” now. Benny joked that it’s ghost-free warranty expired. Ethan guessed his psychic energy gave it a jump start, and it had that squirrel’s nest for breakfast, then BAM, vampire car lives again. Benny asked him how do they stop a vampire possessed car, cut off its headlights or cover it in garlic. Ethan told him it was a car, not a pizza. Benny then suggested to cover the car in cheese, Ethan stressed to him the car wasn’t the problem, the vampire possessing it was.

Ethan asked Benny did he have a spell to cast out the vampire. Benny asked him Benny quipped, but basically it was a no. The bell rang and Benny told Ethan to stay because people think he’s still hurting students with the car. Ethan agrees and says if It runs over Benny next, he shouldn’t be anywhere near it. Benny agreeing but recalled what Ethan had just said. Ethan calls Benny “Magic Man” and tells him he can do it, and if he can’t do what he does, call Sarah for help.

Ethan looked out the classroom window to see the car sitting outside in the parking lot.

Meanwhile Erica had a plan to steal the car, using Rory to hot wire it, complaining that Rory couldn’t. Rory asks why did she need the car anyway, Erica told him it was a blood car and every time it fills itself up it’ll be like their own private blood delivery service. Rory then asked her if it still attacked people, wouldn’t Ethan get in trouble; she asked him if she said they were helping Ethan would he get back to work, Rory said yeah. Erica said with spirit they were helping Ethan.

Benny and Sarah walk up, Benny asking what were they doing. Erica said slowly, nothing, but Rory blabbed that they were getting Ethan out of trouble by stealing the blood. Sarah and Benny stared at Rory, Rory saying it makes sense when Erica says it. Erica says sweetly that they were just trying to help out, and she put the blame on Rory. Sarah then said that Rory having an idea, she might as well blame space aliens, that it was more believable. Rory looked around in the sky saying he knew it, and said stupid space aliens.

Benny apologized to the “vamps” and told them the blood banks about to get closed. Benny began an incantation over the car, the car began glowing and Benny gave Ethan a thumb’s up but soon after the car started by itself. Benny was telling the car to stay and saying to it “nice evil car, nice evil car”, the car then backed out of the school’s parking lot and took off to Ethan’s surprise too. All of a sudden the car chased another person down a street.

At Benny’s house, Ethan named off the car’s victims to Benny; first Malcolm Bruner, Derrick Malvern and now Ronnie Barnstrom. Benny found a family tree that connects the three victims. Grandma Weir came over to the boys and showed them a newspaper and told them they should check out Jacob, that he was the one who built the car in the first place. Ethan told her that was who he saw in his vision and he asked her if she ever heard of him being a vampire.

She told him sure, and it was after the photo in the newspaper was taken, Ms. Weir continued that Bruner found out and it was tricky trying to fire a vampire. Benny joked, asking if Bruner had a wooden stake division, his grandmother told him close, that Jacob stole the car and had an accident with a wooden fence post. Ethan realized that that is what he said to him, revenge, and that he was still after the Bruner’s.

Benny told Ethan to call him crazy but he thinks he knows where the “bite mobile” was going next, Ethan read Richard Bruner, grandson of Manfred Bruner. Benny whined that he wanted to say that, he did all of the printing, Grandma Weir told them that Richard didn’t know his days were numbered thanks to Ethan and Benny. Benny said that they must warn him.

Later the boys are walking back into Ethan’s house, Benny complaining that Richard’s butler wouldn't let them in. Ethan told Benny it was because he didn't take his shoes off, Benny told him that he wouldn’t either if he had little big toes, Benny told him it was embarrassing. Then the doorbell rang, Ethan knew it was Richard and asked Benny did he have what he needed to do the spell. Benny said of course and asked Ethan how he managed to get Richard to come over.

Ethan ignored the question and let Richard in. Richard asking if that was where he was supposed to meet for a charity photo shoot. Benny asked him that and Richard told him they wanted photos of him donating some croquet mallets to the underprivileged, Richard looked around Ethan’s home and at Ethan saying he looked poor. Ethan told him they didn't need mallets, Benny said happily that he’d take them and Richard let him take them.

Ethan told Richard he had to lie to get him over to tell him that he was in danger of a vampire possessed car. Richard told Ethan he didn't have time for the tales of a malinfomed pauper. Ethan tried to stop Richard from leaving, telling him he was in danger. Richard kept trying to swat Ethan out of the way, Ethan called for Benny, who was playing with the croquet mallets, he stopped when he saw Ethan needed help and he began an incantation before simply touching Richard, causing him to pass out.

Ethan dragged Richard onto his couch while Benny was surprised his spell worked and excited that now they could knock out whoever they wanted. Ethan commented that it looked like Richard was psyched to be the first. Ethan then began taking out a large needle, Benny asked Ethan that he thought they were going to save him, not drain him. Ethan said they needed his blood to lure the car back into a trap and destroy it once and for all, Ethan glad he took a nursing course during summer school.

Benny then lifted his sleeve, telling Ethan he knew that someone was stealing his blood and that Ethan told him that he was imagining it. Benny then asked him that was his blood for Sarah, Ethan avoided the question saying it wasn’t important right now, that first they needed to locate the car. Ethan opened the door to see it sitting on his front lawn.

Later that night Ethan’s driving in the car, wearing a cell phone earpiece, he tells them he hopes their plan works, Benny said of course it would, they were wearing headsets, he also told Ethan to buckle up. Ethan asked the car did it see the poor and defenseless rich guy up ahead, the car growled and it’s headlights turn red when they heard the car, they took off running towards the impound lot.

Meanwhile Benny and Erica were setting up a makeshift spike strip using sharp rakes, the runner ran through them and Benny and Erica jumped out of the way as the car ran over them, causing flats. They stood in front of the stopped car and Rory pulled off a black wig, Rory stating it was him and not Richard Bruner, grandson of Manfred Bruner, taking the vial of blood out of his pocket. Ethan said to see how scary the clunker is with four flat tires, but then the tires re-inflated themselves.

The car then started itself back up and started growling, Ethan said nervously that that didn’t work. The car then steered itself towards the person holding the blood, Rory, who passed it to Erica, who said if she wasn’t drinking it, she didn’t want it, and Erica threw it at Benny, Benny whining that he was the only one who couldn’t outrun the car and Benny was about to hand it off the Sarah when Ethan took it, and said he had an idea and to give him a head start, he took off running. Sarah yelled for him not to.

The car was about to take off after Ethan but Sarah, Rory and Erica held the car back with their strength. Ethan told them to let the car go, and to trust him, Benny told them to do what he said that it was Ethan’s “I’ve got a plan” voice. The three immediately let go of the car and it sped after Ethan who tried to take off running and fell, the car going into the direction Ethan was, but the car flipped over on its top when it ran over something.

Ethan attacked the car with a large and sharp two-by-four and quipped “end of the road car-nivore“, trying to stake the car. Sarah came up and asked to do it, quipping “this blood drive’s over” before harshly jamming it into the car. Ethan told her thanks, and that she didn’t have to one-up his victory line. Ethan saw he still had Richard’s blood and he gave it to Rory, saying he earned it. Erica told Rory she came all that way, that he could at least buy dinner, the two fighting over the blood.

Benny said he had it and used the knock out spell on the two, telling them to sleep tight "fangy friends" Benny then realized it would be left up to them to clean things up and Benny then used the spell on himself. Ethan said he got them into the mess, he’d clean it up, Sarah suggested to leave it for them and she offered to give Ethan a ride home, holding out her hand. Ethan grabbed it and Sarah took off in a flash.

A moment later the three woke up and Benny couldn't believe they left them to clean up the mess, Erica told Benny she can’t believe he thinks he's staying. Benny said to Rory that it was a big clean up job, Rory agreed, Benny added it took skill and character and he might be taking a big risk, but he said he was putting Rory in charge. Rory told Benny goofily that he wouldn't let him down, Benny told him thanks before walking away, Rory then sniffed the air and yelled squirrel before taking off as well.

The episode jumps to black.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 Marathon Promo

Here's a promo to the My Babysitter's a Vampire season 2 marathon airing Saturday, July 28th at 8PM ET on Disney Channel. Episodes will be: "Welcome Back Dusker", "Say You'll Be Maztak", "Fanged and Furious", and "Flushed"

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Flushed" Promo

Here’s the promo for My Babysitter's a Vampire "Flushed" which will air on Thursday, July 26 2012 at 7:30PM ET on Disney Channel.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Fanged and Furious" Advance Photos

Here are some advance photos from the episode "Fanged and Furious" (airing Friday July 20, 2012 at 8:30PM ET/7:30PM Central). The images feature Vanessa Morgan, Matthew Knight, Atticus Mitchell, Kate Todd, and Cameron Kennedy (and a car).

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Images from the Re:Fresh Blog (click to enlarge):

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scott Yaphe to Guest Star on MBAV

According to his website, Scott Yaphe (image left) will be guest starring in the episode "Jockenstein," playing a hockey coach with an ulterior motive... a kind of gory one, too.

My Babysitter's a Vampire will be moving back 30 minutes to 7:30PM ET/6:30 PM (Central) with the episode "Flushed" (which airs July 26th), on Disney Channel.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Say You'll Be Maztak" Full Episode

The My Babysitter's a Vampire season 2 episode, "Say You'll Be Maztak" has been posted to YouTube.

Notice: the episode's life on YouTube may not last long, it's possible on down the road, the episode will be blocked or pulled off of YouTube, so enjoy it (and/or download it) while you can.

My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 August Episodes

According to Zap2It's & Disney Channel's (a PDF file, you'll need Adobe Reader to view it) schedule, Disney Channel will be airing only 2 episodes of My Babysitter's a Vampire. Also included below are short summaries for "Fanged and Furious" and "Flushed".

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My recap and review of My Babysitter's a Vampire "Flushed" can be found at this link.

Mirror/rorriM - August 10, 2012 at 7:30 PM ET/6:30 C
Village of the Darned - August 26, 2012 at 7:30 PM ET/6:30 C

Here is the short summary for My Babysitter's a Vampire, "Fanged and Furious" airing July 20, 2012 (8:30 PM ET/7:30C Friday on Disney Channel)

Ethan buys an old car that is possessed by a vampire who causes the vehicle to attack their classmates. Now it's up to the gang to stop the car before it's too late.

Here is the short summary for My Babysitter's a Vampire, "Flushed" airing July 26, 2012 (7:30 PM ET/6:30C Thursday on Disney Channel)

Two alligators and their evil mutant spawn terrorize the town. 

Here is the short summary (from ReFresh Blog) for My Babysitter's a Vampire, "Mirror/rorriM" airing August 10, 2012 (7:30 PM ET/6:30C Friday on Disney Channel)

When Whitechapel High first put on a production of The Rainbow Factory, the star was tragically crushed on stage in a prank gone wrong. Twenty-five years later, the play is back, and Ethan and the gang have to handle a ghost with a thirst for revenge.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Babysitter's a Vampire "Say You'll Be Maztak" Recap & Review

There are a lot of singular words to describe “Say You’ll Be Maztak”: “Hot”, “Funny”, “Cool”, and I’m sure a lot of people are saying some variation of “Sexy”.

Versus the season premiere episode, “Say You’ll Be Maztak” was a more laidback and comical episode, one that could be attached to the first season. A Mayan queen named Lucia (portrayed by Shiva Negar) prepares for a ritual where she wants to be united with her sun king which will lead to the end of the world, but luckily, that doesn't happen. I’m guessing for now the storyline involving the creator of the “Breath of Death”, who is coming after vampires is taking a back seat for a while, no complaints about that, for now.

I have a few things I think I should note, like for one how Erica seems to have reverted back to her old self, calling the boys geeks and “nerdlingers”, thought she was past that. However, it was nice to see her and Sarah saving the day, and looking good doing it. We also saw Rory with “vampire eyes”! And as always, nice to see the teachers of Whitechapel High; namely Mr. G and Principal Hicks, too funny! This episode Disney did a little better taking to commercial breaks, but they still seem abrupt, especially how the episode closed out, it was kind of weird to me.

My only real irk about this episode is that Jane couldn't fully help save the day; I would say she’s just a little girl, but it looks like she’s growing up, fast. Also, it still seems the writers are packing so much into thirty minutes, makes me wish this show was an hour long.

This was a very funny episode, filled with hot shirtless guys, and beautiful vampires saving the day… so “Praise the Sun King!”

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory
Kate Todd – Erica
Also: Ella Jonas Farlinger – Jane Morgan
Joan Gregson – Grandma Weir
Hrant Alianak – Principal Hicks

Guest stars:
Shiva Negar – Lucia
Ryan Blakely – Mr. G
Darryl Hinds – Vance Munce
Jimmy Yu – Bob
Mackenzie Ross – Doug

Written by: Jeff Biederman
Directed by: Kelly Harms

The episode starts with Mr. G planting outside the high school, tossing the soil and making plant jokes when he digs up a crystal skull, amazed, he leaves the flowers and takes the skull inside. As he took the skull away from where it was buried, the skies became cloudy and thunderous. He sits the skull on a desk saying how the students will love the archaeological stuff he “dug up” on the skull. Mr. G touches the skull and it begins glowing and a large flash knocks him on the ground.

Moments later Mr. G comes to, seeing a beautiful woman standing over him, holding his head, he asked her who she was. She told him she was Lucia, and that she had been summoned. Mr. G asks is he being replaced and how long was he out cold; Mr. G then goes to see the nurse.

When Mr. G exits the classroom, Lucia picks up the glowing skull just as Ethan and Benny walk into the classroom, amazed at the woman. She welcomes the “young warriors” and introduces herself, Ethan and Benny staring deeply at her, Rory then comes in standing in front of them, hearing Mr. G had a substitute. Rory asked them what prank they should pull, they turn him around to look at Lucia and all three in unison say “hottest sub ever.” Lucia begins to smile at them.

In the classroom, all the students, which were male, were staring at Lucia as she was speaking in a foreign language and writing symbols on the chalkboard. Ethan was confused and whispered to Benny what was she saying, Rory “shh”-ed him and absentmindedly said he was trying to concentrate. Benny asked him did he understand her, he then asking was she talking, he didn't notice.

Sarah and Erica are staring in the classroom window at Lucia; Ethan sees them and opens the door the girls asking who she was. Ethan says it’s Ms. Lucia, subbing for Mr. G and saying that she was so nice. Erica asked him did he have little wooden stick darts, Ethan asking did she mean pencils. Sarah explained that some vampire jerk stood Erica up and that she wanted to make a point, she was interrupted when Lucia comes to the door, telling Ethan all warriors must get to work, that the hour of judgment was approaching. 

Ethan breathlessly goes back into the classroom, Erica asking Lucia where the girl warriors were. Lucia told her they were banished and that maidens have no use but to serve their queen when the hour is at hand. Sarah and Erica both exchange a look, Sarah noting that was weird, Erica walking off said that she wanted to turn the sub into a sandwich. Ethan asked Benny what Ms. Lucia mean by the “hour of judgment”, Rory amazed answered she was talking about a test. Lucia turned around and said they would all be tested. 

Benny’s hand flew up, asking her to test him first, and was the question “was she pretty,” answering it by shaking his head “yes” and laughing. Lucia asked the class who would help her and everyone’s hands flew in the air everyone wanting her to pick them. Lucia commented that the students didn’t have any idea what she was about to ask. Rory asked her to pick him, that he had even less an idea. She told them that they must make an altar, in which to give offerings to the light. Ethan was the only one to put his hand down.

Rory told her he didn't think he could do it, and he began telling her how he tried to put a hot tub in the science lab when her eyes began glowing at Rory, his glowed for a second and he then stood up and told her that her altar would be most awesome. Ethan was about to comment how what Rory said was lame until Benny jumped up and yelled he was in, the rest of the class joining, some of them moving desks to the front of the class. Ethan sat where he was, not believing what he was seeing.

After class Ethan said the homework they got from Lucia was weird, Benny asked him “what part of sacred list of offerings to please the heavens did he not understand,” Ethan told him all of it. Ethan noted he didn't understand half of what the stuff was, or where to even find it. Benny told him to never question the orders of a babe, Benny told him if he didn't mind, all he needed to be teacher’s pet was bloodstone.

Erica and Sarah walked up, Benny asking them if they had bloodstone because it sounded “vampire-ry”. Erica joked she could make him bleed with a rock. Sarah asked were the boys freaked, because their freaky sub gave them freaky homework. Erica adding, hot teacher, frozen brain, and said singsong, “done” Ethan defended that his brain wasn't frozen, until Lucia walked by, her eyes glowing, he then said breathlessly that he had to find something on the homework.

Erica peeved asked Sarah was she nuts, or were they just blown off by nerds. Sarah knows something messed up is going on. Meanwhile Principal Hicks notices Lucia, asking who she was and who authorized her to make a desk fort. She told Hicks to mind his tone while addressing her, she said that she came to return the world to endless light. Principal Hicks said that she was crazy, cuckoo, and that her deck was less than full. Lucia touched Hicks’s shoulder and he then said “as you command, my queen.”

Sarah and Erica walk into the class, Sarah upset that Lucia was still there and hoping she was subbing for their class too. Erica commented that she wasn’t even all that hot. Lucia turned to them and Erica said irate that she was a goddess, but that she could still hate her. Hicks said Lucia was a queen and not a goddess, Lucia saying she told them to go, calling them maidens. Sarah asked that she wanted them to skip class; Erica interrupted leaving saying “done and done”.

Sarah asked Principal Hicks was he cool about it, he responded that Lucia was his queen and that he was her throne, he kneeled on the floor and told Lucia to please be seated, Lucia sitting on top of Hicks’s back. Sarah freaked out, quickly left the classroom, Lucia smiling deviously at her. Meanwhile outside by a dumpster, Ethan, who was holding some flowers, was reading off some weird things Lucia wanted, like cow lips, pigeon feed and snake liver. Benny popped up out of the dumpster, excited he found a garbage bag filled with old hotdogs, claiming they were full of animal bits and that Ms. Lucia was going to love him.

Rory rushed over to steal them from Benny, needing them for his queen, Benny told him to get his hands off of them, calling him a weenie. Rory then began hitting Benny with a trash bag, repeatedly saying she was his queen. Ethan got a phone call from Sarah, who told him to forget the stupid scavenger hunt and that his teacher was getting weirder and weirder, Sarah telling him to wake up because something was seriously wrong, telling him how Lucia got Principal Hicks to be her throne. Ethan told her that that wasn’t right, that Principal Hicks hated being sat on, he told her not to worry, that he’d look into it.

Ethan ended the call to see Rory and Benny about to fight each other with hotdogs, warning them it was all fun and games until someone gets a hotdog in the eye, which is what happened to him when Rory threw one at Benny. Later Ethan walked to class and heard two guys say “sun king”, Benny bumped Ethan rushing to Ms. Lucia, happily showing her sound wildflowers, animal parts, and a frog hearts. Rory told him that he couldn't beat his frog hearts; he held up a container and said they were still beating.

Ethan then agreed with what Sarah had told him. Lucia said that the offerings were pleasing; she then said the altar must be made to shine like the sun. Benny said “no problemo” until she said it needed to be covered by the purest gold, Benny then said “uno problemo”. Lucia walked up to Benny and placed a hand on his shoulder, he mumbling, “did someone leave a window open?” before smiling at Lucia and walking out of the classroom. Ethan asked where he was going, he answered to seek gold for his queen and adding, praise the sun king, Rory agreeing and walking out behind him.

Lucia asked Ethan did he have any offerings, he didn't so she told him to bring her extra gold. He told her that most teachers were happy getting an apple, she told him the gold wasn’t for her, but for her love, bringer of light, she was holding the skull. Ethan asked her that she wasn’t from the school district. Lucia then touched Ethan’s shoulder, triggering a vision, he saw Lucia with the sun and fire behind her and in her eyes. She asked him was something wrong and called him funny face. Ethan stammered that he had some gold stars on his algebra test that were extra shiny.

He went to go get them, but she stopped him and demanded him to do as his queen commanded, forcing Ethan to look into her eyes. After that he said “praise the sun king” and exited the class, Lucia holding onto the skull.

Later at the Morgan home, Jane was doing her homework as Sarah came up, asking for Ethan, Jane told him that he was acting insane, even for himself. Ethan was upstairs, frantically looking for gold. Jane asked Sarah what a Lucia was when Ethan ran out of his room saying “gold for his queen”. Sarah deduced the guys at school were under a spell and said it was up to the girls to save the day, Jane said to count her in, but Sarah corrected that she meant herself and Erica.

Back at school, Benny told Lucia he found some of his grandmother’s antique jewelry. Ethan had a handful of gold coins, but they were chocolate, and they melted. Lucia said it was close enough and told them to put them in the fire, Rory came in yelling “GOLD,” carrying a duffel bag full of it. Ethan asked him where he got it, he answered he got it from the bosom of mother earth, he emphasized that he dug it up. Lucia told Rory that the sun king would be pleased and kissed Rory.

Benny objected to her kissing Rory, claiming he was immortal and asked how they could compete, Lucia then commanded them to melt the gold over the altar. As they were about to, Mr.G came back into the classroom and said he was shipshape and that he wanted his classroom back, along with the crystal skull. Then Mr. G noticed the open fire, noting that the fire marshal would object. Lucia remembered that Mr. G called her forth and said that he would be the bearer of the sacred vessel.

Mr. G said it was a persuasive offer and that she was more smoldering that the fire but as he was about to continue, she made Mr. G look into her burning eyes and he then said “praise the sun king and call me sacred vessel.” Lucia handed him the skull and he and the boys started making a thrilling noise, Ethan yelling to praise the sun king.

Later Mr. G and the male students in his class came down the stairs of the school chanting and praising the sun king, and were shirtless, symbols drawn on their stomachs. Erica and Sarah shared a weird expression as Benny and Ethan argued over who praised the sun king more. Lucia said the sun king was pleased and that he would return, and she told them to cheer. They all shouting “Horary” and Lucia said the final ceremony would demand the ultimate sacrifice. She asked them which one of them were worthy enough to be her chosen one, everyone yelling for her to pick them before walking off chanting.

Erica snidely said that Lucia thought that she was so hot, she was making her blood boil, the sun scalding her skin. Sarah noted that Lucia was heating the whole world up. Erica noted the sun was turning her skin into human fondue and she says if she finds the sun king she’ll knock his teeth out. Sarah told her they need a plan fast, and to think what would Ethan and Benny do. Erica says to her “no offense” and says it’s really a stupid idea. Sarah scolds just because she adds “no offense” doesn’t make it less mean. Erica asks her why think like nerdlings when they can kick butt like vampires. On the other side of the hallway, the males were still chanting.

In the classroom, Ethan, Benny, and Rory were vocally fighting over Lucia when Erica and Sarah walk in, asking for “what’s her face”. Benny answered her, the queen was preparing for the sun king’s return, Rory saying he was going to be the chosen one. Erica said she wasn't leaving without smashing something, Sarah pointed out the skull. Ethan defended that they would die in defense of the queen’s skull, especially Rory. Erica simply said “whatevs”, she was about to go after it, the boys in a protective stance, Sarah stopped her telling her they were under a spell, and that they should retreat and come up with another plan. Erica hissed at the boys and said they’d be back. The boys began chanting as Mr. G yelled to them to “praise the sun king” Sarah joked that if it wasn’t a spell, it was the worst glee club ever. The boys still chanting to the sun, which looked to be expanding.

At the Morgan’s home, Jane was watching a weather report where the weatherman seemed to be under Lucia’s spell as well. Lucia on the news saying the altar was prepared, the ceremony was about to begin, and to welcome the sun king. Sarah told Erica if they didn't act before sundown, the sun was going to take their friends with it. Grandma Weir was glad Sarah called her, Sarah told her she figured they needed to come up with a plan like Ethan and Benny would. Erica added, then give up and call her, the way Ethan and Benny would.

Grandma explained that “Lucia” was an ancient Maztak name, that the Maztak’s were big on gold and animal hearts. Sarah saw an illustration in a book Ms. Weir had where the sun king and the sky queen created the earth together, but an argument between the two brought eternal night to the world. Erica joked that too bad they didn’t have couples’ counseling, Sarah continued to read where it said, prophet’s say one day a queen will make an offering so pleasing that the sun king will return to the earth in an explosion of light that will end the mortal world.

Erica joked that at least she didn’t have to finish an essay. Sarah noted that Lucia had the boys build an altar at school, and that she said the hour of judgment was tonight at sundown. Ms. Weir asked them what they were doing yammering with an old lady, and that it was up to them to save the world. Sarah agreed, it was girl power and that they needed to get their geek on and fast. Jane then rushed into the room happily; Erica corrected her and said that Sarah said “girl power, not little girl power.”

The male students stood in the classroom as Lucia said the ceremony was about to begin. Mr. G sat the skull on a stand; Lucia told him the light must hit it at the perfect angle, the skull began glowing soon after. Lucia commanded them to prepare the chosen one; the final offering must please the sun king. Rory then shoved all the other students out of the way, proudly saying he was the chosen one, number one. Ethan asked Benny how he would figure the guy who gets picked last gets to be the chosen one, Benny couldn’t believe he was jealous of Rory.

A single beam of light was glowing out of the skull, hitting the altar, which Rory was laying on, surrounded by his classmates. Rory complained that it was warm and asked could the chosen one get someone to fan him. Lucia told him the warm wouldn't last long, and that neither would any of them.

The sun appeared to be growing even more; Sarah was reading the book as Erica asked where the big plan was. Sarah snapped, she was trying to find Lucia’s weakness and her power source too. Erica said Lucia’s weakness was her taste in robes, and glass heads. Sarah bet that the crystal skull was Lucia’s power source; Sarah read that the sun’s light was hitting the skull and asked Erica why did the sun and the earth split up in the first place. She answered with long distance relationships never work out. Jane chuckled and complimented the joke.

Sarah read where they split because the moon goddess got between them, Erica suggested calling the moon goddess and asked Sarah did she have her cell phone number. Sarah suggested that maybe they didn’t need the actual moon, but something that will channel the moon’s energy. Jane chimed in that she knows a big geek who paid six months allowance to buy moonstones online, and that he sleeps with them under his pillow. Erica goes over to Ethan’s bed to feel under the pillow and she pulls out a rag and drops it back, disgusted. Erica says now she’s going to have to chew off her hand. Sarah digs under Ethan’s pillow and get them herself. She and Erica then leave, Jane yelling out “you’re welcome” behind them.

Lucia told Ethan and Benny they could now anoint the chosen one with precious oils. Ethan and Benny were reluctant Ethan asked her must they; Benny suggested it’d be easier to spray him. Rory told them they heard their queen, and to anoint him. Grossed out, they anointed him, Rory complimenting their anointing. Mr. G liked how pretty the skull was with the light hitting it, the beam of light hurt Rory when it touched his skin. Lucia commanded him to not move, and said the chosen one was a sacrifice, and to obey his queen.

Rory hissed at her, his fangs showing. She said then that he wasn’t pure, he was cursed, and that he was not the chosen one. Benny noted that they had just rubbed oil all over them and said that he wasn’t even pure, with an accent. Rory objected and said he smelled like coconut, she demanded Rory get off the altar at once. Ethan whispered to him, better luck next time and Lucia pointed out Ethan, saying he had a pure heart and that he was the final offering. Ethan happily accepted and jumped onto the altar, Benny objecting. Lucia grabbed Ethan’s hand, triggering a vision and his saw part of his first vision the first time she touched him, but now he saw the Earth was on fire.

Ethan snapped out of his trance and said they had to stop, Benny called him puppy face and told him to suck it up, because if it’s what the queen wants, then so be it. Lucia smiling satisfied. Outside the school, Sarah and Erica were dressed in all black and wearing helmets. Sarah said they had the moon rocks and paint for the window, Erica warned her they were risking their lives on a flimsy plan based on some old legend. Ethan continued to warn the other students they were under a spell and she was about to destroy them all, Benny told him no one likes a sore winner.

As soon as the beam of light hit Ethan, everything started rumbling, like an earthquake. Sarah and Erica then dashed black paint onto the classroom windows, darkening the room and blocking the sun. Lucia angrily asking, who dared to defile the sun king’s sacred temple, and then Sarah and Erica came into the classroom, taking off their helmets. Sarah quipped, that the weathergirl’s were there with an updated forecast, Erica adding cloudy with a one hundred percent chance of butt-kicking, Ethan looked happy to see the two girls. 

Lucia commanded the warriors to attack, as controlled students came towards Sarah and Erica, the girls shoving them to the floor as they did. Lucia took a chair and shattered one of the painted windows. Ethan who was tied up on the altar was trying to break free. Benny and Rory approached the girls, Benny telling them they looked hot and too bad that they had to destroy them. As Rory and Benny were about to try to touch the girls, they hit them in the face with the moon rocks and shoved them to the side.

The boys coming out of the spell, Benny noticed his hands were oily, and Rory noticed he looked like a basted chicken. The two then put two and two together on what happened and groaned disgusted. Lucia stood over Ethan with the skull telling the sun king to accept him as a sacrifice, to purify the earth and return the fire. Sarah said there was one final offering from the moon god, and threw the rock at Ethan, who hit Lucia in the face with it.

Lucia yelled in pain, dropping the skull, and vaporizing, Ethan watching in shock and amazement. Then the sun started shining normally and the students and Mr. G were confused, Sarah told him that they just saved the world, Erica adding that they looked pretty amazing while doing it. Ethan added “true story.”

Later, Ethan complained to Sarah about her smashing his moon rocks and that it took his whole life to save up for them. She told him that she just saved his life, for free. Ethan then said he guessed the way she stopped Lucia was pretty cool. Sarah wished Mr. G thought it was cool; he suspended her and Erica for smashing the skull. One student thought it was sweet she did that, Sarah corrected him and said not literally. Ethan was shocked because Mr. G had never given anyone detention, because he was way too nice. Ethan said she and Sarah would be legends; Erica appeared and said they preferred the term “goddesses.”

Sarah smiled at Ethan before walking off after Erica; Ethan had an awkward expression on his face before walking off as well, the episode jumping to black.

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