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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Flushed" Recap & Review

If I had to use one word for “Flushed”, I’d say “Crickey!”

A family of alligators is loose over town and is causing problems, it’s up to Ethan and the gang to figure out where they came from and how to get rid of them, they later learn that Rory and Benny are the cause of it.

This episode kinda falls into normalcy after last week’s “Fanged and Furious”, or as normal as MBAV can be! I didn’t really have any complaints about the episode, other than Sarah’s plot… kind of weird, but comical, as the whole episode was. And they even had Benny mention Erica’s geeky past, which she obviously doesn’t like to or want to talk about! I’m sure I’m not the only Benny/Erica shipper screaming, “Bennica”!

I must say this episode is the first one of the second season that didn’t end in a weird way, I especially liked the boy’s alligator swag. I still have this feeling that MBAV needs to be extended to one hour, it’s that good! Because I’m wondering what’s going on about the few people who were killed, seems like the town would be buzzing out that.

Only issue I have is that Disney right now has pushed the show out of the prime time hours (8PM to 11PM ET), which has an effect on the audience, and for “Flushed” a lot of fans were either expecting it to be on Friday or at 8:30PM or both. I really don’t want to put the word’s “Disney”, “conspiracy”, and “My Babysitter’s a Vampire” in the same sentence… I really don’t want to do that!

But as for “Flushed”, A+, it makes up for over-joking in “Fanged and Furious”!

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory
Kate Todd – Erica

Guest stars:
Richard Waugh – Mr. Stern
Marshall Williams – Tad McGillis
Megan Anderson – Heather
Cassandra Croppo – Kate
Normal Dell’Agnese – Mrs. Oppenheimer
Darryl Hinds – Vance Munce

Written by: Jennifer Pertsch
Directed by: Tibor Takacs

The episode starts at a small pool party at a student’s home, they inside, watching sharks on the nature channel, shocked and amazed. One of the girls, Heather, thought it was gross and disgusted and reminded them that it was a pool party, she asked Tad, who said he was going to make nachos, he still stuck to the TV.

Heather went outside and jumped into the pool, she assumed Tad had jumped in with her, trying to scare her, making her think a shark was in the water. Meanwhile Tad was inside with a large plate of nachos and dip, saying he’d like to see a shark eat them, Tad telling her she had to get in on the nachos. But outside, the only thing left in the pool is Heather’s necklace.

The next morning Ethan is in the shower, singing, when all of a sudden the water stops. Ethan sticks his soapy head out of the door, calling for his dad. Later Ethan and Benny show up to school with wet hair, other students laughing at them, Benny commented that this wouldn’t help their reputations, even Rory was laughing at them. Ethan told him their water cut off before they could rinse and that their whole street lost water pressure.

Rory asked him, were they both in the shower at the same time. Ethan snapped back at him they were in different showers, reiterating different. Benny adds that he was in the middle of a deep conditioning treatment, earning looks from Ethan and Rory. Benny defends and says people aren’t born with hair that thick and shiny. Benny then acknowledged a pretty girl walking towards them; she shook her head and walked on, ignoring him. Ethan flatly said that no one at this school had worse luck than them.

Meanwhile the freshmen students were dressed as babies. Erica taunting them called them “baby freshmen” and said it was nap time, they all falling on the floor. Erica yelled at them that that was pathetic, and to wake up. Sarah said to Erica that she had a nice jacket; Erica yelled “naptime” to the freshmen again before replying to Sarah that she picked it up last night at dinner. Sarah gave her a shocked look, Erica told her to relax, that she didn’t drain her, and she told Sarah she was a square. One of the freshmen called Erica “your highness” and asked to go to the bathroom, Erica told her that’s what the diaper was for.

They all then stood up, Erica calling them “derf nerders” and asked them did she say they could get up, Erica then commanded them to do 100 jumping jacks, Sarah told her of course she could go to the bathroom, and she ran off. Sarah told Erica she could be just a little easier on them, Erica yelled to them “arms higher”, and she explained to Sarah that the seniors did it to them and one day the little “noobs” would abuse their freshmen and that it was the circle of life.

Sarah was about to tell Erica she could be a little nicer when she was interrupted by an embarrassing fart sound. Erica asked her, Sarah told her she was volunteering at a blood bank and that it was like an all you can eat buffet. Erica asked her how much she drank, Sarah told her six pints.

Erica began to tell her than anything more than a pint every few day can make her nauseous; Erica was interrupted when there was a louder fart sound. Erica commented that that one had some bass in it, Sarah told her that it was so humiliating. The other students holding their noses and commenting on the smell, Sarah stormed out of the class room. Erica yelled to them “nap time” and the freshmen laid down on the floor. Erica quipped “good babies” and started taking pictures with her cell phone.

Meanwhile in Home Ec. class, a teacher was saying to them noodles were cheap and easy. She continued that learning to boil noodles was good, because some of them would be living alone for a long time, she said that walking around the classroom to Benny, hinting that at him. Benny had noodle strings in his hand and he broke them, complaining to Ethan that it looked impossible, and that Home Ec. was a bad idea. Ethan told Benny to calm himself, that they just needed water. Ethan turned on the water, but none came out of the faucet. Benny said to him that they were going to fail noodles.

Meanwhile Sarah ran to the bathroom, running into a stall and grabbing her stomach in pain, while she was, she heard this unearthly noise coming from the next stall. Sarah asked the girl named Kate was she okay, Sarah heard her screaming help, and Sarah said she’d try to find a nurse. In Home Ec. Benny was playing with the pasta strings while Ethan looked at the piping under the sink, Benny then getting a text about J.J. Abrams. Ethan told Benny if he was so worried about failing noodles, he’d help him. Benny ignoring Ethan, reading his text.

Ethan jumped when he saw something moving in the broken pipes, Benny told him it was Home Ec. class and that food gets spilled all the time, Benny deliberately knocking some pasta strings over the table over Ethan. Benny told him it was probably just a rat, looking under the sink with him. They both jumped back and yelled when they saw something slither down the pipes.

The teacher told them not to make her come over there, and that she was not as sweet as she used to be. Benny asked Ethan what the heck it was and they both looked under the counter at the pipes again, Ethan commenting that they were wrecked. Benny joked that the school system would have better plumbing, Benny then looked beside him and shrieked, their teacher had sneaked up and stood behind them. Both Ethan and Benny looked at her scared, she commented that she wept for the future of the human race, and then the bell rang.

Ethan asked Benny what was under the sink; Benny asked him why their teacher won’t shave off the one hair on her chin. Ethan ignored Benny and said whatever it was it wasn't friendly; Benny still talking about the teacher’s hair said it pointed right at you. Ethan said they needed to find Sarah. Sarah had found a nurse to check on Kate, Sarah told her she didn’t sound good. The nurse knocked on the stall door, Sarah calling Kate’s name, but getting no answer. Sarah walked into the next stall and stood on the toilet, peeking over the wall to see the toilet itself looking ransacked and one of Kate’s shoes in front of it.

Sarah stopped the nurse from trying to get into the stall, telling her Kate must have went home, and that it was the nurses problem. Sarah grabbed something off of Kate’s shoe and got out her cell phone and she walked out of the bathroom and right into Ethan, who scared her. Sarah told him they needed to talk, Benny corrected no they needed to talk, and Ethan told him they were the same “we”. Sarah told him something happened to Kate in the bathroom; Ethan finished her sentence that something looked like it came up through the pipes. Ethan continued that whatever it was, it came to the Home Ec. room looking for dessert, the bell then rang again.

Sarah showed them she found a tooth, instead of Kate. Ethan told them they need to go where the pipes go. They walked downstairs to the basement and Benny told them that maybe there was a reason the basement was off limits. They then heard a loud thud but proceeded downstairs, until the lights flickered off. Ethan and Benny took out flashlights, Ethan saying they must have hit a power line. Sarah commented that she didn't like it.

Benny meekly said dying young could be fun, Ethan told him Sarah would just take a look, Benny told him frantically that that’s what they say in scary movies before they get eaten alive. They turned a corner and heard another thud sound; Benny commented that whatever it was, was nature’s greatest klutz. Out of nowhere Rory appeared, scaring them and vice versa. Benny asked him what he was doing down there, Rory asked him looking for a snack.

Ethan pointed, telling him they thought he was the mutant animal behind the door. Rory looked to see what it was, scared as well.

Ethan asked how that was an alligator. Rory then asked them did they remember the locker search a few months back. Benny had a jock potion that he poured in the toilet; Rory complained to Benny that he had to go, Benny got out to let Rory in, who was dumping baby reptiles out of his pocket, telling them he’d come back to get them as soon as the raid was over. Rory squirmed out of there; Benny said to him that he had to flush it, Benny flushing the toilet.

Sarah asked him did he flush live alligators, Rory said he didn’t mean to, he said that they obviously survived. Benny asked him where he got them, Rory told him Florida, he thought they were iguanas and when they called the locker raid, he panicked. Rory said he thought they’d be safe there, Ethan quipped, that nothing says home like a school toilet.

She continued to search until it led them upstairs; Sarah told them it went that way. Ethan asked her how she knew; she told him vampires have a strong sense of smell. Rory agreed that it did and stepped in something, Ethan said it was normal for an alligator. Sarah commented it grew a lot in four months, adding it was no normal alligator. Benny said the potion must have mutated them, Ethan asked him what potion.

Benny told him he poured a jock star, combined with the athletic mojo of Sidney Crosby, Kobe Bryant, and a circus dolphin. Ethan and Sarah were looking at him, Ethan asked about the dolphin. Benny commented that chicks dig dolphins; Sarah grumbled that she needed new friends. They cautiously turned a corner in the school, Sarah then said to Benny she couldn’t believe he was going to take something like that, and that she was telling his grandmother, Benny begged her not to, Sarah said that she was telling.

They then saw the alligator going around a corner, Benny told them not to surprise it, and they don’t like to be surprised. They stood in front of some lockers and Ethan said he had a bad feeling about it. Ethan said they had it cornered and they slowly moved, Rory took off in the other direction. The closer they got, it charged towards them. Rory came around behind the alligator with a large tarp, throwing it on it. Ethan asked Rory what was he doing, Benny told Ethan to let him, otherwise they would have to.

Rory said in an Australian accent, that he saw it on “The Crocodile Hunter”, and for them to help him “burrito” the alligator. Ethan and Sarah helped Rory, while Benny just shined the flashlight over the alligator. They managed to get the alligator locked into the supply closet. Sarah told them it was the alligator that attacked Kate, and asked the boys how did it get through the pipes. Ethan told her grown mice could flatten themselves to get under doorways, he said the alligator must have evolved. Rory hugged the closet and said “daddy’s so proud”.

Meanwhile at Ethan’s house, they were watching the news were they were reporting about the sighting of a large scaly creature. Then Erica burst into Ethan’s home, looking a mess. Ethan asked what happened to her; she told them that they were the ones with the finger on everything weird that happens around there, for them to tell her. Erica continued and told them that she drove the freshmen through a car wash in the back of her dad’s pickup, Sarah interrupted her, upset hearing that she drove the freshmen through a car wash.

Ethan added someone had to hose them off after she made them roll around in manure, Erica agreed with Ethan and told them something huge and scaly jumped out of the pipes and attacked her. Benny asked her was that a dig on Sheila Botner, saying that she was a really nice girl with a skin condition.

Erica shrugging what Benny said told him no, Erica told them it was a mutant alligator thing and it came out biting. Erica told them now she knows how her food feels and she didn’t like it. Sarah asked her about the freshmen girls, Erica told her they were fine, but her new leather jacket was trashed. Ethan saw that a news report was on, that someone found Thor’s buddy.

The news reporter, Vance Munce said, that the 250 pound gator was captured at a local pool, after a close encounter with a mother and her toddler, he continued the reptile was sedated and sent to the local zoo for testing, and that all city pools were safe, and gator free.

Rory happily said that those were his little guys, and that it was all over, asking who wanted pretzels. Benny raised his hand, he and Rory then high fiving. Erica told him that wasn’t the one who attacked her; the one she saw was bigger than that one. Benny said that meant Thor didn’t have a buddy, that he had a special lady, Benny added that if Erica was right, they were breeding, and them babies weren’t pretty. Rory gleefully said he was a matchmaker.

Ethan told them they were talking about an entirely different species; one capable of incredible strength, of growing to who knows what size, and the possibilities were endless. Sarah irately added that thanks to the “dork squad”, they were loose in the city’s sewer system. Sarah’s phone then rang, and she saw it was Erica calling, Sarah asked was she calling her, Erica told her it must be the swamp thing, it taking her phone after it tried bite her. Erica upset because she just got the phone, Ethan asked her, did she get it trying to bit off someone else’s arm. Erica told him it was a 6G.

Sarah told Erica she needed to stop stealing from her dinner guests, that she might draw too much attention to herself. Erica defended that they were just souvenirs. Then there was a loud farting sound, Ethan asking did they all hear that. Sarah frantically told them nobody heard anything. Ethan’s phone then bleeped, Erica asking was the gator’s stomach now calling him, Ethan told her texting actually. Ethan then said he had an idea.

Ethan was typing on his computer, he said as long as the Erica’s phone was still in the alligator’s stomach, Benny interrupted that they should call anyone who got eaten and see where they were. Rory told them the reception in an alligator would be one bar, max. Ethan told them it’d be just enough to track the phone’s GPS signal, hack into the satellite, and pinpoint the exact location of the alligator. Ethan typed until he had a fix on the phone, Ethan upset he got no reaction, that what he done was a lot harder than it looks.

Sarah read where the alligator was heading to Hunter Hills Mansion Country. Erica commented, it was very high class with lots of hot tubs. Ethan complained it was a 126-bit encryption that he had just hacked through, Benny thought it was awesome, Ethan glad someone thought it was. Sarah asked where was Heather last seen, Benny answered her with at Tad McGillis’s mansion. Ethan asked them where else would a tropical, sewer dwelling lizard make it through the winter, under a hot tub, which is where the nest is.

Erica asked wasn’t Tad having another party. Ethan said the baby was heading right back to Tad’s and they had to warn them. Benny happily said “hot girls in danger here we come!”

Later they all walked to the party at Tad’s, Benny, Rory, and Ethan dressed in costumes to Sarah’s dislike. Benny told them they needed to be prepared for when they got down and dirty with the croc. Erica grumbled that she refused to go to a senior party with the boys dressed the way they were. Party goers stared at the boys as Sarah and Erica were invited in, boys at the party stopped Ethan, Benny, and Rory from going in; they explaining they were with the girls. Benny then suggested they go around back.

Erica commented to Sarah that there were so many dining choices, soon after Sarah let out a large fart sound. The boys grumbling at the smell, Benny commenting that it smelled like a burning tire. Sarah told them she was going to the bathroom while Erica explained to them Sarah was gassy, it being an overeating thing. Erica told them she was going to find a snack, she looked over to see a group talking, she then said she was in the mood for a blonde.

As Erica walked off Benny said “TMI” (too much information). Ethan told them to give the seniors JEI, they not knowing the acronyms. Ethan told them, just enough information. They just stared, Rory stared and dancing; Ethan continued, to save themselves, from the alligators. Benny irritated told him to go do it. Ethan walked over to the DJ’s station using the microphone to warn them a man eating alligator was heading towards the house, they all laughed and ignored Ethan, the DJ ticked Ethan took the microphone for that.

Rory suggested Ethan run and call the police, Ethan told him they’d wait until the alligator showed itself and they’d give it some wicked indigestion. Erica came around a corner, commenting about the great snacks at the party and she then asked if any of them had any SPF 1000. Rory told her he was out; Erica then threw her empty bottle over her shoulder and asked what the dork squad was up to now. Ethan explained that the alligator would come up right under their hot tub; all they had to get it to do was come up through the grate, and open-wide. Benny adding and then goes the liquid ka-boom.

Erica said it was pathetic how good the guys are with this stuff, but Erica told them their proportions were off, that they needed more soda. Rory asked her how she knew that. Benny told him it was because before she was a smokin’ hot vampire, she was a mega nerd. Erica hissed at Benny, telling him if he reminded anyone of that again, that he was toast. Benny quickly told her he got it.

Ethan saw on the GPS on his phone that the alligator was close, he asked who would be the bait. Benny fell quiet, and Rory was pointing from Benny to Erica. The boys then did “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”, when they were done, Rory yelled out victoriously. Rory then began to explain it to Erica who told him that she didn’t care.

Benny is later changed into swim trunks, sitting in the pool saying to some girls sitting in it, “hello my fellow tubbies.” They then got out of the pool, angry at Benny. Benny corrected that he meant they both liked hot tubs, Benny too late. Ethan then jumped in with Benny, happy he got rid of them, saying the less bodies, the better. Erica rushed over and told Ethan and Benny it was right under them. Benny nervously told them maybe they were doing it wrong and the cell phone was drifting underneath, but then the water started splashing and they heard growling.

Benny yelled at Ethan to do it now, but he wasn’t ready. Ethan told Rory to grab the hot tub cover. Rory jumped onto the hot tub cover and Rory told Ethan he didn’t like the plan. Ethan tried to give it to the alligator, but Ethan said he forgot about the biting. Erica took it from him and told it to eat science. Soon after they all tried to clear away from the pool as it blew up.

Benny asked hiding behind a chair did they win, Ethan grossed out said they were alive. Erica was happy that she got her phone back. Ethan saw that a foot from the alligator was still moving. Ethan quipped that they wouldn’t be seeing that alligator later. Ethan awkwardly said that he “pee’ed” his swimsuit and asked Benny and Rory could they tell. Benny told him it was cool and to just go with it.

Tad came over to them and said they all took a vote and said the nerds can stay. He told Ethan that he should tell his girlfriend to stop polluting the bathroom, that it smelled like a dead skunk. Ethan happily said that he thinks Sarah was his girlfriend. The boys awkwardly did a high-five, wiping their hands afterwards.

At school the next day Erica asked Sarah did she fix her problem. Sarah told Erica, problem solved, that she was eating a lot less now and no more blood buffets. Sarah then saw the boys turning a corner in the school, dressed coolly and wearing sunglasses. Sarah said that she couldn’t unsee that.

Ethan asked that his boots were pretty sweet, Benny added he had alligator socks, Rory saying he had alligator underwear. Sarah told them that she normally had problems with wearing animal skin, but since it was an evil mutant “toilet-gator” she guessed it was okay. Erica angry that Sarah let them steal things from their victims, Erica saying it was a double standard, stormed off.

Sarah called them fashionistas and asked about the alligator in the supply closet. The boys exchanged and look and Benny said they had to go, the boys rushing off. Sarah making a light giggle at them. The episode jumps to black.

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