Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cameron Kennedy's UStream Live Chat - June 30, 2012

Here's Cameron Kennedy's UStream Live Chat (Saturday June 30, 2012) on YouTube, posted by Tumblr user germaican, if you have Tumblr you might want to go thank her! Yeah, I'm late, I know, but now or never right?

It's in three, 20 minute videos, Cameron talked for an interesting and informative hour, and I loved hearing his actual voice, it's so deep, versus the one he uses to play Rory (for those of you who didn't already know that, you'll really want to watch this then). We learn more from/about Cameron pretty much every other day! Girls, I know he's cute and it's probably hard to resist, but don't drool over your keyboards! 

Anyway, all three videos below. High speed internet users, watching all three will be likely a little over an hour for you. Dial-up users/users with slow computers, you'll be watching for a day or two likely at regular quality. If you're downloading or watching, the videos are 500 MB (megabytes) each, if you want these saved you may need an alternate place to download them to keep from having bandwidth issues, that may include checking your cache.

Oh and by the way, he says Atticus Mitchell nor Matthew Knight have Twitter accounts, so if you're following someone claiming to be Matthew or Atticus, you might want to go an un-follow them ASAP; it's not them, no matter what they tweet. Cameron Kennedy has said this on more than one occasion on Twitter, but at least now you can see him say it!

Here are the videos (they are in order):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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