A Bite of My Life

I'm coming fresh out of high school and I'm trying to go on to the next thing in my life, there are things that I want to do, but some things that I have to do: either join the everyday workforce, join a college/university, or U.S. military service - one of three of these things, or sit at home in the dark.

While I'm trying to physically find myself and my place in this what can be at times, cruel world, last year I found myself falling in love with a Teletoon (Canada) original series, Disney Channel shared, "My Babysitter's a Vampire." A series that is often criticized at times, mostly by parents and young people who don't want to give the series a chance. The parents uneasiness for the show is slightly understandable, but the show has a large tween, teen, and young adult audience (a show really for ages 6-11, but people ages 6-36, and older, watch the series), they should embrace this show with open arms. Most Disney Channel original series are "dumbed down" to fit for a younger audience, where the tween/teen viewers are often angry and disappointed in the new original shows: such as A.N.T. Farm, Shake It Up, Austin & Ally, and others - because they star elder teens who often act as if they are goofy, unsupervised-by-parent tweens, mostly for comedic relief.

This blog, "All Things My Babysitter's a Vampire" covers everything having to do with the show: episode information and air dates, my own recaps and reviews of episodes of the series (if I can do them), and behind the scenes video along with promotional video/footage, episode/cast photos and interviews. Along with press releases and information on the show's talented cast and what they are off set.

I know a lot about the show and it's few episodes, but I don’t recall of every single detail of every episode. I don’t often know in advance where or when an episode is being filmed, other than Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don’t know (and/or won’t tell) where the young stars of the shows live (though at times I bet we all wish we did know). I'm simply a passionate fan of the series, I don't work for any network or publicity firm, so I can't see the status of the show's future.

I consider myself more as an advocate for fans who want information on the past or what's upcoming from the show. This keeps fans like myself from having to go to "Google", when all they have to do is come here. I have a phobia of fanficiton and I can’t promote fanfiction on this blog. I'm willing to read your stories, leave a comment in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter (see below), but I can't post your "fan fic" here, sorry and it wouldn't be fair; if I post one persons, I'd have to post everyone's.

I’m a huge fan of the show and spend a lot of time blogging/tweeting/talking about it, I do however have a real life that revolves around other things besides, My Babysitter's a Vampire. Yes, I'm the typical busy-bee teenager, soon to be young adult, but this young adult will never forget about My Babysitter's a Vampire and it's loyal fans, whom without, this show wouldn't be on TV today!

If you want the latest updates or simply want to talk to me, follow me at :
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This website is a free blog, meaning no personal information from you is required if you wish to make comments. So please, do NOT issue out yours or anyone else's: passwords, full names, and social security/ID numbers. If you wish to be contacted by me or anyone else, you may leave your e-mail address, but there's a risk, comments are not blocked meaning ALL may comment if they wish.

And if you do wish to comment, keep it clean and be nice to others (me included), IF I feel the comments are getting OOC (out of control), I will make it where only Blogger & Google users may comment; but hopefully the day won't come where I have to do that. Besides, I wish to hear from all MBAV fans.

If you have read the contents of this page at any other website other than http://allthingsmybabysittersavampire.blogspot.com, then I have become a victim of content theft.  


jayden ford said...

Just wanted to comment and say how much joy I get from your twitter and blog.

Thanks for keeping us so up to date!

. said...

@jayden ford

Thanks so much jayden, I'm glad you enjoy it, I try my best to keep everyone up to date! And thank YOU for your comment it means a lot!

-All Things MBAV

hunter101 said...

its interesting what u do

yarely redondo said...

i would like a third season for reals everybody knows that the movie was not made in the year of 2014 i love this show so much i almost started crying when i saw the last episode and the last episode was like a pause the only thing it meant was there has to more and it's been more then three years since this show ended and i would love this show to keep going i am a huge fan xoxo thxs for your time

Anonymous said...

How come there is finding carter but no mbav ��

Help said...

It's 3:12am and i am crying over a tv show that hasnt been on air in years and is aimed at an audience of 6-11 year olds, I'm 17, please call my mom.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there.

Tim said...

There's a My babysitters a vampire skinoff teaser on youtube, if your a fan you should spread the word and share it