Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Status of MBAV "Jockenstein" & "Halloweird" Recaps & Reviews

I want to apologize to all of my My Babysitter's a Vampire followers, I know I've been kind of off recently with posting my recaps & reviews; when the episodes aired strictly on Fridays (on Disney Channel) and were put up on YouTube without issue on Saturday, I could guarantee having them up by Monday morning or afternoon at least.

I was late with "Independence Daze" and "Siren Song", but with MBAV airing on both Friday and Sunday; my work schedule has an effect on my free time (I'm gone during the morning hours to late afternoon hours and some evening hours), and "Siren Song" (which aired on Sunday, Sept. 16th) was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, so that had me post the recaps & reviews on Thursday, trying to get good quality screencaps for them as well.

Well my recaps & reviews for "Jockenstein" and "Halloweird" will definitely be delayed until a later date (will announce on Twitter/Tumblr when I get ready to put them up). As of 4:00 PM Tuesday, Sept. 25th, both episodes are not on YouTube (in HD), so I'm having to do an [longer] alternative means of getting the recaps & reviews, and getting them up. I'm downloading the entire episodes to my PC (in a poor quality), which takes forever on a dial-up connection.

YouTube is a little faster and simpler, but one of the users who posts MBAV episodes to YouTube is having problems getting them up on the site (YouTube blocking them, citing copyright, which is why I warn fans to download them for themselves, once YouTube gets wind that they are copyright (Fremantle Media Enterprises), they will rip them off of the site).

I just wanted to alert my followers of this. Also, the recaps & reviews likely won't have any screencaps, until/if the episodes surface on YouTube in HD, I don't want to post smaller/low quality images, you can't enjoy the "full effect" of them.

Anyone have any questions or concerns, hit me up in the comments section of my blog or tweet me on Twitter, or send me something on Tumblr.

In the meantime, I'll link you to the recaps & reviews at Nick and More, which I mostly agree with.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience to my followers, I've noticed those are the majority of what you come to my blog for, and I thank you all who take the time to do so. And I will let everyone know via my Twitter & Tumblr profiles when I'm getting ready to post them!

Channon Z.

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Rebecca Suta said...

This is one of my favorite blog. I love my babysitters a vampire. the episodes are so cool and Ethan is my favorite character. this blog allows me to have total acess of everything my babysitter's a vampire. So far my favorite episode is independce daze.