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My Babysitter's a Vampire "Siren Song" Recap & Review

I think I’m under the hypnosis of this episode  "Siren Song", I had a huge smile on my face from beginning to end.

It’s the school talent show and the gang has to sign up to stop a siren (Kendra Timmins) from singing her song and causing all kinds of mayhem.

For right now, I’m still in love with MBAV "Independence Daze" but "Siren Song" kind of has a first season feel to it, it had the perfect mix of action, drama, and comedy! I loved the songs in this episode, but I mostly love the song the "Muse-a-tronics" came up with, it really was "perfect" – it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either; perfect. Also, they used the song’s music for the ending theme to this episode, versus "Girl Next Door". I kind of wish Matthew Knight would do a little more singing, and Cameron Kennedy does a little rapping too (not necessarily about cake)! Because I keep playing this song, I don’t know about anyone else, but I want the download!

But back to "Siren Song", I wish the writers would have gone more in depth about Serena’s pain and why she wanted people to feel it. She certainly made Ethan feel her pain, nice to know there are more to his visions that just them in themselves (he can been sent across other universes as seen in "Independence Daze" and he can be hurt by them as seen in "Siren Song"). But back to Serena, I really wanted to know what her pain was; it seemed to me she just wanted to cause random uproar, she could have just made a plot to win the talent show, but oh well; I don’t really see anyone else playing Serena in this episode other than Kendra Timmins, she was pretty awesome!

Glad this episode used all five of our beloved characters, especially Rory, I've been wanting to see him doing more, especially with the group (you all saw how lonely he was without Benny and Ethan in "Independence Daze"). We now know that Rory’s last name is Keaner and he has a mom, named Vivian. Now if MBAV can give Sarah and Erica last names and families, It’d be cool. We’ve heard Erica at least mention a mom ("Re-Vamped"), and speaking of Erica, nice to see her trying to tap into vampire powers, trying anyway to glamour Ethan.

But I loved this comedic and almost Rory-centric episode, like I said earlier; it had a season one feel to it. And I see MBAV got a sharp ratings boost on Disney Channel when this episode aired on Sunday at 8:30PM ET, maybe they should consider this slot if they pick up the series a third season for next summer!

"Siren Song" A+!

Here is the recap:

Matthew Knight – Ethan Morgan
Vanessa Morgan – Sarah
Atticus Mitchell – Benny Weir
Cameron Kennedy – Rory Keaner (MC Monster Bat)
Kate Todd – Erica
Also: Joan Gregson – Evelyn Weir

Guest stars:
Kendra Timmins – Serena
Marsha Mason – Vivian Keaner (Rory’s Mom)
Alex Wall – Marty
Richard Waugh – Mr. Stern

Written by: Mike Kiss & Alice Prodanou
Directed by: Tibor Tackas

The episode opens with students preparing for the talent show, Rory (or MC Monster Bat) included. Meanwhile Ethan and Benny are at home playing video games, Rory calling to tell them he was about to “drop some beats” in 20 minutes. Ethan told Benny what Rory was about to do, Ethan asked Benny did he want to go, Benny was chuckling.

Rory then said to them a really hot girl was going on first, Ethan reiterated that to Benny who asked did she have one of those wicked awesome flying V guitars. Ethan then said a quick “no”, Benny saying he was out because it sounded emo. Ethan apologized to Rory.

Rory was disappointed and sat down, watching the “hot girl” get ready to play. She said to them that her song was about how she hurt sometimes, she then said maybe they’d hurt too and began playing, Rory smiling, attentive.

The song began to have an effect on everyone in the room, the spell was broken over Rory, interrupted by his cell phone ringing. He stepped out to answer, it was his mom; he told her not to worry about dinner and mistakenly told her he’d catch a rat, quickly correcting with “ratsa, pasta”. While Rory was on the phone, the singing was continuing and the students were fighting. Rory told his mom he loved her and walked back in to see the students all over the place, she told them to get home safely and walked off the stage.

Rory then asked how he was supposed to follow that.

The next day at school, Rory was telling Ethan and Benny how the girl destroyed the audience, he said that he tried to destroy the paramedics, but they told him to be quiet while they worked. Ethan asked was the whole football team in the hospital, quipping that no wonder there was so much room in the halls. Benny added luxurious and wedgie free. Rory noted that if she could work a crowd like that, she’d own the talent show.

Benny “pssh-ed” and said that Rory was assuming the judges would have any un-blown minds after they see his fruit juggling. Benny then juggled three apples in the air magically, they not coming back down. Benny asked was it pretty good, Ethan seemed amused. Rory then pointed out the girl, “Serena”, who softly sang a note in a boy’s ear, he then going to give a teacher a wedgie.

Everyone was shocked at what he did, Ethan saying that Marty was usually the “wedg-ee” not the “wedg-er”. An announcement came on the intercom about the talent show tryouts, Mr. Stern said that he couldn’t wait, but yet somehow he would. After Mr. Stern finished Benny said that it was time to get his juggle on, Rory told Benny that he better hope he juggles better than he spins, slightly pushing him, Rory continued that “MC Monster Bat takes no p-p-p-p-p-prisoners”, before dancing away. Ethan was smiling, Benny shrugged it and walked off, Benny’s apples finally falling to the ground.

Serena sang a note to two hockey players who soon after began fighting. Ethan asked Erica and Sarah (who was listening to an MP3 player) that just walked up, did she tell those guys fight over her. Erica irritated asked how come guys didn’t fight over her when she tells them too, saying she had to figure out that vampire mind control. Ethan asked did she mean glamoring, he was about to say he doubted until Erica said his name, trying to put him in a trance, she asked him to do her homework. Ethan said dazed, “Erica… no.”

Ethan then saw that Sarah was dancing and muttering, asking Erica what was happening. Erica explained that Sarah made her work on a dance routine for the talent show, Erica sticking her tongue out and sticking a finger in her mouth. Erica continued that Sarah was practicing for the tryout, Erica whispering that she was teaching her. Sarah asked Ethan was he going to watch her and Erica dance up a storm. Ethan nervously said no, that he wasn’t much for storms of the dancing variety. Sarah then danced off.

Mr. Stern said to the students in the auditorium that he didn’t know most of their names, and said he didn’t have a list, asking who was first. Benny immediately stood up, saying he’d go first, Rory then taking Benny’s apples, eating one of them. Rory told Benny not to worry, he saved him one. Benny said he couldn’t juggle just one apple, then rushing to “hit the cafeteria”.

Serena said that she had a thousand screams in her soul, saying she yearned to share them all with them. Mr. Stern told her to go for it. Rory told him that it was gonna rock and took out his cell phone, saying he better record it. She began singing “la” into the microphone, causing Rory to stare at her in a daze. Serena then sang “feel my pain”, her sound waves sounding all over the auditorium. The students started fighting, Mr. Stern was drawing on himself, Sarah was dancing and listening to her headphones unaware of what was happening until the lights went off.

Sarah then stood up and asked what happened. Serena said that the depths of her pain require more bass. Mr. Stern said that that was the first time a song gave him an ice-cream headache, feeling his forehead, he then told Serena she was in, Serena then walked off the stage.

Rory sat next to Sarah, his hair a mess, and said that he was sorry the power went out, he just had the urge
to bite something, and whatever it was, it tasted really sparky.

In the bathroom, Erica asked Serena what her secret was, Serena answered that she only rinses out half the conditioner. Erica told her that she didn’t mean her hair, but asked her did that work before asking her how she got two guys to fight over her. Serena told her she sang to them, they felt her pain, and she said she needed everyone to feel her pain. Erica asked her how does she do that, Serena told her with a talent that she will never have. Serena then walked out of the bathroom, saying soon the whole world would feel her pain.

Rory, Sarah, Ethan, and Benny were sitting together and Sarah told Rory he didn’t have electricity stuck in his teeth, Rory sighed of relief. Benny miffed that he came back from his apple run and the auditions were over, Ethan noticed a line at the nurses office that was out the door, asking what happened. Rory handed Ethan his phone saying Serena sand a “beautiful” song.

Ethan played it and it had a loud screech, Rory said that that wasn’t what he heard, taking his phone from Ethan, saying something must be wrong with it, Sarah adding, something wrong with Serena.

Ethan pointed out that first, the football team rioted in the lounge and then he compared the talent show try out to the boss level of a video game, Sarah annoyed that he made a video game reference she didn’t understand. Rory said he felt that he was in a trance but forgot the song as soon as it was over. Ethan quipped that maybe she was Justin Bieber.

Benny suggested that maybe she was a mermaid; Ethan thought the Bieber joke was funnier. Benny said that he was serious, explaining that mermaids can mess with people’s minds and hide their tails on land. Benny said they needed to splash some water on her and see if she grows fins. Sarah told them to just call her when they want her to kick Serena’s butt. Benny then told her she didn’t have a butt, that mermaids didn’t have butts, the three boys laughing.

Sarah walked up to Erica, asking her did she punch her locker. Erica explained that she knows Sarah is mad at her for ditching her at the tryouts because she thought their dance routine was lame and she didn’t want to do it. Sarah asked her what she did, Erica continued, that now she was totally into it, and that Serena was going to see who has talent. Sarah asked her did she ditch her. Erica told her to stop living in the past, that what mattered now is that they had moves to bust, Erica walking off, Sarah sighed and followed.

Meanwhile Ethan and Benny were plotting to spray Serena with water. After they did, nothing happened, Benny saying not a mermaid, before Serena was about to slap him, he ducked and she almost slapped Ethan, he caught her hand and had a vision; it was Serena making the shrieking sound heard on Rory’s cell phone.

Serena dropped Ethan on the floor, him yelling, Serena stormed off saying she had songs of pain to write for everyone; Rory ran up, Benny asking him to help Ethan up, Ethan saying she was definitely not a mermaid.

Benny told Ethan that his eyes were fine, his ears were good and he’d be fine. Benny led Ethan to his closet, telling him it was nice and dark in there, like a sensory deprivation chamber. Ethan didn’t hear him, Benny yelled for him to stay in there until his ear’s stop ringing, putting some headphones on his ears, and shutting him inside.

Ethan yelled it was dark in there, Benny said he’d be right there if he needed him, whispering that he’d be playing Ethan’s video games, Ethan yelling it smelled like shoes. Ethan yelled that he got a new “Myth Monsters” game. Benny asked him did he buy “Myth Monster Mayhem”, saying the monsters were so lame. Ethan yelled he couldn’t wait to play it. Benny yelled that in a Pixie vs. Leprechaun cage match, everyone loses.

Benny read where it said “a mythical siren song blasts the brains of her opponent making them go berserk.” Benny dropping the video game case, saying like that would ever happen. Benny was about to play the game when he realized something, asking Ethan what if Serena was a siren, saying they should analyze one of her songs and see if it has any supernatural mojo coming off of it. Ethan then yelled the same thing Benny said; Benny saying it was his idea, he thought of it first, and that he was building the equipment. Ethan then yelled he had to start on the equipment, that upsetting Benny.

At Whitechapel High that night, they were preparing the equipment; Rory was amazed at what his name looked like on an equalizer. Benny told him to grow up, that what they were doing was serious, shaking his drill at Rory. Sarah walked up, asking Benny was he wearing a tin foil hat, Benny corrected, aluminum foil, to keep Serena’s crazy waves out of his brain, Rory then ran off, Benny said Ethan said earplugs were fine, but Benny said he wasn’t taking any chances.

Sarah then asked where Ethan was, Benny said he ordered him to sit this one out, he needed to recover after his showdown with Serena. Rory ran back over asking was his hat tight enough. Benny was closing a gap in it, before just pulling it over Rory’s face.

Later, Ethan showed up, Benny asking him what he was doing there, he couldn’t risk any more exposure to Serena’s song. Ethan began telling a story that when they were eight and they went to see “Buzzy and the Big Bee Bang” and he cried, Rory laughed but abruptly stopped, earning looks from Ethan and Benny. Ethan then asked him did he let him face the music alone, Benny said “thank you, brother” to him, the two shaking each other’s arms.

They then saw Serena getting on stage to perform, Benny said “earplugs, engage”, they all putting in earplugs, Ethan complimenting them on their job getting the equipment. As Serena sang, everyone started fighting, Ethan saying there was definitely something going on. Sarah ran up and pushed Ethan out of the way as someone was about to attack him, Sarah got a hold of something, breaking it in half, it was biscotti.

Benny commented that he hated the “emo junk” as Ethan was then placed in a trance by Serena’s song, picking up an object and throw it at him. Sarah shoving him back, asking him what was wrong with him, Ethan was about to try again until Sarah punched him. Serena then got off of the microphone after saying “thanks for listening”. Sarah said that if Ethan’s mom found out about this, she was so fired.

That night at Ethan’s home, he was saying that Serena’s voice was full of paranormal acoustic energy, that she was affecting people’s brains. Ethan read where Rory’s normal brain activity was pretty dead, Rory saying he was laid back, asking why stress. Benny played some classical music, Rory was nice and calm, but even a second of Serena’s song, and Sarah pointed out that Rory tries to bite his arm off.

Sarah then asked how do they stop Serena, Ethan answered that according to Greek mythology and “Whatapedia”; sirens lost a singing contest to the Muses, and were destroyed by their own jealousy. Rory commented that too bad they didn’t know the Muses agent. Ethan then got an idea, them becoming the Muses, getting into the talent show, and when she turns on them, use her own song against her. Benny then asked how and what if she liked her own voice.

Ethan said they could rig up a phase inverter and send a negative image of her own evil harmonics right back at her. Benny agreed with “the old evil harmonic phase inverter trick”, but Rory asked how do they get on the show and be good enough to make her jealous. Benny added that they had to be really close for the phase inverter to even work. Ethan said it was simple, music today is all done on the computer, all they have to do is find the formula for the perfect song.

Sarah said that just in case they didn’t become the hottest boy band of all time, she’d go tell Erica they may need some more kicks in their dance routine. Ethan agreed that was a good idea.

Rory suggested that they draw up one of MC Monster Bat’s tracks, that his beats make people feel good, Benny was shaking his head no. Rory said they’d be called “MC Monster Bat & the Muses” Benny and Ethan both thought of “Muse-o-tronics”, Rory agreeing at the last second.

The next day at school, Ethan said that their music was mathematically perfect, their lyrics used the most popular words from hit songs over the past 10 years. Ethan yelled into the microphone that they were “robotuned”. Rory yelled into the microphone “MC Monsterbat in the house!” Benny hit his drum sticks in odd number order before they started playing.

Not long after they started playing, Mr. Stern said “Thank you”, they kept playing until he yelled for them to stop. Mr. Stern told them they were terrible, he said he could either ask them or leave, or give them the last slot in the show and he could leave, he gave it to them. The boy’s high-fived and yelled “Muse-o-tronics”

Erica and Sarah walked in, Erica asking Mr. Stern if he was ready for a “dance explosion”, they started dancing but Mr. Stern said that he was ready for a hot cup of tea and to have his ears flushed. Erica hissed and was about to go after him, Sarah stopping her.

That night at school, was the talent show. Erica asked Sarah were they just going to hang out backstage like losers. Sarah told her they were there to help, once Serena hit the stage, things were going to get crazy. Erica told her if Serena opened her mouth again, things would get crazy. Sarah said that Erica was really mad, Erica agreeing.

Meanwhile in the audience, Ms. Weir was knitting, sitting next to Rory’s mom. She was telling Ms. Weir that Rory was so talented, that he can’t stick with a single hobby for more than a week because it doesn’t challenge him anymore. She told Ms. Weir that recently Rory was very interested in volunteering at petting zoos. Ms. Weir told her that was great stuff, before turning down her hearing aid. Rory’s mom, Vivian, continued that Rory really liked the smaller animals, she betting he’ll be a vet when he grows up.

Mr. Stern then walked up to a podium on stage and welcomed the audience to the 15th annual Whitechapel High talent show. Mr. Stern told them if they kept their applause to a minimum they would be out of there in no time. Mr. Stern read that the students would display a variety of skills, saying that none of which will land them jobs in the future.

Backstage Rory thanked Benny for doing his hair – which was very spiky – since he can’t use a mirror. Benny laughed and said “anytime champ.” Ethan walked up and told Rory his mom was there, sitting next to Benny’s grandmother. Rory said that wasn’t good, Benny agreed that he was worried about his grandma too. Rory told Benny that he didn’t understand that he worried about everyone else because his mom can really throw them.

Ethan asked Benny would his grandma help when the magic started flying, Benny told him no; that as soon as the music started playing, she would turn off her hearing aid, saying she hated anything without an accordion in it.

The last act was finishing, it was Marty who Mr. Stern said if he disappeared it would be great, then introducing Muse-a-tronics, Ms. Weir turning off her hearing aid as they began playing their song. Backstage, Erica and Sarah were getting ready and Serena walked by saying she heard about their “dance implosion” saying “whoops” after walking by. Erica hissed at her, Sarah told Erica to ignore her, that she’d be toast in a minute.

Rory was rapping – about cake – his mother enjoying it yelling to him to pop-and-lock, Serena was standing to the side, seeing the audience was applauding. Serena yelled at the boys that the people were hers. She then sang a note, hurting their ears, she told them to stop, that they needed to feel her pain, and so did they. Sarah saw that Erica was getting enraged by Serena’s music. Erica took a large stage speaker and threw it on their equipment to stop Serena. Sarah came on stage and told Ethan to deal with Serena, that she had Erica.

Serena kept singing, the audience kept fighting, including Erica who was fighting Sarah backstage. Ethan and Benny trying to set their equipment back up, as Marty came over to try and fight Benny, Benny showing Marty a real magic trick, using his magic to get Marty away from him. Ms. Weir was watching in awe at what was going on, Ethan using the machine against Serena. Serena telling Ethan that he can’t keep her quiet, Ethan asked her what she said.

Serena yelled and Ethan used the machine to shoot the scream back at her, Ms. Weir in the audience using her magic to close the stage’s curtains, Serena then dissipated in thin air and air waves, the boy shocked. Ethan said that it was intense, Benny saying they just recorded their first number one, the boys excited. Backstage, Erica had come back to her senses.

The audience was applauding and Mr. Stern called their act “interesting”, telling them to take a bow. The boys yelling “Muse-a-tronics”, Ms. Weir gave them two thumbs up.

The next day, Ethan said he thought that that was the last they’d hear of Serena, Benny added Mc Monster Bat. Moments later Rory came on the intercom saying “Yeah buddy, Whitechapel High, this ain’t no lie, Monster Bat Morning Meltdown, don’t even ask why”, then he droned with the volleyball announcement, saying they could pick their team vests up at lunch, but not to use them as bibs.

Rory then said he was kidding, they could use them as bibs. Benny was rubbing his temples. Erica saying to them they’d see them later. Ethan and Benny took off as well as Erica and Sarah, Erica saying for them to go for a bite. The episode jumps to black.

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Anonymous said...

Actually supposedly Sara's last name is Fox and Kate Todd said so herself that Erika's last name is Jones. I agree with your. I could not picture anyone else playing Serena but Kendra Timmins. she did a great job. Serena and Anastasia are my favorite characters from guest stars in season 2. I do wish they had said why Serena had so much pain in her. maybe thru a vision or something.

Opinions Please! said...

Kendra Leigh Timmins was the best guest star the show ever had!

Opinions Please! said...

Kendra Leigh Timmins was the best guest star the show ever had!