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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Village of the Darned" Recap & Review

"Village of the Darned" was an above average episode of My Babysitter's a Vampire to me!

It's the annual donut drive for Jane's youth troop and Ethan gets roped by his mother to babysit both Jane and two terrible twins. Meanwhile there is something weird going on involving the donuts from Jane's troop and the disappearance of adult figures in Whitechapel. The gang have stop an otherworldly troop leader from luring kids to its Eternal Playground or Jane and the other children will be lost forever. And Sarah and Erica deal with their hunger due to the adult figures leaving town, in which Erica may learn something she likes about one of the geeks.

The whole episode I was looking from Ethan and Sarah to Benny and Erica, repeatedly saying "Etharah", "Bennica", this episode was very heavy on the pairings, mostly Benny/Erica; which I am always glad for. With Erica having a sample of Benny's blood [and liking it], what could the future hold for those two, will Erica control herself around him, or will she sink her fangs into him? We'll have to see, I've noticed Sarah's held some restraint from biting Ethan since saving him in "Re-Vamped".

I still feel that we aren't learning enough of the background on the events/creatures/spells/etc. in these newer episodes; I did not understand the Val Mudrap thing at all. What is the history of the staff/key that Mudrap was using, how did she get the donuts to control everyone, what did she want with the kids, where did she come from, and Sarah says that Benny’s blood was gross, but Sarah has been drinking it when Ethan stole it from Benny (unknown to him) in “Fanged and Furious”. It’s just too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies in this episode.

But those have no effect on my opinion of this episode, which is a very good and entertaining episode; I don’t think these new episodes could work without Rory (Cameron Kennedy), he's just too funny ("vampire down, needs assistance"), but he was serious for like three seconds ("Why don't you try and make me?"), that is something I hope we see more of, as long as Rory's goes right back to being his cute and goofy self! Also, did anyone else notice that those kids painted his face? In the last episode ("Mirror/rorriM") Rory was an anonymous face painting prankster, could this be chalked up to karma?

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory
Kate Todd – Erica
Also: Ella Jonas Farlinger – Jane Morgan
Laura DeCarteret – Samantha Morgan
Hrant Alianak – Principal Hicks

Guest stars:
Niamh Wilson – Val Mudrap
Gavin Lanteigne – Dirk Turner
Brendan Heard – Kirk Turner
Stephanie Belding – Mrs. Turner
Darryl Hinds – Vance Munce
Terrance Balazo – Brad

Written by: Laurie Elliot
Directed by: Kelly Harms

In the dead of night you can see a youth troop standing around in the middle of the woods, one little girl walks up to the troop leader, whose eyes black over and she says eerily to the girl that they’ve been waiting for her, it was Jane, her eyes blacking over as well.

Forty-eight hours earlier, Jane was chanting, which irritated Ethan, he told her to stop screaming, that he was trying to watching “So You Think You Can Scream?” a shrieking scream heard on the TV. Jane was about to put a donut in her mouth when Mrs. Morgan told her to put the donut down and stop away from the box. Jane said innocently that she was only getting one, or two. Ethan joked one or two dozen.

Ethan told her he stopped eating them when he was twelve, and his teeth still hurt when he look at them. Mrs. Morgan told Jane that she had to sell the donuts before she got her Business Mole badge, she emphasized sell, and not eat. A car horn blew, Mrs. Morgan told Jane that that was her ride. Mrs. Morgan putting on Jane’s sweater, Jane objecting to going to the mini mall with the “Tornado Twins” telling her mom they were crazy, Mrs. Morgan said they weren’t that bad. Ethan had a worried expression on his face.

You could hear noise outside the door before knocking; Mrs. Morgan noted they were knocking on the door that time. Mrs. Morgan open the door and two boys rushed in, spraying Mrs. Morgan with silly string. The youngest said that the target goof was eliminated. Ethan told them that she was his mom; the older boy mocked Ethan while the other taunted Ethan that he needed a babysitter, before the boys ran over the house.

Their mother, Mrs. Turner came into the house yelling for them to come back, she complimented on Mrs. Morgan’s stringed blouse, she had silly string all over her. Mrs. Turner then saw that her boys had a breakable object and told them to put it down; they broke it soon as she did. Mrs. Morgan noted it was Moleo season again, because of its sugar. Mrs. Turner said it was times two. Mrs. Morgan told her Ross got back on Sunday, it gave her three days to find a “father proof hiding spot” for the donuts.

Ethan asked his mother was she thinking of putting them in the wall. Mrs. Turner told Mrs. Morgan that they put theirs in a bunker out back, which her kids don’t even know about it, Mrs. Morgan asked could she take theirs too; she explained that if she kept them in the house, Ross would smell them, that he had a nose for Moleos. The other mother said she would, but as a crash was heard in the kitchen, she told Mrs. Morgan to hurry before her boys find their matches.

Ethan grabbed the boxes and handed them to the mothers, Mrs. Morgan asking the other were they still on for the “waltzing wives of Whitechapel” tomorrow. Mrs. Turner initially said yes, but then said no, remembering that their babysitter had a little “breakdown”, again. She then noted that Ethan was old enough to babysit, both he and Mrs. Morgan objecting, but she insisted that Ethan do it, she’ll drop the boys off when she picks Ethan’s mom up tomorrow.

Mrs. Turner then yelled for her boys, yelling “sugar bomb”, throwing a box of donuts outside, the boys running out after it, yelling. Jane cleared her throat, walking out behind them. She said to Mrs. Morgan and Ethan that they were lifesavers. Ethan noted that she would let him babysit her kids, Mrs. Morgan thought he deserved a second shot, she then said she was going to call Sarah for backup.

Ethan was loading a Nerf gun while Mrs. Morgan thanked Sarah for coming, she told Sarah it’d be fun, and if she smelled smoke, to call her, the doorbell then rang. Sarah asked Ethan that she had to babysit him, while he babysat two nine year olds; Sarah asked how bad could they be. Ethan told her to imagine a giant piranha that walked on land, he told her to give it rabies and a brother, Ethan said he’d rather babysit the piranhas.

Mrs. Turner came in with her two boys, who were quiet, she said they were up to something, she pulled Mrs. Morgan out before they could do something. Sarah and Ethan looked at the boys, Ethan getting his Nerf gun ready. Sarah said tauntingly, that the kids drawing was scary, asking where should they hide. Ethan said he was keeping his Nerf gun set to ready, he and Sarah eyeing the two boys.

The eerie troop leader was at someone’s home selling donuts, the man said it looked like a mole made a hole in the donut, he said it was only one thing to do before taking a bite, and said in a monotone that it was time to go; grabbing his jacket and walking away, the troop leader watching him.

Sarah noted that the boys were sitting quietly, they were drawing. Ethan said they were probably drawing up a plan to destroy them, devising some kind of sinister trap that at any second would get them, Ethan whispered wait for it. Then Benny jumped in yelling his name, causing Sarah to hit him in the stomach, Rory jumped up from behind the counter yelling, causing Ethan to shoot him with the Nerf gun. Rory asked him was it because he barfed in their chimney, Ethan said it wasn’t but realized what Rory had just said.

Rory said he was there to help them battle the "tornado twins," Benny asked were they there, he didn’t see anyone bleeding. Ethan told them to see for themselves, and introduced Rory and Benny to the twins, who said hello to them in unison, which Benny said was never good. Rory said that it was a tornado of weird. The twins continued drawing just as Erica knocked on the back door, causing the four to jump.

Erica opened the door asking were they going or not, that she was starving. Ethan asked where they were going, Sarah explained it was a new safety rule by the Council, that vampires had to hunt in pairs. Erica called Sarah a “vegetarian vampire”, saying she had to watch her pick up her blood salad from a delivery truck. Sarah told Erica it beat watching her choose her meal, she said mockingly that Erica was choosy, “he’s so stringy, he’s too old, I hate her outfit” Erica said that people with bad taste, taste bad. Erica told her “more stalk, less talk.”

Ethan objected to Sarah leaving, Ethan told her that she was his backup, and she couldn't leave him alone with them. Erica asked was he afraid that they were going to color outside the lines, Benny smirking at her comment. Sarah told Ethan she wouldn’t be long, and that Jane could help, Jane saluted and agreed.

Sarah walked off and Ethan asked what they should do next, check their crayons for sharp edges. Benny told Ethan to relax, that they didn’t know what they’re up against, that in their eyes, they were the grownups, Rory agreed amazed before yelling for them to go play video games, he and Benny running off. The boys sat there, continuing to color, a red door.

Meanwhile the more adults that ate the donuts from the troop leader, they left Whitechapel, Sarah and Erica were sitting on a bench waiting for a delivery truck. Sarah upset because she prepaid for delivery but the guy had yet to show up. Erica then asked what was the point of having fangs if her friend stopped her from biting people. Sarah told her that a guy was driving, Erica told her it was called “meals on wheels”, and he had his window open. Sarah told her he also had a mullet, and she thought Erica was a “food snob”.

Erica told her it was not like they were at a buffet, mentioning that there was hardly anyone on the streets. Sarah then looked around, noting that there was no one on the streets, and they heard some weird chanting. The boys were playing video games, Ethan telling Benny to kill the queen and destroy the hive, Benny said it was more fun shooting Rory, Rory said “not for Rory.” Ethan asked should they be checking on the kids, Benny yelled while playing the video game, that if the “Creep Brothers” were okay for them to say nothing, they said nothing, Benny saying they were fine.

Downstairs Jane was watching a news report, the reporter saying the streets of Whitechapel were snarled, people leaving town, he then began to talk about Moleo’s, taking a bite of a donut, shortly before saying goodbye in a monotone. Jane asked the two boys if they wanted a donut, they raised up from their drawings, Jane told them her mom hid them, but she saved one, the boys smirked at Jane.

The boys were still playing videos games upstairs until Benny told Rory to go get snacks, Rory rushed off to get two bags of chips and rushed back, his face had marker on it, Rory said to them stunned that “those boy’s ain’t right.” The boys went downstairs to see it covered with drawings of a red door, Rory pointed out the one he thought painted his face, then pointing at the other, asking which one was the evil one.

Ethan proceeded to ask one of the boys what was going on, he put a hand on one of their shoulders, triggering a vision; Ethan saw the Moleo donuts, the youth troop, and their evil leader. The boys said in unison that Val Mudrap was coming, Rory asked what they said, Ethan told them they had a problem; Benny said meekly that his mom was home. Mrs. Morgan was shocked at what her living room looked like.

At school the next day, Benny told Ethan his mom was so busy yelling that she didn’t even notice Sarah gone or Jane acting weird. Ethan told him what was weird, was his vision, that it had snack food in it. Benny told him he had visions of food all the time; pizza, milkshakes, pizza-flavored milkshakes. Ethan told Benny every time he looked up “Val Mudrap”, his computer froze on the picture of a red door.

Just then students began walking out of the school, excitedly. Ethan asked why was everyone leaving, Principal Hicks walked up to them explaining that classes were canceled because all the teaching staff had left. Hicks told them the staff just got up and left, and they didn’t even thank him for the donuts he bought them for the staff meeting, he was glad that they left him one, taking a bite. Principal Hicks’s eyes blacked over before he dropped the donut and his coffee cup, before just walking off.

Benny eyed Hicks, Ethan asked him did he see that and did he know what that meant. Benny replied that he did, sort of, not; he told Ethan to tell him what it meant. Ethan told him it must have been the donuts making the adults leave town and turning the kids into “dron-eo’s”, Ethan pondered what it does to teenagers. Benny frantically said he didn’t want to know, tossing boxes of the donuts out of his shoulder bag.

Ethan asked Benny why he bought so many, Benny told him it was a moment of weakness, noticing Erica and Sarah were coming, Benny said speaking of weak, there came the “hot mess express”. Erica hissed at him, Sarah told them Erica’s was so hungry she couldn't control her fangs; Sarah said she was so hungry she couldn’t control Erica. Some other students walked by and saw Erica holding her mouth; she called them geeks and asked them what they were gawking at.

Rory came up asking if they wanted any of his lunch, saying it was fresh; the brown bag he was holding was squeaking and moving. Erica smacked the bag out of Rory’s hands, causing the bag to take off on it’s own, Rory chasing after it calling it “Mr. Lunchy”. Sarah told Ethan and Benny they didn’t want rats, they wanted real food and that the town was running on empty. Benny suggested that they fly to the next town and get some “take out”.

Erica told them the Vampire Council told them hunting outside Whitechapel could cause a turf war. Ethan asked her couldn’t they take a small nibble from a student, adding not him. Erica told him teenagers are full of junk food and hormones, she asking the boys did they know what they could do to skin, before walking off. Sarah said that Erica was a picky eater and her blood delivery guy vanished, she told them that whatever was happening, they should “unhappen” it.

Ethan told Benny they needed to go home and come up with a plan, Benny told him to wait, that no adults around is something he dreamed of his entire life, that they could do anything they wanted, Ethan smiled, but Benny was jumping around excitedly.

Ethan was pushing Benny down the street in a shopping cart while he was eating a pizza, Ethan asked him was this the moment that he was waiting for. Benny explained to him that the pizza was topped with another pizza, Benny said with no “manager” to stop them, they just made it for him, Benny saying that he could really taste the gumballs in the middle.

Ethan saw a van go by and ask was it his mom, Ethan then running after it, yelling for his mother. Benny tried to get out of the cart with his pizza, he caught up with Ethan saying he dropped it. Ethan looked up to see the youth troop coming, Ethan said it looked like they found the leader. Benny told him to let him handle it, he called the kids, “possessed and possibly rabid miniature citizens of Whitechapel”, telling them he was their new king, snapping his finger and magical sparks flying. Benny surprised because it never worked before.

Ethan told him he thinks they should run, Benny told him they were just little kids, and asked them in a mocking voice who wanted to make the king a sandwich, their eyes blacked over. Ethan grabbed Benny saying they’d rather make the king into a sandwich; the kids then running in behind the boys. The kids caught up to Ethan and Benny and managed to get them to the ground and attack them. Ethan said they couldn’t hit kids, Benny agreed, but he really wanted to.

Ethan called to Sarah for help, Benny objected because he didn’t want anyone witnessing their “kinder-beat down”. Erica had out her cell phone and told them to wave to the camera; that they were going to be internet stars. Ethan told Sarah it was serious, Sarah told him she enjoyed seeing him get his butt kicked by ankle bitters, the kids then biting his ankles. Sarah then moved in to help, Erica followed reluctantly.

Walking home, Benny said he thought there was a tooth in his shoe, Ethan noted disgusted that one kid had braces, putting a retainer off of his wrist, earning a look from Erica, Ethan told her they were stronger than they looked. Benny said he could go for a Moleo, checking his bag to see if he had some left. Erica snapped at him not to talk about eating, hissing at Benny shortly before falling to the ground.

Sarah jacked up Benny and asked for if his grandmother had any blood substitute left, not caring that it tasted like shoes. Benny said his grandmother was long gone, she had a pack a day habit when it’s Moleo season. Benny told Sarah that last time he touched her stuff she put a shurken head in his lunch, Benny complained that the guy wouldn't shut up, Sarah hissed at him. Benny said but he was [shutting up], he then said meekly for them to go. Ethan objected, because the “alpha brat” was hoarding every kid in town and Jane was at home alone.

Sarah told him they couldn’t fight anyone weak as they were, she told him to get Jane while they got food. Ethan took off and Benny helped Erica off of the ground, asking was she good. She told him irritated he could let go. Meanwhile Val Mudrap caused a vortex in the ground. Ethan went home and found Jane staring, she chanted in monotone, “doors in the floor, moles by the score, Val Mudrap forever more.”, her eyes then blacking over. Ethan said that wasn’t okay.

Jane said in monotone that she must go, Val Mudrap was summoning her. Ethan told her to snap out of it, a vision triggering for Ethan when he touched her shoulder. He saw the staff held by Val Mudrap, the troop members themselves, and a door in the ground opening, showing a vortex. Chanting could also be heard “Moles in the ground, moles all around, watch our numbers grow”. Ethan told Jane that she had to stay put, Ethan’s phone rang, it was Benny who said his grandmother might have left something useful, and the girls were staring at him like he was a burrito.

Ethan told him he had to stay because Jane had the “donut fever”, Ethan told him to find anything he could about the moles and “Val Mudrap”. Jane came around the corner holding a frying pan. Rory then jumped into the room yelling “Benny!” Benny told Rory that only Benny could “Benny!” Rory snapped “says you” looking to see donuts strolled all over the table, commenting that grandma had left “mid snack attack.” Benny noted that she left a book, Rory read the title, “Sacred Order of the Mole” by Val Mudrap. Rory said some of the moles in the book looked delicious. Benny told him to skim through it, to figure out what the moles are up to.

Sarah found a potion on the shelf and Sarah told Benny it was red and asked could he use one of his spells to turn it into blood. Benny was about to tell them that’s not how it worked but they hissed at him. Benny nervously “let’s give her a try” performing the spell on the potion. After Benny finished Sarah quickly drank some of it, Erica then drinking the rest, the girls growing tails. Benny made an “uh oh” sound and they asked what, he said “nothing”.

Rory found something that read where the parents departed and the children played for eternity, a newspaper clipping was also in the next page, Sarah noticed it was the girl who beat up Benny, Benny saying he had a stomach full of pizza. Sarah recognized the name Val Mudrap, Benny told her it was an anagram of Muld Varp, Rory goofily saying it had the same letters too, earning looks from everyone. Benny told them Ethan needed to see it.

As the girls walked out Rory was about to compliment on their tales, Benny stopped him saying they had beautiful eyes. The girls shrug it and continue on, Benny telling Rory he’d race him.

Ethan was waking up on the floor at home, the frying pan Jane had was next to him. Benny rushed to Ethan asking what happened and where was Jane. Ethan said he turned his back for one second then she was gone and he had a killer headache. Rory commented that she grilled his cheese. Benny showed him the newspaper article, Benny told him that she liked to take little kids on field trips to the underworld. Rory said excitedly that he found the clue and it was fun.

Ethan read where it said “Mini mole house collapses, one nine year old witness said the building got sucked into a door in the floor.” Ethan asked where it was, he saw it in his vision. Benny told him it was in the old part of town, Ethan said they needed to go there fast. Erica asked Ethan how could they have so much meat in their freezer and none of it be human. Ethan called their tails “cool”, the girls freaking out that they had tails. Ethan ran off saying Jane had a good head start. Erica walked off with a squeal. Rory looked at the girls with a blank expression; Benny yelled at him “tails” before taking off after Ethan.

All five were watching what was going down, Ethan noticed that Mudrap had Jane. Benny handed both Sarah and Erica vials, telling them to drink them, it might give them a boost. Erica told him she should kick his butt for turning them into freaks, Benny retorted that before their wickedly awesome upgrades they were totally normal. Erica smacked him in the face with her tail, Benny commenting it felt like sandpaper.

Val Mudrap held up her staff and said “all hail Mulvarp”, her eyes blacked over before she turned the staff upside down, taking a cover off of it. Saying now they will open the door to eternal freedom. Ethan deduced that Mulvarp was the guardian of the door, keeper of the key. Ethan said they had to get the key away from her and she couldn’t open that door. Ethan asked the girls how they felt, Sarah told him better, but she didn’t think she could fight. Ethan told her to get the kids out of there, that he was going after Jane.

Val Mudrap was opening the door to the eternal playground, and she said to them “single file to eternal freedom”, she turned around to see only Jane standing there. Ethan approached telling her to get away from his sister; she asked where all her little ones were, Ethan told her they were in better hands. Erica and Sarah were holding the children back, Erica yelling at them to relax, calling them “Moleo maniacs” Sarah told her not to yell at them, Erica asked her why wouldn’t they just nap.

Benny was about to perform a spell when she used her staff to shoot down Benny, Benny fell to the ground saying that it stinged, that they were on their own. Rory jumped up yelling “Benny!”, who told him to knock it off. She told him that he was ruining her fun and to stop it. Rory asked her to make him, she repeatedly shot at Rory with the staff. Rory yelling it was painful, he and her fighting to take the staff.

Ethan went to get Jane to keep her from walking into the door, both Rory and the girl fell, the staff in no one’s possession. Ethan told Rory to grab Jane and he jumped to keep the staff from Mulvarp, they fighting over it too. Jane was saying Mulvarp was coming, Rory told Ethan he couldn’t hold her. Ethan let the staff go, Mudrap falling into the door in the ground she screaming “no fair”.

Ethan shut the door and it faded away, Ethan asked how she liked them donuts. Jane ran up and hugged Ethan and said she doesn’t know what happened, but she was glad they saved her. Ethan said she was safe and everything was back to normal, then adding “ish”. Benny on the ground asked could someone finally help him, Benny said he think he needed someone with vast knowledge of medical aid. Rory groaned “vampire down, needs assistance”.

The next day at school, Benny told Ethan that his grandma had no idea how she got to a singles resort in the Dominican, Ethan told him his mother ended up at “Fun-Funland”, and that Jane was furious she went without her. Benny, Ethan, and Rory ran into Sarah and Erica in the halls, Benny telling them they looked better. Erica said that thanks to his grandma getting rid of their tales, Benny escaped an epic butt kicking.

Sarah asked what was in the energy potion; that it actually worked. Benny said it was a little of this and that, and a lot of his blood. The boys then walked off. Erica was shocked that she drank Benny’s blood, Sarah commented that it was so gross. Erica told Sarah that she liked it, that it was the best and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sarah told her it wasn’t her fault, that everything tastes good when you’re hungry, before walking off. Erica in thought about it before walking off behind Sarah with a sigh. The episode jumps to black.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Village of the Darned" Advance Photos

Here are some advance photos from the episode "Village of the Darned" (airing Friday August 24, 2012 at 7:30PM ET/6:30PM Central). The images feature Vanessa Morgan, Matthew Knight, Atticus Mitchell, and Kate Todd.

Two of the images below were versions released by Teletoon already, the other (directly below) by the Re:Fresh blog. Click images to enlarge.

Teletoon: "Can't Miss Thursdays" Promo

A Teletoon promo for their "Can't Miss Thursdays" featuring shows, Adventure Time, Johnny Test, Detentionaire, and My Babysitter's a Vampire (which airs at 7:30PM ET).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Radio Rebel Bloopers

A video with bloopers from the movie Radio Rebel, that starred Debby Ryan. Atticus Mitchell portrayed Gabe LeViolet. Atticus is seen at 2:10 & 5:50!

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My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 1 Deleted/Edited Scenes

Scenes from season 1 episodes of My Babysitter's a Vampire that were either edited or deleted by Disney Channel. Episodes aired in their entirety on Teletoon (Canada), which is how they should have been aired on Disney in my opinion, I personally don't see any issues with any of these scenes.

Again, special thanks to Tumblr users Germaican and stephmcquizzle, but especially germaican, whom without there would not be nearly as many MBAV related [Disney] promos and videos.

Episodes: "Three Cheers for Evil", "Blood Drive", "Blue Moon", "Double Negative", and "Doug the Vampire Hunter".

MBAV Cast at Teletoon's Ultimate Launch Party (January 2012)

The cast of My Babysitter's a Vampire at Teletoon's Ultimate Launch Party in January 2012, when first season episodes started airing on Teletoon. Special thanks to Germaican for this one!

My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 Disney Channel Promo #9

A 16 second Disney Channel promo for My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Mirror/rorriM" Full Episode

The My Babysitter's a Vampire season 2 episode, "Mirror/rorriM" has been posted to YouTube.

Notice: the episode's life on YouTube may not last long, it's possible on down the road, the episode will be blocked or pulled off of YouTube, so enjoy it (and/or download it) while you can.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 Episode Summaries

Teletoon also has released the episodes/summaries/air dates for the second season episodes. Included are the air dates for the Disney Channel episodes. In order by Teletoon.

"Welcome Back Dusker"
Disney Channel original air date: June 29, 2012, 8:00PM ET (7:00PM Central)
Teletoon air date: September 6, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

As a new school year begins, Ethan and his pals haven't seen Sarah since her dramatic transformation into a full vampire months earlier. She finally appears on the scene, ready to "move ahead" with her life and her education, almost as if nothing had happened. Is it a coincidence that numerous vampires are being mysteriously attacked at the same time? The Council begins to suspect that either Ethan or Sarah is to blame, and they must clear their names if they want to survive. Meanwhile, a desperate former Dusk actor appears in town seeking publicity, and instead gets too much information about the Real Vampires of Whitechapel thanks to his number one fan, Erica.

"Say You'll Be Maztak"
Disney Channel original air date: July 6, 2012, 8:30PM ET (7:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: September 13, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

When Mr. G unearths a mysterious crystal skull from his garden and brings it to school, he inadvertently summons an ancient Mayan Sky Queen who takes over his classroom. She entrances all the males in the school to help her prepare for a ritual that will unite her with the Sun King and end the world. At first jealous, Sarah and Erica soon realize it's up to them to save the school - and the planet - from the Queen's apocryphal plans. They ask themselves what Ethan and Benny would do and, with Grandma's help, make a plan to block the sun, channel the moon, and save the day.

"Fanged and Furious"
Disney Channel original air date: July 20, 2012, 8:30PM ET (7:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: September 20, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

When Ethan finally gets his learner's permit, he gets an old, rusty jalopy from a garage sale. Just his luck, it turns out the car is possessed by a bloodsucking backseat driver from beyond the grave! When the car starts attacking random people with Ethan behind the wheel, he has to figure out why, and stop it in it's tracks - or forever be labeled a terrible driver. And go to prison for vehicular manslaughter!

Disney Channel original air date: July 26, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: September 27, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

When the town's water pressure mysteriously drops and two teens go missing - one from a pool and another from a school washroom - the gang begins to suspect something fishy's going on in Whitechapel... or is it something alligator-y? Rory confesses to flushing two baby alligator's during last year's locker search at the same time Benny flushed one of his magic potions. When Erica is attacked at the school car wash, they realize they're now battling two very angry alligators AND their evil mutant mega spawn. And the citizens of Whitechapel are about to be the gators' next meal!

Disney Channel original air date: September 21, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: October 4, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

The school hockey team has a new star player. His name is Boltz and he has the strongest arms, legs, and hands in the league. Unforgettably it turns out they were all stolen from different people. It's just Sarah's luck that the Vampire Council suspects her of stealing those body parts for her next meal. She's going to be in big trouble if she can't find the real grave robber and prove that she isn't craving rotting corpse blood! Meanwhile this Frankenstein-jock only needs one more body part to make him the greatest hockey player of all time: Ethan's brain!  

Disney Channel original air date: August 10, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: October 11, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

When Whitechapel first put on a production of The Rainbow Factory, the star was tragically crushed on stage in a prank gone wrong. Twenty-five years later, the play is back, and Ethan and the gang have to handle a ghost with a thirst for revenge. Controlling Erica through a haunted dressing room mirror, the spiteful spirit attempts to bring the house down on opening night.

"Village of the Darned"
Disney Channel original air date: August 24, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: October 18, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

During the annual cookie drive for Jane's youth troop, a creepy, otherworldly, Troop Leader conspires to rid the town of all adults, and lure the kids to its Eternal Playground. With all the grownups gone, Ethan and the gang have to take charge and stop the beast before Jane is lost forever, and the vampires - especially Sarah an Erica - get hungry enough to start preying on the young.

Disney Channel original air date: September 23, 2012, 8:30PM ET (7:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: October 25, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

Ethan's nerd-fest Halloween party takes a turn for the dangerous when Rory's magical mask transforms guests into the real-life versions of their costumes. Ethan, Benny, and Sarah have until midnight to reverse the spell, or the transformations will be permanent. Sounds easy enough... until they realize that their party guests now include an insane supercomputer, a gorilla, a half-dolphin ninja, and Erica - who just wants peace and quiet to practice a "traditional" True Vampire Halloween. Oh... and Ethan's Mom comes home early from her own party with a witch costume that's very convincing...

"Hottie Ho-Tep"
Disney Channel original air date: September 7, 2012,
Teletoon air date: November 1, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

If a mummy following Benny home from a museum isn't bad enough, what about the mummy being revived as "Hottie Ho-Tep," a suave Egyptian prince who shows up at school to charm Sarah? Ethan and Benny have no choice but to the the crush play itself out while they devise a plan to get Mr. Bandages  back into his sarcophagus. But things take a twist when they realize the newly resurrected "Hottie" plans to take Sarah back with him to the underworld. And there's no return ticket!

"Siren Song"
Disney Channel original air date: September 16, 2012, 8:30PM ET (7:30PM Central)
Teletoon air date: November 15, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

Ethan and Benny discover that a local singing senstation may have a voice like an angel, but in reality she's a Siren - a mythical creature whose song brings out the self-destructive worst in anyone who hears it. They have to team up with Sarah, Erica, and DJ Rory Megabat to form a band, and blow her off the stage at the school talent show. 

"Independence Daze"
Disney Channel original air date: September 14, 2012, 8:00PM ET (7:00PM Central)
Teletoon air date: November 22, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

After Ethan, Benny, and Sarah all boast about being able to handle their adventures on their own, Benny's Grandma sits them down for a serious talking-to. Something dark and sinister is on the horizon, and to handle it, they'll have to work together as a team. After they brush off Grandma's "old school" advice, each of them wakes up alone - trapped in their own universe, with only their fears to keep them company. They have to devise a strategy together to break free, and most importantly, escape the fearsome hooded figure watching them from the shadows.

"The Date to End All Dates (Part 1)"
Disney Channel original air date: September 28, 2012, 8:00PM ET (7:00PM Central)
Teletoon air date:  November 29, 2012, 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

The Vampire Council has been raided, and the intruder is looking for something called the Lucifractor. But Ethan has more important things to worry about - his first date with Sarah! Lucky for him, Benny and Rory step up to handle the vampire adventuring on their own, while Ethan plans the perfect dinner with the girl of his dreams. But their evening is interrupted by a blast and Ethan learns the terrible history of the Lucifractor - a fearsome weapon that could wipe out every vampire in Whitechapel. The good news? Benny and Rory are on it. The bad news? It's Benny and Rory.

"The Date to End All Dates (Part 2)"
Disney Channel original air date: October
Teletoon air date: December 6, 2012 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central)

While trying to recover the fearsome Lucifractor, Ethan and Benny learn the truth about what - and whom - they're up against. Ethan must face his worst fears - literally - and his only hope is to trust his connection to his friends, and harness his growing psychic abilities. With the lives of every vampire in town at risk, the Council flees taking a few unexpected  guests along for the ride, and Ethan must ask an old friend, and an even older enemy, to return and lend a hand. The battle is on to take control of Whitechapel, and - fangs or not - nobody is safe.

Teletoon: My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 Trailer

UPDATE: August 16, 2012; 8:33PM

I've gone ahead and posted the video to YouTube because some have said they can't see it, for what ever reasons. I live in the United States and I saw it, but regardless, I've got it on YouTube.

Just click on the image below to go straight to the video on the official website.

Season premieres Thursday September 6th at 7:30PM ET (6:30PM Central) now.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Mirror/rorriM" Recap & Review

Let me just take a moment here and 'reflect' on "Mirror/rorriM", if you will.

Whitechapel High puts on a play called "The Rainbow Factory", when the star (Bindi Irwin) is harmed in what’s believed as a prank, Erica takes over the starring role in the play, she then beings to be controlled by a ghost trapped in a mirror backstage. Ethan, Benny, and Sarah have to figure out why the ghost is trying to sabotage the play before someone gets seriously hurt. Meanwhile Rory wants people to know he's "Pranksy", an unknown guy who paints people's faces orange at random.

"Mirror/rorriM" is a pretty decent episode really, more than what I was expecting. The fans of the Benny/Erica pairing are definitely yelling, "Bennica" with this episode. And you just have to love Rory’s plotline in this episode, "Pranksy", Rory can’t catch a break; nobody knows he's "Pranksy" and at the end of the episode, he manages to reveal he's "Pranksy" and get's three weeks detention for painting the drama teacher. Oh well, at least now people know!

Too much goes on in these new episodes as of lately, it just feels like we're missing things; like the back-story on how the ghost got in the mirror, the spell and the wand Benny used to pull Ethan out of the mirror, and I feel they could have gone more in depth about what happened 25 years ago, either Mrs. Morgan telling the whole story, or the gang learning about it elsewhere by other Whitechapel High staff like a janitor or Principal Hicks (somewhere other than the Internet). With episodes like the second season episodes, this screams "extend this show to one hour".

I have to praise Bindi Irwin in this episode, simply awesome, I can't picture anyone else portraying the very energetic, Sunday Clovers! Her late father's show, "The Crocodile Hunter" was mentioned by Rory in the episode "Flushed", for those who don't remember!

After watching "Mirror/rorriM", I do wonder what could happen every time I look in a mirror, an excellent episode all around.

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory (and Pranksy)
Kate Todd – Erica
Also: Laura DeCarteret  –  Mrs. Morgan

Guest stars:
Bindi Irwin – Sunday Clovers
Megan Rossi – Olivia Frye
Amanda Thomson – Actress (in Flashback)
Teresa Pavlinek – Ms. LOL

Written by: Mike Kiss
Directed by: Laurie Lynd

At school, Erica and Sarah are talking about the upcoming school play, “The Rainbow Factory”, Erica hated it, called it “hippie junk” and said it’d be the worst school play ever. Sarah asked her why she wanted to be in it. Meanwhile, Benny was telling Ethan that he didn’t want to be in the play, he told him ecstatically that he wanted to do lights and sound. Ethan said wryly, that that’d be much cooler. Benny asked him had he seen the controller console, that it had a million buttons.

Erica was telling Sarah that she wanted to be in the play because it was on her bucket list. Sarah asked why she had a bucket list, knowing that she would never “kick the bucket”. Erica told her that it was a long list and that number 12 said to “star in the school play”, so she could ram it in the face of “that pint sized drama queen” Sunday Clovers. Sarah told her that she acted like she came from Australia on exchange just to bother her; Sarah asked her why she couldn’t just be nice. Erica asked her not to tell her how to live.

Ethan was telling Benny he didn't want him to be making lighting and burning people’s hair off, again. Benny groaned that eyebrows don’t count as hair. He reached for a pen hanging on the wall at the same time Erica did, the two staring at each other, Benny said to her “age before beauty”, Erica then sardonically laughed.

Then a teacher approached and saw them signing up for the play saying to “let the eagles of creativity soar”. She told them that she was off to make copies of the wonderful script, she had an old notebook that wouldn’t open, Ethan pointed that out. She told him that it didn’t want to be found either, hiding in the school’s basement wall for 25 years, she said that she broke it out, finally breaking the notebook open as well. She told them that it should be clear sailing from there.

Meanwhile there was a mirror backstage where the lights around it were flickering and the mirror itself was whirling.

Later, Erica was upset that the drama teacher cast her as an understudy, saying the she totally nailed the audition. It briefly flashed back to Erica’s audition, which was horrible, Erica being stared at in shock by her drama teacher. The drama teacher told Erica that she was very “present”; she then said that Sunday Clovers was their lead. Sunday squealed and ran over by Sarah and Erica, taking a dramatic deep breath and reciting her lines, powerfully, she then thanked the teacher. She told her that the kids call her Ms. LOL.

Erica whispered to Sarah in a nasally Australian accent, that she would like to “put that little shrimp on the barbie”. Sunday told Erica that she knew she’d be a real ice understudy, and that if something were to happen to her, she’d step right in. They hugged and Erica whispered that back to her evilly, hugging her tightly, Sunday’s bones cracking. When they stopped hugging she said Erica had a lot of positive energy, that she could feel it in her ribs.

Sunday told them she was grinning like a sharp fox, that she was going to do the Harold Hold and have a Captain Cook in her dressing room, Sunday running off squealing. Sarah asked what happened and their teacher offered Sarah a role, she initially declined and said she was just helping Erica, she wasn’t trying out herself, and Ms. LOL told her she was a natural. It flashed back to Erica’s horrible acting, where Sarah delivered lines perfectly.

Sarah then told Ms. LOL that she had so much fun doing it, squealing about the part about the bunnies that loved each other was cute. Ms. LOL said she took what Sarah was saying as a “big yes”. Erica upset told Sarah, “welcome aboard”, and good luck ‘acting’ like she can stand Sunday Clovers. Sunday then danced in front of Sarah and Erica, happily singing as well.

She then sat her sunflower down in front of the mirror backstage. Sunday looking in the mirror, before asking it, who needed to suffer, then telling the mirror that she didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Rory then saw Ethan and told him to look at his new prank video, which had a million views. The video showed a guy getting painted in the face. Rory said that it was classic “Pranksy”, that he was super popular. Ethan was shocked that he was “Pranksy”, the guy who paints people’s faces. Rory was happy nobody knew, calling them suckers. Ethan told him that technically if nobody knew, he’s not really popular. Rory said that he was “Pranksy”. Ethan agreed with him but said that nobody knows that. Rory upset said he needed people to know that he was awesome; he had to go on that, Rory took off to figure out how.

Benny walked up to Ethan, telling him the script “rots”, that there was no lighting, no thunder, nothing even close to an explosion. Ethan heard it was full of feelings and believing in yourself. Benny said that he believed in lighting, and that Ethan needed to sign up and help him out. Ethan objected saying he wasn’t a drama nerd, that he was a real nerd. Benny told him that Sarah was in it, he then breathlessly said that he was a drama nerd.

Sarah was telling Ethan that when she was a little girl, she dreamed of being a movie star, Sarah told him that it was kind of hard now that she doesn’t show up on camera. She said that the last two weeks had been so much fun and a great escape from; she stopped when she saw he was being called to do something else. She told him that he didn’t need to listen to all this. Ethan told her to go on, that it was what stage managers were for, he thought.

Meanwhile, Sunday Clovers was backstage, her image in the mirror, evilly telling her that she was the star, and they didn’t treat her like one and that they had to pay. She then said it was time to break a leg. Ms. LOL was preparing Erica and Sarah for their roles, Ethan telling Benny how to do certain effects. Sunday then said “the sun drops down”, cutting a sand bag with a knife. She continued “so the grasses can grow” and cut another bag, Sarah catching it to everyone’s surprise. She then said “ouch, my hands” Sunday then cut more sand bags before some fell on her.

Ethan yelled that they needed a doctor, Erica whispered deviously, “and an understudy”.

Later, Ethan asked couldn’t vampires go “puppet master” on the weak-minded. Ethan deduced that Erica could have convinced Sunday to hurt herself. Sarah told him glamour is something only old and powerful vampires can do, Sarah then asked Erica what did ‘she’ do. Erica said she did nothing, that that Aussie-funk is mad as a cut snake. Erica told them she freaked out on her, telling her to stay out of her mirror, Erica said if she was going to break her legs, she would do it then.

Sarah, Benny, and Ethan all expressed a look until Sarah said she thinks Erica is telling the truth. Erica said she was and that their star had lines to learn because they opened tomorrow, and that there was no time to “yapper like a gil”. Sarah told Erica that she was spending a little too much time as Sunday’s understudy. Erica said she was ample and continued to talk like her.

Erica sat down the chair in front of the mirror backstage and Erica was shocked that she had a reflection. Erica was then running a hand in her hair, saying she was so hot, and that she’d look awesome under the spotlight. The lights around the mirror flickered and Erica’s reflection said there wouldn’t be a spotlight for anyone.

Later that night at the Morgan home, Ethan’s mother was telling Ethan that his father was on a team-building trip for his work. She told Ethan that he sent a cake that his team built, and she said they were going to record themselves enjoying it, and if it made him sick, she’d owe him. Mrs. Morgan tried to cut the cake, asking Ethan how the play was going, he told her that the star had a hundred pounds of sandbags fall on her. Mrs. Morgan told him that when she went to his school, a rainbow fell on a girl’s head on opening night.

Ethan asked his mother was the play “Rainbow Factory”, he told her they were doing the same play. She told her son that it would be a fun coincidence if two girls hadn’t gotten hurt. The piece of cake that Mrs. Morgan cut made a loud plop on the cake, she said she thought they should record Jane loving the cake, they both then yelled for Jane.

The next day at school, Sarah and Erica were rehearsing, where Sarah floated, Erica told her not to upstage her, and threatened her. Erica then went to the mirror, Sarah following, asking Erica about her threat, Sarah defended that she was just playing. Erica upset said the show was hers, and that no one else could have it. Sarah told her she was sounding just as bad at Sunday, and to look at herself. Sarah then noticed that she could look at herself, that she had a reflection. Erica hissed at Sarah, telling her to stay out of her mirror and to stay out of her way.

Meanwhile, Benny asked Ethan how safe would it be to have a flamethrower on stage, on a scale of “pretty safe to completely safe”. Ethan, occupied with something on his computer, told Benny he guessed “pretty safe”. Benny then realized Ethan never thinks his ideas or safe and asks Ethan was he even listening to him; Benny peered over to Ethan’s laptop where he saw he was looking up “theater curses”, he told Ethan to relent.

Ethan saw in the online newspaper that twenty five years ago, the star of “The Rainbow Factory”, Olivia Frye, was the victim of a horrible accident, in the school’s theater on opening night. Ethan pointed out that now their star, Sunday, was flattened by sandbags. Benny said “not horribly”. Rory then came up to them, telling them they had to see something. Rory took Ethan’s laptop and said he was sick of people not knowing he was “Pranksy”, so he went all truth-crazy and posted a video online before school. Rory played the video, where all there was, was a paintbrush floating in midair, Rory saying in the video, “Hey, I have a name, Pranksy, but now that name has a face, recognize!”

Ethan told him that he doesn’t show up on camera, Rory told him he knew he wouldn’t but he thought “Pranksy” would. Benny told him that “Pranksy” was the subversive voice of their time, that no one instantly paints faces like he does. He then angrily asked Rory how dare he take credit for “Pranksy’s” genius. Rory continuing saying he was “Pranksy”, he then asked Ethan for help, Sarah came up to him, asking the same thing.

Ethan immediately went over to Sarah, citing to Rory, it was stage manager business. Rory had a blank expression and Benny had a wink and an expressing “okay” with his hand, Ethan holding an awkward smile as Sarah tugged him. Rory then looked to Benny who said he doesn’t help posers. Rory then stormed off upset, saying how dare he defy “The Great Pranksy”, seconds later Benny got painted in the face, objecting to it. From somewhere Rory said “Pranksy strikes again”.

Sarah told Ethan that Erica attacked her, acting like she had done something to her. Sarah continued that it was going to sound crazy, but she saw Erica’s reflection in the mirror. Ethan said he knew it, that he told Benny that the play was cursed. Sarah breathlessly said “yeah, let’s hope”. Sarah told him they needed to go see that mirror, Ethan told her he’d go, and for she to avoid Erica. Sarah asked him did he think she couldn’t take her but he anxiously said he did, reaching into his locker.

Ethan told her that he and Benny made a chart, like they do for cage fighters; Ethan told her she was quicker, but Erica had the reach, and that Erica was a little stronger. Ethan says he thinks Sarah would win, because she’s not afraid to get hit in the face. She told him to go, still looking at the chart.

Ethan went to find the mirror, expecting Erica to be there. Ethan inspected the mirror itself, saying everything looked good. He looked at his own reflection and said “maybe a little too good”. Ethan sat down in front of the mirror and the lights around it started flickering. His reflection said that the play was his, and that they needed to hurt for what they did. Ethan heard that and asked where it’d come from.

Ethan touched the mirror and it began glowing, also triggering a vision for Ethan, and he saw someone standing in a dress. Ethan then saw his reflection smile evilly at him, shortly before it pulled him into the mirror. The chair he was sitting in, falling over.

Ethan woke up on the floor of the room, he asked himself did he pass out again from a nosebleed. Ethan checked his nose as he saw someone staring at him in the doorway, she took off and he followed after her. Ethan walked up the hallway looking for her, asking her where was everyone and how long was he out, he was puzzled that his watch was on his left hand.

The ghost girl said to him that he could see her, no one else could see her. She asked him who he was, he told her he was Ethan and extended his hand, she grabbed it, triggering a vision for Ethan. Two girls to the side of the stage had something devious planned, while Olivia Frye performed on stage, she pulled on a string dangling on the stage, that was supposed to produce a rainbow, but she continued to tug on the screen and nothing happened, she kept tugging until something came apart on the ceiling and it came crashing down on her.

Ethan looked at her and told her that they weren’t trying to hurt her, that it was supposed to be a joke. She told him that they wanted her to look stupid and that they were all about to pay. Ethan asked all of who, saying his friends didn’t do anything. She told him someone was in the mirror and she faded away. Erica was in the mirror asking it why did she have to wait, she could wipe them out right now.

On the other side of the mirror Olivia was using Erica to say she must suffer in front of everyone, and so would they. She then turned to Ethan and said that everyone trusts their reflection. She said it was opening night, she asked Ethan did he want to help her run lines.

Erica walked to where Benny was, saying “a geek and his gizmos”, she told him he seemed happy, but then added that it would change. Benny called her “bitey” telling her to check it out, that “magic + buttons = star power”, Benny then began rambling about it being bright as star power. Erica said all of the “techno toys” seemed fragile to her, she then purposely knocking over a light, causing Benny to freak.

Ms. LOL yelled to Benny, he apologized and said it wouldn’t happened again, or so he hoped. Sarah stormed over asking Erica what was wrong with her, Benny looking at Erica with concern. Erica told Sarah to leave her alone and shoved her out of the way. Sarah told Benny that was not the Erica she knew, Benny told her that was the Erica he knew. Sarah asked him did Ethan tell him was anything weird with the mirror, Benny told her that he didn’t and that he hadn’t seen Ethan all day. A worried look grew on Sarah’s face and Benny asked her should he be as worried as she looked.

Benny and Sarah went to the mirror and Benny told Sarah vampires don’t have a reflection because their curse blocks their soul in their light, so if Erica saw herself, there was a soul inside the mirror. Benny then took out a wand that started glowing, causing the mirror to ripple. Benny joked that he was pretty good with a stick. Benny said that he knew someone was inside, but he couldn’t tell if it was Ethan.

Sarah said there was one way to find out and stood in front of the mirror, Sarah’s reflection appeared, mixed with Olivia Frye’s ghost’s which said “they deserved to hurt, all of them”. Ethan pulled the ghost out of the way and yelled for Benny to get him out. Benny told Sarah that she had to touch the mirror, Ethan needed a supernatural presence. Benny told them to hold on, and began rambling that he had a spell, Ethan irately told him to email it to him and do the spell.

Benny then performed the incantation which pulled Ethan out of the mirror, cracking the mirror. Benny pulled Ethan off of the floor and said teamwork for the win. Erica stormed around the corner, telling them to get away from her mirror. Erica stared into it, whispering that they cracked it. Then the ghost flew out of the mirror and into Erica.

Ethan pulled Erica out of the way and shattered the mirror with a broom handle. Benny asked him what was he doing, it was seven years bad luck. Ethan said he’d just have to shower with his grandma’s special soap again. Erica was looking around happily, and Ethan then asked was she okay. Erica replied that she was finally free and stronger than ever, she then said she should start the show with the finale and ran off.

Sarah asked should they be terrified by that, Ethan said there was no time to explain, and quickly explained; that there was a ghost girl trapped in the mirror, now she was inside Erica, that they had to stop her before she got revenge on everyone. Sarah told him for no one with time to explain, he did a good job.

That night was opening night, Ms. LOL stood there and welcomed the audience to the Whitechapel High production of “The Rainbow Factory” Mrs. Morgan said to another sleeping audience member that she was so excited, her son was the stage manager. Mrs. Morgan was also sitting by Sunday Clovers. Ms. LOL continued that she hoped the audience like warmed hearts and uplifted spirits.

Mrs. Morgan said she hoped nobody would end up in the hospital, she then looked at Sunday, and added again before apologizing. Sunday, who had braces on her legs, said it was okay, that she did go a bit Billy Bonkers. She said ecstatically that it was now Erica’s turn to make Sundrop shine.

The lights went dim and Erica was floating on stage, holding a rainbow, and evilly said that they tried to stop her, but the show must go on. Sarah came on stage, saying “head’s up hippie”. Mrs. Morgan in the audience didn't understand why all the show’s nowadays had to have vampires in them. Sunday and some of the other audience liked what they saw, Ms. LOL was shocked at what she was seeing.

Erica dropped the rainbow and Sarah pounced on her, Mrs. Morgan told Sunday that was her babysitter. Sarah was about to attack Erica again, but Benny was fixing the lighting to shoot lightening at Erica. The audience was stunned at what they were watching, Sarah then kicked Erica down. Erica was still being controlled by Olivia, she told Sarah to get off her stage. Ethan yelled for Olivia, causing Erica to turn around and look at the mirror Ethan was holding, which had Olivia’s reflecting. Ethan yelled “now!” to Benny.

Benny poured something in the state light, incanted, and shined the stage light back on Erica again. What was aimed at Erica jumped into the mirror Ethan was holding, it was pulling Olivia’s ghost out of Erica. Once she was out of Erica, Ethan put the mirror, face forward on the floor, Erica collapsing, the audience cheering.

Sunday said she never thought of playing Sundrop as a “raving nutter”. Mrs. Morgan said to her the lighting was great and she yelled “Wait a go honey!” to Ethan. Mrs. LOL had an exhausted expression.

Backstage Ethan was painting over the mirror they trapped Olivia in, saying that it should hold her until they can release her for good and let her move on. Benny joked “catch-and-release, very eco friendly”, Erica said it was nice to have a reflection while it lasted. Sarah pointed out it was nice for her, the rest of them nearly died. Erica said that they had a pretty great opening. Ethan asked them, was Ms. LOL still apologizing to everyone.

Ms. LOL was on stage saying “children are creative, but like a car license, a creative license can sometimes turn into a stupendous crash. Stupdenous, but beautiful, especially since no one was hurt.” People in the audience were just staring at Ms. LOL who continued, “I’m reminded of Persephone’s famous parting words to Prince Lucan in the play,” She was interrupted by Rory, who had a paint brush.

Rory yelled that Pranksy was now revealed, the audience applauding. Ms. LOL said she loved Pranksy, before telling Rory he had three weeks detention. The audience continues with its applauding, Mrs. Morgan said “so good” as the episode jumps to black.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Village of the Darned" Episode Summary

Here is the short summary for My Babysitter's a Vampire, "Village of the Darned" airing August 26, 2012 (7:30 PM ET/6:30C Thursday on Disney Channel)

An otherworldly creature tries to rid the town of all adults and lure the kids to an eternal playground.

Season 2 set to premiere on Teletoon (in Canada), September 6th at 8:00PM ET.

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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Flushed" Full Episode

The My Babysitter's a Vampire season 2 episode, "Flushed" has been posted to YouTube.

Notice: the episode's life on YouTube may not last long, it's possible on down the road, the episode will be blocked or pulled off of YouTube, so enjoy it (and/or download it) while you can.

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Teletoon: My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 Cast & Advance Photos

Thanks to Tumblr user Germaican & Wikia user Flyna4eva. The Teletoon Press Site posted the first 5 cast & advance photos below, Flyna4eva found the other two below (with Vanessa Morgan, Atticus Mitchell, and Matthew Knight) and posted them to the MBAV wikia.

Season 2 will premiere on Teletoon on Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 8PM ET. Click images to enlarge: