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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Hottie Ho-Tep" Recap & Review

I'm going to have to be completely honest; I thought "Hottie Ho-Tep" was not as good as the hype that preceded this episode. Vanessa Morgan said on Twitter it was her favorite episode to film, I have to question why?

Benny steals an organ from a mummy at the Whitechapel Museum and it becomes alive, searching for its organ, only to stumble across some magic potions in Benny’s home and give itself a "hot" human body (Jesse Rath). Meanwhile, Ethan and Benny have to try to stop Hottie Ho-Tep before he takes Sarah with him to the underworld, where she won’t be able to return.

I find myself displeased with the plot of this episode really, and that actions Sarah was taking in the episode. MBAV has had "hot" guys pass through before and Sarah had yet to go "goo-goo gah-gah" over them but this time she did and she was just out of character in my opinion, Sarah has been kind of OOC (out of control) all of the second season so far really until I just want to yank out my hair. The writers of MBAV have never disappointed me before but this episode was kind of a disappointment to me, especially after the promos, BTS photos, and Vanessa suggested otherwise.

And also I kind of need to point out in this episode it seemed that Ethan was written as a jealous weakling, he's never had a problem communicating with Sarah before, what’s the problem now? Ethan’s kind of awkward, timid/shy anyway, a lot of guys who aren't exactly "players" are, but in this episode, it just seemed abnormal from Ethan.

I would have rather the episode centered Ethan and Benny primarily trying to track down the mummy loose over town, without him turning into "Hottie Ho-Tep", avoiding all of the poor treatment of Ethan from Sarah. And I also felt that the line Ethan said about writing Sarah a poem about her eyes being bright like light sabers was a bit sweet-but-lame at the same token, especially with the way Sarah has been treating him lately. And speaking of lines, Kate Todd didn't have but one or two scenes in this episode, I almost forgot she was in it, and her presence truly wasn't needed in this episode like the episode "Three Geeks and a Demon" in season one.

This season Rory (Cameron Kennedy), never fails to amaze me and I wish he had more to do in these episodes than be comic relief, which was really weird in this episode really. I’m hoping that if MBAV gets a 3rd season – no reason why it shouldn't – I hope the MBAV crew decides to cast someone to play a love interest for Rory. But as for "Hottie Ho-Tep", it's a "Nottie No-Tep" in my personal opinion.

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory
Kate Todd – Erica
Also: Joan Gregson – Grandma Weir

Guest stars:
Jesse Rath – Hottie Ho-Tep
R.J. Skinner – Egyptian Guard 1
Farid Yazdani – Egyptian Guard 2
Ryan Blakely – Mr. G
Richard Waugh – Mr. Stern

Written by: Miles Smith
Directed by: Tibor Tackas

The episode begins at the Whitechapel Museum, Mr. G was telling the class about Ho-Tep, how they died at the age of eighteen but the ancient Egyptians viewed death as a journey into another world. Ethan asked him what was with the ancient supper ware. Mr. G asked Ethan did he know the expression “you can’t take it with you”, Ethan nodded and said yeah, Mr. G told him they didn’t.

Mr. G continued that the mummy who was carefully gift wrapped, was set to marry a pharaoh’s daughter, but when he refused to marry her because he wasn’t in love with him, the pharaoh had him executed. Benny joked that he bet she had a killer unibrow, Rory lightly laughed as Sarah hit him, annoyed. Mr. G continued reading saying the hieroglyphics said that he vowed not to never enter the afterlife without his true love. Sarah had a smile on her face as Rory was disgusted by it. Mr. G said it was either that or cleaning instructions.

Rory then asked him could he make a mummy for extra credit, Mr. G told him it wasn’t encourage, Rory happily said to Ethan and Benny that it wasn’t a “no”. Mr. G then told them it was the end of the tour and they could stay around as long as they liked, the students then began to wander off, Mr. G then said they could leave, that that was okay too.

Sarah said it was romantic how Ho-Tep chose death over life without love. Ethan quipped it probably got less romantic when they bottled up his organs. Benny was hoping one of the jars had a pancreas, earning looks from Ethan, Rory, and Sarah. Benny explained that he used all of his grandma’s pancreas in a potion and he had to top it off before she found out. Sarah noted it was gross and asked him what it was for. Benny recalled, he was standing in front of his bathroom mirror, with a horrible looking beard, Benny talking in a girl’s voice saying he looked good with it. Benny told them it was “wizard stuff”, that they wouldn’t understand.

Benny then asked them to cover him while he looked through the jars for a pancreas. Ethan told him to make it quick but Sarah said they were asking for trouble and she wanted no part in it, walking off. Ethan told him that she was right, it was stealing. Benny defended it saying the museum stole it first, not asking “Raggedy Andy” to raid his tomb. Benny said that no one would miss it. Ethan told him to hurry up as Benny poured it into a plastic bag. They then walked off as the mummy’s eyes opened.

At Benny’s house, he asked Ethan and Sarah what the big deal was, that they collected weird stuff all the time. Sarah said it was when they were fighting monsters, this time it was like getting groceries. Ethan told her it was nothing like that, Sarah folded her arms, Ethan then saying it was but it was okay because everything worked out fine.

Then the mummy burst into the room, the three running to the window yelling. But the mummy was caught on the stairs, when he tried to move he grumbled, the three weakly screamed. Ethan said it was getting pathetic, Benny saying it was a pity scream. Sarah asked what do they do, Ethan took the pancreas from Benny and taunted the mummy with it, throwing it in a closet, the mummy going after it. Benny then said problem solved, Ethan told him sternly they had to get it back to the museum. Benny quickly pointed out that Sarah could fly back in seconds, Sarah said she’d go back to class and they clean up their own mess.

Ethan said it was a monster on the loose and asked that she wasn’t going to help them, Sarah simply said annoyed “monster” before opening the closet, the mummy touching Sarah, who said in a mocking voice “ohh the mummy’s attacking me”, before taking off at super speed, the mummy grabbing her necklace. Ethan then slammed the mummy back into the closet, Benny asking what they do now. Ethan suggested getting the pancreas back to the museum and let the mummy follow it back. Benny said flatly that should work, then adding “actually”.

Later at school, Erica approached Ethan in the halls saying she heard he had “mummy issues”, and told him to hang in there. Ethan said to Sarah that for the record, he wouldn’t let Benny play “organ donor” if he knew the mummy was cursed. Sarah told him “mummy” and “curse” always go together, that you never hear of “Mummy Parade” or “Mummy Rodeo”. Ethan agreed but said “Mummy Rodeo” did sound pretty fun. Ethan said they had it all under control, his cell phone then ringing.

It was Benny saying the mummy was missing. Ethan then turned around from Sarah and told him maybe it limped home, Benny said that it ate his grandma’s freak bio leftovers. Ethan asked who cares if it had a weird diet, Benny said he checked to see if any of them could regenerate a mummy’s body, and ten of them could, Benny told him they had a full fleshed out mummy walking around. Ethan asked where would it go.

Then someone turned the corner in school, seeking out Sarah, he told her he came from the museum, that he wanted to return her necklace to her. Sarah thanked him, asking how he knew it was hers; he replied the gems sparkled like her eyes. Ethan told Benny he thinks he found him, because he’s got the mummy version of a toilet paper tail.

Ethan and Benny watched the living mummy and Sarah in the cafeteria. Benny couldn’t believe that it stole his clothes, Ethan told him that he stole his pancreas, Benny defended it that it wasn’t like he was using it. Erica came up asking who was the new guy, saying “cute”. Ethan said awkwardly he guessed, if you’re into older, charming, handsome guys. Erica said that Sarah was, that she was flirting up a storm.

Ethan asked her really, Erica said that guys were so oblivious. Ethan said that maybe he was just helping her with her Egyptian homework, Benny told him that he was the mummy. Erica gave Benny a smile, Benny saying that he kinda gave him a makeover. Erica then asked him could he do one for her, he said he couldn’t see why not. Ethan said they had to warn Sarah, that the guy was clearly too old for her. Erica asked him what was the rush, Sarah finally found a guy that she liked and if they pulled her out now, she’d “pull a Sarah” and freak out.

Ethan said that he had to put a stop to it, earning looks from Erica and Benny, then adding it was for Sarah’s safety. Ethan came in and sat down next to Sarah, asking who her friend was. He answered Hottie Ho-Tep, Sarah said it was Egyptian; she called him “hottie” for short, it was romantic. Hottie said that Sarah was the light of the morning sun, who wakes his heart’s life. Ethan said “oh come on!”, getting looks from Hottie and Sarah. Ethan continued awkwardly for Sarah to come over here, saying they needed to talk.

Sarah stormed over to Ethan calling him “Captain Awkward” asking him what was up, and it better not have been about his stupid mummy; Ethan said meekly he guessed it could wait. Hottie then came over with a flower for Sarah, and she put her arm in his and they walked off, leaving Ethan baffled. Benny said that the guy was alive one day and already had more ladies than Ethan. Ethan said to Benny it was by far the worst monster they ever faced.

That night at the museum, a night security guard was tampering with the exhibits and spill something out of one of them. Two vases of sand crashed on the floor by themselves and two bodies appeared, people sent to execute Hottie. They said that he had escaped and they had to capture him and punish those who freed him.

At school, Rory was walking backwards to his locker saying he didn’t steal the mummy. Mr. G told him to relax, it was just a locker search and they were only doing it at the museum. Mr. Stern added and because he had soiled rags hanging from his locker. Rory opened his locker and said he got those from home, handing Mr. G a wrapped squirrel, a pigeon, and cat, saying that one was not ready yet. Mr. G said that Rory got an A for effort, but an F for freaking him out.

Sarah was walking with Hottie saying it must be boring working in a museum all day, Hottie said it was and he would gladly cross the world over again to be with her, he said he wanted to see her tonight. She said that she might have to babysit, and he asked sit on a baby, most strange. Ethan and Benny were listening through a listening device. Hottie said if they do it together then he should outshine the stars.

Ethan and Benny quickly tried to put their listening device to the side as they saw Sarah coming. She said that Hottie was so sweet, and they were really hitting it off. Ethan said that he didn’t notice. Sarah continued, she said that she was afraid to tell him she was a vampire, asking who wants to date some freaky undead creature. Benny said he thinks Hottie’d be cool with it. Sarah said thanks to Benny, tightly hugging him.

Ethan said aggravated that they needed to get Prince Pyramid back to the museum before Sarah got too attached. Benny gave Ethan a look, Ethan stressing it was for her sake, Benny said it was for his sake. Ethan asked him was he going to help him or not, Benny said he found a mummifying/de-mummifying spell, but he had to test it. Benny said for all he knew, it would turn him into someone’s mom. Ethan asked where were they going to get another mummy to test it, Rory then ran up with his cat asking could he mummy or what. Ethan said hey to Rory, Benny staring at him.

That night at Ethan’s house, Benny was about to test his spell on the cat. Rory said to him to be careful, he might hurt him. Benny replied that he was no veterinarian but he was pretty sure he couldn’t feel it. Rory disagreed, saying a mummy’s spirit or “ka” was connected to its body, saying Mr. Kitty feels all. Benny was staring at Rory, Rory said he did his homework. Benny rubbed his hands together and said watch out because that “kitty ka’s” about to make a comeback.

Benny then read the incantation and instantly the cat appeared alive on the desk, Rory happy that Mr. Kitty was back, Benny joked it was time for repackaging. The cat then jumped off the desk and ran off, Rory said that he forgot alive kitty’s can do that. He and Benny ran after the cat.

Sarah then showed up with Hottie, Ethan asked what he was doing there, Sarah said his mom told her she could bring him. The boy were running down the stairs, Sarah asking what they were doing. Rory said they were chasing Mr. Kitty and ran out the front door, Benny stammered adding “and other cool” stuff before walking to the other side of the room, annoyed.

Ethan asked to talk to Sarah for a second, pulling her away from Hottie, Ethan telling her he didn’t think she should be hanging with Hottie so much. She asked him annoyed was he her guidance counselor or something. Ethan asked her to trust him, that she never knew when his past could catch up to him.

Just then, the front door busted open. The two people from the museum said they found Hottie at last. Saying he may have vowed never to join the underworld without a bride, but he may not join the living. Sarah asked were they sure they had the right house. Hottie then said it was the eternal guards of the pharaoh, they wanted to ensure that he serve his entire sentence for eternity. One of the guards asked otherwise what was the point of executing someone.

Sarah said it was time for a new line of work and flashed her fangs, Hottie said for Sarah not to fear, he would deal with them. Hottie took out a croak of Osiris, he sense it would come in useful in his travel, they then vanished in mid air; Ethan and Benny shocked. Sarah was excited saying “nice moves”. Ethan stood up from behind the couch and said he was totally about to do all that.

Hottie said their victory was short-lived, the guards would live again, he merely returned them to their tombs, but they wouldn’t rest until he returned home. Sarah asked him was he the mummy, Ethan said to her they tried to tell her, Sarah was angry with Ethan asking he knew. Hottie said he wanted to tell her, he feared him being an undead creature might frighten her away, he said he sees now she has secrets of her own. Sarah tried to hide her fangs, he told her not too, they were beautiful. Hottie and Sarah were about to kiss until Rory’s cat “meowed” next to them.

Hottie bent down to the cat, Ethan asked was he allergic, Hottie told him cats were guardians of the afterlife and that cat spoke to him, Benny asked was it naptime. Hottie replied in a manner of speaking. He said to Sarah, his apologies for bringing struggles to her house, he said then he must go and started to leave, Sarah went after him asking him where he was going.

Hottie told her he had angered the gods by remaining on Earth, it was time for him to depart this world for the next. Sarah said that they were just getting to know each other. He said to her that the large children she sat on may have stolen his pancreas, but she stole his heart. Might they meet again, may they seal their fate in the stars. Ethan made a gagging face after Hottie said that. Sarah said of course and Hottie left.

Rory came in calling Mr. Kitty, asking did he miss anything. They all stared at Rory, Sarah breathlessly.

Ethan and Benny went to Ethan room, Ethan upset at what Hottie said to Sarah. Benny said that Sarah totally ate it up. Ethan bet Hottie stole it from some ancient Egyptian pop song, he began searching on his computer. Benny told Ethan to let it go, that “Rotting Romeo” was going back “Ragsville” and for once they didn’t have to do anything. Ethan agreed with him and said from now on Hottie was out of his mind. Something then chirped on Ethan’s computer, aggravating Benny, Ethan said he did steal it and he was telling Sarah.

Benny asked did ancient Egypt have pop songs, Ethan said he stole it from a ritual that takes Sarah to the underworld. Benny asked the club on Main Street, and said it was lame. Ethan said sternly it was the other underworld.

Later at Benny’s house, his grandmother was pulling him by the ear, asking him what happened to all the pancreas, she needed it for her special lasagna. Benny questioned “lasagna”, she told him to speak. Benny began telling her it all started when he wanted to grow a beard and now Sarah was dating a mummy. Grandma Weir said she dated a mummy once, one minute they were romantic and the next they are dragging you to the underworld, she said he was a great kisser though.

Benny was grossed out but said Sarah couldn’t really die, so she was in the clear. She told him dying wasn’t the problem, he would offer her his sacred tea and the next minute she’d be sucked down a portal into the underworld. Benny awkwardly said it was good to know, Ms. Weir left the room as Benny called Ethan saying they had a problem.

One of the guards poured Sarah and Hottie tea and Hottie complimented Sarah, she said he was too; most guys couldn’t pull off eyeliner. Hottie told her it was more fashionable a few millennia ago. Sarah asked speaking of millennia, how much further did he see their relationship. He told her he wanted his last drink on Earth to be with him. Sarah said it was good until Hottie said Anubis; the god of death would pull them into the underworld. Sarah said about that, they were moving too fast.

Hottie told his guards to make sure they weren’t disturbed.

Rory rushed Ethan and Benny there in a shopping cart, Benny said he was going to be Rory-sick. The guards stopped the three and said no one would disrupt Hottie Ho-Tep’s journey to the underworld, adding especially Sarah’s friend who can’t take a hint. Benny asked them first they were trying to take him out, now they were chaperoning his date. They replied it was their duty to make sure he returned to the underworld and he’s doing so.

Rory stepped up and said he’d handle it, but he saw Mr. Kitty and ran off after him, Ethan telling him now wasn’t the time.

Sarah told Hottie she was afraid of this type of commitment, and that the whole afterworld thing was a little freaky. Hottie told Sarah she had nothing to fear, if her heart was free of sin, you will get into paradise. Sarah said that it wasn’t going to work out. Hottie then said he had no choice but to accept her decision.

Rory came running down the street with Mr. Kitty on his face. The guards started towards Ethan and Benny who ran across the street. Ethan asked Benny did he have a spell, Ethan asked him to do something. Benny said that running was something. The guards stopped in the street and noticed something like two stars that had fallen from the heavens heading towards them. It was a truck and it ran them over, turning them into sand, leaving their shoes in the middle of the street. Benny then said that they showed them.

Hottie drank his tea and told Sarah that it was her turn, Hottie said to her if she cared for him, she would drink. Sarah was about to drink when Ethan and Benny ran in, Sarah upset they interrupted. Benny told her that if she drank the “death juice” it was a one-way ticket to the underworld. Sarah turned to Hottie and asked him was it true.

Hottie told her Earth life was but a fleeting dream, and new life awaited. Sarah told him to save it for the afterlife, that they were done. Sarah tried to walk off and Hottie grabbed her, saying he wouldn’t hit her, for her to just walk away from destiny. Sarah told him he was cute, but he wouldn’t stay if she didn’t let her go, flashing her fangs.

Hottie took out his croak and used it to stop Sarah, Ethan and Benny were about to do something when Hottie used the croak to bring some bugs to life to go after Ethan and Benny. Hottie kept trying to pull Sarah to the underworld, saying they all had to go eventually. Sarah fighting it asked why all hot guys had to be jerks. Ethan began shaking one of the jars that belonged to Hottie, weakening him in the process.

Benny said it was cool, like a voodoo doll in a jar; Ethan kept shaking. Hottie told Sarah she was breaking his heart. Sarah said she’d say to see him in the next life, but it wasn’t going to happen before pushing him into a sarcophagus that was a portal to the underworld. Ethan and Benny shocked at what Sarah did, Benny quipping that it was a harsh breakup.

The next day at school, Rory sadly walked through the halls with his now mummified cat. Sarah asked was it, Rory said he wasn’t as playful as he used to be, but he decided it was for the best because he kept clawing his eyes out. Ethan said to him if it made him feel any better, he deserved an A in the class. Rory perked up, and high-fived Ethan, calling the dead cat Mr. Cat and said they were going to find some birds, Ethan watching him walk away.

Sarah thanked Ethan for helping her with her boy troubles, Sarah saying she couldn’t believe she fell for that guy. Ethan said he couldn’t blame her, the guy was a romantic superstar, adding so he was told. Sarah said if anyone was romantic, it was him, Ethan agreed saying he guess he had his moments. Sarah said she was done with romance for a long time, saying it was way better to have friends. Ethan awkwardly agreed, Sarah then walking off.

Ethan pulled something out of his pocket and said he guessed he didn’t need his poem about how her eyes shined like light sabers. Ethan then ripped it up and walked off, as the episode jumps to black.

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